Soros Secrets Revealed: Hamas and NWO UN Atttacks on Israel

I just received this email explaining in detail the activities against Israel funded and directed by George Soros.  The recent hack of his information has revealed incredible damning information.


Here is the letter:

As intercessors, we often invest many hours in prayer, knowing that our intercession is accomplishing something, but also aware that we may not be allowed to see the results in our natural world.  Intercession is often purely an undertaking of faith and obedience.  Blessedly, our gracious Father sometimes gives us the opportunity to see the fruit of our intercessory labors.
Last month we had the joy of seeing the hand of YHVH move against the global invasion of Tomorrowland into Jerusalem.  Time and time again we have been blessed with reports of Hamas tunnels in Gaza suddenly collapsing.  Weapons caches and shipments are suddenly discovered and captured. Terror attacks are thwarted, while successful attacks are kept from being lethal. Governmental leaders remain in place, or are removed, in line with our intercession. All things are accomplished by the hand of the Lord, but often mountains are moved through the prayers of the faithful.
In the last few days, our prayers for the removal of satanic cover from those enacting evil against Israel have brought forth some incredible fruit.  The disclosure of an infiltration of the Christian aid organization World Vision, by a member of Hamas … a man, who put many millions of cash dollars, supplies, and other donated humanitarian aid into the hands of the Hamas terror organization … is a major answer to that prayer. Israel has been suspicious about aid given to Gaza by international NGOs for years, but now the truth is being revealed.  Almost immediately after the World Vision scandal was revealed, it came to light that the UN director of Project Development in Gaza … the person in charge of directing the supplies and funds of the UN to rebuild Gaza following the battles with Israel … is a committed member of Hamas.
For all these years, he has been directing building supplies to Hamas for building terror attack tunnels against Israel. Millions of aid dollars, intended to help the suffering Palestinians, was handed over to the Hamas leadership and to their families.  The United Nations has been a farce and a cover for those, who are seeking to destroy/discredit Israel for many, many, years. Now we have concrete evidence (literally CONCRETE that now is in the walls of Hamas tunnels) of that reality.  However, the Lord is not done yet regarding bringing down the demonic shields that have kept evil operating against Israel secretly.  It was just revealed that George Soros, the multi-billion dollar global elitist … a wicked, wicked man, who actively bankrolls world chaos and rebellion, so that the elite can establish their global one world rule over the devastated populations … had his emails and accounts hacked.
The secret documentation of his financial backings of anarchist and anti-Israel, anti-biblical, NGOs, politicians, and initiatives was published after his accounts were hacked.  The results are quite shocking. They confirm what has been suspected, but unsuccessfully cracked open up to this point.  One of the documents disclosed the Soros master plan against Israel.  It says: “focus on raising the cost of the occupation and ending it on the one hand, and on human rights advocacy and protection on the other.”  What do you suppose, “raising the cost of the occupation means”?  What is the price that the Israeli Jews have been paying?  What lies about human rights have been prospered?  Violence from incitement … organized demonization and lies through the media … coordinated injustice through resolutions in the UN, etc. … BDS (boycott, divest, sanction … false reports about Jewish cruelty, brutality, theft, and human rights violations … cases brought against Israel in the World Criminal Court … all these things and many more have been bankrolled by Soros. Here are some specifics in the form of Soros grants that have been uncovered:
Grants to Mada al-Carmel …  Purpose: “Contribute to better understanding of the impact of Israeli discriminatory laws and practices on Palestinian Citizens of Israel...”  (i.e. to create the image of Israel as vicious occupiers the thieves of Palestinian possessions … as violators of human rights, and as a government that enacts cruelty against the Palestinian people … a people, who mean the Jews no harm, but who merely seek justice to allow their families to live in peace.)
Grants to the Mossawa Center for Advocacy … Purpose:   “Build an international network of support for the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel to challenge human rights violations they face.”  (i.e. to paint Israel as the world’s greatest violators of international law, and the greatest threat to world peace and stability.
Grants to Molad … Purpose:  “To garner Israeli public and political support against settlements”  (i.e. to inspire the Left wing to rise up against the settlements/settlers, and to revolt against, and to discredit, any government in Israel, which would not freeze and abandon the settlements … to project the scenario that the settlers are the reason for terror attacks, for the blockage to peace, and the reason for the world’s condemnation/hatred of Israel).
There are SO MANY MORE NGOs, and initiatives, that have been secretly, wrongly, attacking, and undermining Israel through the financial support and initiation of Soros (and others, who are operating in the same globalist, humanist, progressive agenda). The Lord has honored our prayers greatly by bringing forth this impossible breakthrough; exposing this man’s secret dealings.
**We need to press in for FULL revelation of all these plots and unholy strategies.
**We need to pray for MORE disclosures to arise; uncovering various nations, organizations, world leaders, and globalists throughout the planet. Their connections and associations with Soros need to be discovered displayed. The US administration and State Dept. must be exposed.  Candidates for office, as well as elected leaders, who have been involved with, or operating in full knowledge of this evil agenda against Israel, need to be unmasked. 
**We need to pray for shame to come down upon these people, along with the loss of their positions, prosperity, and influence.
** We need to pray for Israel to come out from under the fabricated condemnation, accusations, and false violations. Israel must stand firm and stand tall against these threats and false accusations.
**We must pray for, and declare,  7-fold restitution for Israel in regard to these losses suffered from evil deceptions and plotting.
**We must pray that Israel will prosecute these offenders, and bring forth all the evidence against them … as well as reveal their connections and enablers and operatives.
** We need to pray that EVERYONE embedded within NGOs, who are operating on the agenda of destroying Israel, be uncovered and brought to account. 
**To accomplish that level of exposure, we need to have intercessors be united in prayer. Pray for that supernatural, unbreakable, unity.
**We need to press in continually until the light breaks forth into all the dark corners … until it blasts open all the secret, locked, doors of backroom plotting of wickedness. Pray that everything hidden in darkness will be brought FULLY into the light …  that people will be impacted positively by seeing the light, so that they change course, and seek the truth about Israel.
During this season of the earth, when evil seems to be winning … where truth often lies dead in the street … it is easy to become discouraged.  Occasionally, I hear from intercessors, who are feeling hopeless and on the verge of giving up the fight.  We must persevere, and BELIEVE that the Lord is engaging in the situations that are beyond our control or ability.  We need to acknowledge the Lord and praise Him before we see the results of our prayers.  We must encourage each other with the truth … especially when an intercessor is beginning to lose heart.
This week the Lord gave me a precious parable, to demonstrate how intercession works.  I was wearing a ring on the little finger of my right hand (the hand of power and authority), because my ring finger on that hand was a bit too big to fit it. Within the schedule of my day, I needed to dine in a restaurant that was highly air-conditioned.  After an hour in the cold air, I noticed that my ring kept slipping off my little finger, as the lower temperature had caused that finger to shrink a bit.  I became concerned that I might lose the ring, so I decided to place it on my ring finger for safety; expecting it to hover above my knuckle. However, to my surprise the ring slipped easily down to the base of that nearby finger. It wasn’t tight at all.  Later, after I returned to the heat outside, as I made my way home, I noticed that the ring wasn’t moving as freely on my finger. Later, when I tried to remove it, I could barely budge it.  It appeared to be totally impossible to remove it. The next morning, I noticed that that ring seemed even tighter; causing me to become concerned that it might cause a problem of circulation in that finger. I actually began to consider going to a jeweler to have it cut off. Mentioning the problem to a friend on the phone, I was told about a trick for ring removal; involving a piece of waxed dental floss. I decided to apply the procedure, after viewing a video about it on-line.  It worked! As the ring was coming off my finger, I began to understand that this ring removal process is the way that prayer moves impossible situations out of the way.
Here is how I removed the impossibly stuck ring:  I took a long piece of waxed dental tape floss, and began wrapping it around my finger near the top knuckle. I wound it around my finger snuggly; making sure that the threads in each of the rounds of floss touched the round next to it, as I made my way down to the top of the ring.  After I reached the ring with the floss, I poked the end of it under the ring, and to the other side of it; using a small toothpick.  At that point I began to unwind the floss on the lower side of the ring in the opposite direction of the way I wound it to the ring. Amazingly, gradually the ring moved up as the unwinding continued.  I felt pressure on my finger, but no pain.  After the ring made its way over the lower knuckle, it just popped up to the upper portion of my finger to slide off easily.
Here is what I learned about intercession through this process:  Situations change.  What is comfortable, and what fits when the environment is cool, can suddenly become uncomfortable, impossible, or even dangerous when the environment heats up.  Before we know it, we can be faced with a situation that seems impossible to change, or with a problem impossible to resolve.  If we just sit with it, hoping that we can figure it out … hoping that the problem will resolve itself … we could be faced with a very dangerous situation as time passes.  We need the help of the Lord, and the application of prayer, to move the immovable.  In this scenario of the stuck ring, the floss represents the substance of our intercession … the word of the Lord (the string) and the Holy Spirit (the wax on the string).  When we wrap our minds and hearts in divinely inspired intercession of His word and Spirit … when we place our intercession in front, behind, and under the problem, we set the stage for moving mountains.  When we apply the intercession steadily and firmly, pulling together … unwinding the solution provided by the Lord … we can move the obstacle out of the way.  We can remove the threats and get the breakthrough.  The enemy loses and the Kingdom of YHVH loses.  Steady perseverance, rather than panic, fear, or human solutions, will get the job done.
(In the event that any of you might find yourself dealing with a ring that you cannot remove, here is the video to demonstrate the procedure to remove it safely and effectively:
[I have selected a youtube video the author did not link to]
To posture ourselves in the place of victorious intercession:
**Pray that we will not be slow to respond to challenging situations … but also that we will not react in our flesh.  We must not formulate “what if” scenarios in our soul that will birth fear in us, or distract us from the truth that the Lord is in total control.
**Pray that we will be quick to turn to the Lord for His input, instructions, and strategy. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out ourselves.
**Even if the strategy for prayer seems ridiculous, pray that we will obey in faith without delay.  OBEY and BELIEVE!
**Pray for more faith … for more courage … for more unity … for more understanding … for more obedience … for more patience … and for more endurance.
The Lord is so faithful.  He is so creative in His strategies.  He is SO TOTALLY in control.  We must praise Him, before we see any results to our intercession. We must believe that He is working on behalf of our concerns. When He brings forth a miraculous turnaround, or brings an amazing answer to our prayers, we must give Him the glory, and bring forth the testimony of that truth. That testimony will encourage others, who are in a desperate need to be encouraged.   I will leave you with those thoughts; blessing each one of you for being part of the team standing upon this wall of intercession for Israel … and for YHVH’s Kingdom.  (Other items for intercession will be found in the websites you might want to view below.)
Feel the love,
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Massive Identity Theft from Experian Consumers Credit Warning

