Trayvon Knew Street Fighting – Hit in Nose First to disable Opponent (trayvon fight club video)

I thought I would see what the standard M.O. would be for those who practice street fighting.  So, I went and looked up what is the best opening salvo:

“This might be common sense and it was said but hit the nose.Hitting the nose not only make the eyes water but blood will go over the face and get in the way and also if the nose is bloodied up enough then it make it harder for the poor sap to breathe and cardio is one of the most important things in a fight of any kind and without him being able to breathe through his nose and may get tired out easier and make a fight into hard to piece of cake!Hopefully I was helpful and not state the oblivious,also punching the nose hurts the guy getting hit really bad!”

“jaw or nose

jaw – try to knock them out
nose – try to break their nose so their eyes water”

“the jaw…or between the nose and the lips”

Knowing that the nose shot is a favorite because it 1. hurts   2. Opponent can’t see   3. Opponent’s breathing is harder  do you think that Trayvon felt he could take out Zimmerman by getting in the first punch and then get him on the ground to pound him?  Trayvon bragged about MMA fighting and apparently his girlfriend warned him about fighting at school and asked him to stop or he’d get kicked out.  It seems Trayvon was very comfortable with street fighting and went after what he felt was a soft target.   It appears Trayvon had anger issues, hated whites, and saw an opportunity to put the crazy ass cracker down.

1. Trayvon hit Zimmerman in the nose first (broke his nose)

2. Trayvon got Zimmerman on the ground  (took control of the fight)

3. Trayvon was doing ground and pound / slamming head into concrete  (put Zimmerman in fear for his life)

4. Zimmerman defended with his gun and Trayvon died

YouTube Pulls Video of Trayvon Martin at Fight Club… But They Can’t Hide It Forever – Here It Is Again

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 5:04 AMYesterday, we reported on a video of Trayvon Martin participating in a fight club event in his neighborhood.

** YouTube pulled the video yesterday afternoon. **

The Wagist and Conservative Tree House were the first blogs to expose the video of Trayvon Martin attending and possibly refereeing a local fight club brawl in Miami.

The video was uploaded on Trayvon Martin’s YouTube Channel.
At least, the video “Anthony vs. Curtis” was there last month.

But, after his death the video was later scrubbed from his YouTube Channel. Here is the YouTube account today.

The video “Anthony vs. Curtis” was later re-uploaded to YouTube. The video shows Trayvon engaged in actual and intentional violent conduct. In the video Trayvon wears a white cap with the striped shirt. You can hear his name called out about 5 seconds into the video. You can also see Trayvon’s tattoo in the video.

** But last night YouTube pulled the video. **

The address of the home pictured in the other videos is linked to Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton. I will not post the family’s home address here but it is clear that this is Trayvon’s YouTube account and his mother’s home. It appears that Trayvon was involved in and enjoyed underground fights. Certainly, he was not the little angelic child the MSM made him out to be.
Hat Tip Matt

Well the video is back up on YouTube.
The Conservative Treehouse had it reposted this morning:




This is more proof of the media sanitizing the image of the thug Trayvon Martin. They are trying to make him a martyr with the likes of Medgar Evers and MLK Jr.!  Talk about rewriting history!  So, I will show a few more videos, and if you are honest I do not think you can say that Mr. Zimmerman was not attacked and therefore defending himself the only way he could at the time.  This is why we have concealed carry permits in Florida.  Imagine some 17 year old thug getting pissed for whatever reason at you and attacking you, punching you in the face, knocking you down, slamming your head into concrete and raining blow after blow while telling you that you are going to die tonight!  If you didn’t have a gun you might be another statistic and six feet under.  The old saying, “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6” is very relevant.

The first video is laying out techniques that are most successful in MMA street fighting.  The second video is a street compilation of 2013 street fights. Notice the techniques used and does this sound familiar to what happened to Zimmerman that fateful night?  I will add that if you are not familiar with fighting it is highly stressful.  I took Tae Kwon Do for several years, and it takes a long time even in controlled fights to not be stressed out.   Learning some simple techniques could save your life and give you some confidence should you be cornered and not be able to avoid a fight.

Truth about Trayvon Martin

Things have gotten kind of quiet now that Zimmerman was finally arrested.  In America, you are innocent until PROVEN guilty, but it seems some are sure Mr. Zimmerman is guilty of a racist act of killing an innocent black youth.  The media jumped on the story quickly, the race baiters jumped on the story, and even President Obama said if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon!  They showed pictures of a cute little kid and said a white guy named George Zimmerman just shot him in cold blood.  Here’s another look at the story, and it should remind us all that truth matters, letting justice take place matters, and not jumping to conclusions matter.

I hope the trial is truly fair, and justice is served.


Here in an incredible video showing what appears to be a subliminal message on a news program that say “KILL” backwards on a television.   The woman on the video seems honest and credible, and her phone is so basic it cannot be a Photoshopped image.

This reminds me of the movie “They Live” where only by wearing a special pair of glasses could you see the subliminal messages on all print and TV.

I believe the populace is being programmed right now to violently react to events.  Think of the increase in racist propaganda.  I haven’t seen “To Kill a Mockingbird” in years and yet it’s been played several times this past week, then there was show about the history of the KKK which I am not wondering if I did a search of the programs on tv this past two weeks would I see an increase in provocative programs?  What else are they putting on the TV subliminally?  I wonder what News program it was airing and if they are combining it with emotionally inciting material like a piece about “Trayvon Martin” or some such story.