Beware Ron Paul Propaganda

I received an email the other day from Ron Paul’s new push for auditing the Federal Reserve, and I sent a reply video asking for Dr. Paul’s answer to the fact that the Fed has been audited over 98 times by independent accountants and those audits are sent to congress every year.  I have not recieved a reply or link from them as to his position.  I have felt for a long time that he is controlled opposition to keep us from actually changing what is happening by our elected leaders.

I made this video in response to these facts about Dr. Paul and others like him. Please forward and share with others:


2012 Election RIGGED – This is going Viral

How Ron Paul won but lost Maine:

The only really big problem I have with this is Ron Paul is not vocally fighting this theft, and defending our constitutional rights to have our voices heard.  Thus, I have lost trust in Ron Paul.  If you think this is the only state this happened in, you are sadly mistaken. They rig every primary for their guy to win.  Romney was not the choice of the conservative Americans, and this proves it!

Ron Paul Will Be Up for Nomination at Convention

RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination

The Republican National Convention is quickly approaching (August 26th). For over the past year, avid Ron Paul supporters have won delegate spots in various state conventions across the country. Through this hard-work, Ron Paul will officially be allowed to be nominated for the nominee of the Republican Party.

For the past three days, Ben Swann (Fox19 Cincinnati) has been in contact with a Republican Rules Committee member. In order for a candidate to be elected for the Republican Party nomination, the candidate must have a plurality in five or more states. If by rule, binding and non-binding policies are applied to delegates, it would still not affect the process of voting for placement of a candidate’s name into the potential nominee ballot. Presidential hopeful Ron Paul does have a plurality in five or more states (Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Iowa). This means that Ron Paul will be eligible for nomination on August 26th in Tampa Bay.

The Ron Paul Revolution is planning on amassing 100,000+ supporters to Tampa in order to celebrate Paul’s 30+ year career in American politics. However, the Republican National Committee senses pressure from the Paul supporters. The RNC has attempted to block access in order to make the convention as exclusive as possible.

Ben Swann conducted an interview with members of the RNC Rules Committee and they did answer the questions with the previous information. However, due to the RNC being a private organization they are not subject to following by their “rules” or “statements.” Whether the RNC abides by their statements, we will find out this August.

The Ron Paul Revolution carries on to Tampa Bay with assurance that Ron Paul has the potential to be nominated. Whether or not Paul does win the nomination, we are all in for something special this August.

Audit the Fed might be on GOP Platform

The GOP Is Seriously Considering Putting Ron Paul’s ‘Audit’ The Fed In The Party Platform

Grace Wyler | Jul. 16, 2012, 5:54 PM

Ron Paul‘s long-shot presidential campaign officially may have officially come to an close — again — this weekend, after he failed to secure a majority of national delegates at Nebraska’s state GOP convention.

ron paul

In the end, however, the Texas Congressman may walk away having achieved the real goal of his presidential campaign: An audit of the Federal Reserve. 

A GOP source tells Business Insider that the Republican Party is seriously considering including support for an audit of the Federal Reserve in the party’s platform this year, a move that would enshrine Paul’s signature policy in the Republican Party doctrine for at least the next four years.

According to the source, the possibility of including Paul’s position on auditing the Fed in the party platform came up during a recent meeting between Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Paul’s son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, whose positions generally align with those of his father. The source told Business Insider that Romney expressed support for including the “Audit the Fed” plan into the platform, and that the Paul camp is working on specific language to present at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month.


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Amazing information that Romney and GOP do not want revealed

There is a story brewing.  The major media is not reporting it.  Fox news is not talking about the storm of delegates supporting Ron Paul who are taking nearly every state convention leadership role and voting positions.  The GOP and Romney camps are pulling out every dirty trick and legal maneuver to shut down this legal method to have control of who the GOP nominates at the national convention.  Just because Romney supposedly won the popular votes does not mean he wins the delegates. Delegates are NOT bound to vote for Romney!

It’s like the electroal collage system we have on the national level.  A candidate can win the popular vote and not win the electoral college vote.  It’s who wins the EC vote that becomes the President of the United States.  Many stories of vote tampering were revealed in the Republican Primaries.  Stories abound of how Ron Paul had thousands of votes stolen from him and given to other candidates.  This isn’t Ron Paul’s first trip to the rodeo, and he was and is prepared to play ball with the big boys.  While the leadership of the GOP, major media all conspired to cheat RP supporters of their voices / votes the end game was already in the works and the GOP / Romney camps did not realize it until many states were already under the control of the Ron Paul supporters.

What dirty tricks is the GOP and Romney camp pulling, try putting out fake RON Paul slates for delegates!  They are paying people$25.00 an hour to call RP supporters and give them false convention directions and information.  They are busing in hundreds of people to go to the state conventions to vote for Romney’s slate.  Check it out:

Romney Caught Handing Out Fake Ron Paul Slates

Dr. Paul Wins 22 of 25 Delegates In Nevada,

The National convention is going to be very interesting.  I also believe that Romney may be courting Rand Paul as VP to manipulate Dr. Paul into quitting if his son is the VP.

One other tidbit mentioned in an earlier blog post…

A natural born citizen is one whose parents are both American Citizens are the time of their birth.  Romney’s father was a Mexican citizen when Romney was born, and thus Romney is ineligible to be President just as Obama is ineligible.  Of course the Republicans have not pursued the Obama issue because Romney and Senator Marco Rubio (Republican darling) are both ineligible on that count.  They are American Citizens, just not natural born and that is what the constitution demands as a requirement to be President of the United States.