I just found this at Kim Komando’s site, and if you have ever used Experian or they have your information, then you may be vulnerable to Identity theft!  Here is the article:

200 million American IDs compromised in massive credit bureau scam

A massive breach of security has landed one of America’s big three credit bureaus – and hundreds of millions of consumers – in hot water. KrebsOnSecurity reports that a stolen identity marketplace run by a Hieu Minh Ngo, a Vietnamese scammer, hijacked and distributed as many as 30 million IDs, and he had access to many millions more. The credit bureau under scrutiny: Experian.

Brian Krebs reports:

Posing as a private investigator operating out of Singapore, Ngo contracted with Court Ventures, paying for his access to consumer records via regular cash wire transfers from a bank in Singapore. Through that contract, Ngo was able to make available to his clients access to the US Info Search database containing Social Security, date of birth and other records on more than 200 million Americans.

Experian came into the picture in March 2012, when it purchased Court Ventures (along with all of its customers — including Mr. Ngo). For almost ten months after Experian completed that acquisition, Ngo continued siphoning consumer data and making his wire transfers.

Krebs was the investigator who first uncovered evidence of the brutal retail security breach that eviscerated Target, Neiman Marcus and others. As these types of data leaks become more common, your identity will need an agressive defense more than ever. Click here to learn what you need to do right now to protect yourself from ID theft.

If you are not subscribed to Kim Komando’s site, I highly recommend it.

Krebs site had this to say, and it appears this happened a bit ago,  but it’s becoming a huge story:

Mar 14

Experian Lapse Allowed ID Theft Service Access to 200 Million Consumer Records

In October 2013, KrebsOnSecurity published an exclusive story detailing how a Vietnamese man running an online identity theft service bought personal and financial records on Americans directly from a company owned by Experian, one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus. Today’s story looks deeper at the damage wrought in this colossal misstep by one of the nation’s largest data brokers.

Vietnamese national Hieu Minh Ngo pleaded guilty last week to running the ID theft service

Vietnamese national Hieu Minh Ngo pleaded guilty last week to running the ID theft service

Last week, Hieu Minh Ngo, a 24-year-old Vietnamese national, pleaded guilty to running an identity theft service out of his home in Vietnam. Ngo was arrested last year in Guam by U.S. Secret Service agents after he was lured into visiting the U.S. territory to consummate a business deal with a man he believed could deliver huge volumes of consumers’ personal and financial data for resale.

But according to prosecutors, Ngo had already struck deals with one of the world’s biggest data brokers: Experian. Court records just released last week show that Ngo tricked an Experian subsidiary into giving him direct access to personal and financial data on more than 200 million Americans. 


As I reported last year, the data was not obtained directly from Experian, but rather via Columbus, Ohio-based US Info Search. US Info Search had a contractual agreement with a California company named Court Ventures, whereby customers of Court Ventures had access to the US Info Search data as well as Court Ventures’ data, and vice versa.

Posing as a private investigator operating out of Singapore, Ngo contracted with Court Ventures, paying for his access to consumer records via regular cash wire transfers from a bank in Singapore. Through that contract, Ngo was able to make available to his clients access to the US Info Search database containing Social Security, date of birth and other records on more than 200 million Americans.  MORE