Labor Camps Already Exist in America

The privatization of the prison programs has been a huge business, and most American’s are against incentivizing imprisonment by waiving big dollar signs around.  There are stories of cheap labor from jailed inmates in many states.  You can even just call up the Sheriff in some areas and say, “Hey, Bob, I need a work crew to clear my 10 acres today” or “Hey, Sheriff Bob, I need some catering at a party” and twenty guys from the jail will show up to work for peanuts!  Now, let’s look at the hypocrisy of not only that issue, but now add in illegal immigrants being used as cheap labor!  The Federal government says” It’s wrong to hire illegals and pay them less than minimum wage as it’s inhumane and it’s harming American’s looking for opportunities to work!”  Then, the same Federal government uses those illegals it rounds up as cheap labor under threat of punishment if they don’t work in prison programs.  You would be surprised what prisons make for us or services they provide.  That telemarketer you are hearing from must might be calling you from jail!



Vote Fraud Proven AGAIN!

I am so sick of reporting these facts year after year, and nothing is done because the people don’t care.  We will never have a fair election with this current system.  Vote fraud happens every year from the rigging of the machines to having illegals voting, dead people voting, multiple times voting and it’s the ruination of America.

This happens first in the primary season because the establishment cannot let a true “darkhorse” such as Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul be in the main election.  This video shows how the primary season was a fraud. You conservatives need to wake up and realize, you are not ever going to get YOUR man in the main election: