Nov. 8 Election Results Posted: THEY’VE BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED

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We are told that we have a peaceful revolution every four years.  That we have this as a means to avoid violent revolutions because we the people decide who are leaders will be.  We decide what direction our nation will take.


That was true at one time folks, but we’ve been taken over by corrupt politicians, lobbyists, businesses, and a whole cabal of people who are hell bent on turning America into a communist third world nation.  They have rigged voting for years from fake ballots, registering illegal aliens, dead people, and felons to vote.  They were caught under the VNS service vote tally system back in the 90’s out right changing the vote totals.

Black box voting organization started 20 years ago to follow this issue.  Now, someone found an ftp site that holds web pages not yet published, but waiting to be published with next Tuesday’s election results!

There is no reason to do a “practice page”.  You just set it up with 0 in the vote totals waiting for the actual tally to come into the news.  NBC and other major media are ready to go though with the actual totals. No, it’s not a case of someone grabbing that page and manipulating the image with fake numbers. I got the proof last night and so did others.

I made a video about it. I recorded how you can find it yourself.  This was the URL that was provided to the location of that page, and when I put it in, I got the page with the zeros, not the totals.

Then, I remembered the “Wayback Machine” page that crawls the web and stores images of every webpage online, published or not.  Web pages do not disappear.  They are recorded folks.

This was the URL that did have the image of the vote going 42% to Clinton and 40% to Trump thus playing out the narrative that this is a close election and Hillary barely won.

If you put that url in now, you will get a 0 total page image. Try it.

Blank Total Page


Now go to Wayback Machine and put in that url.

A new page will pop up, and you will see that on November 2, there was a page their highlighted. Click it!

First page you get when you put in the URL on Wayback Machine



Hidden Page on Ftp Site that was never published for us to see


There is NO reason to do this!  This is pre-staging what they will pull up on election night. The news is out about this now though and they will have to monkey with the numbers some.  Have Clinton Win by 44% instead of 42%.

There is more to this story over on SHTF website in their article:

The Fix Is In: NBC Affiliate Accidentally Posts Election Results A Week Early: Hillary Wins Presidency 42% to Trump’s 40%

This video shows you how they are planning to rig the electoral college.

They are brazen in their corruption.  They are daring us to do anything.  Oh, they love our complaining and whining.  They know we will wait for someone else to do their job and stop this corruption.  The DOJ, FBI, White House are all blocking justice. If we do rise up, they will call out the Military, police, and the UN to quell the violence of these criminal citizens.  If we do nothing, we lose our nation.  The Supreme court will overturn our fundamental rights. We will be in endless wars.  We will become a Muslim nation as Hillary brings in millions of God hating, American hating Muslim terrorists.  We are at a crossroads folks.  Does America die with a whimper or with a fight?

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VOTE FRAUD : Master Key Found

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Despite these thieves, GO VOTE!!!

Bev Harris is spilling the beans on how they are hacking the machines and stealing the votes!

We have found vote fraud over and over.  It doesn’t seem to matter once the election is over.  The candidate stays in office!!!

Watch how it’s done!






In all my researching the topic of flat earth, I came across this website:


If you are seriously questioning what you have been taught and led to believe about our world, then this is the site to go to!

They cover many other topics.  This is a true Truther site!

Latest simple thought. If Mercury and Venus are closer to the sun than the Earth is, then how could we ever see them at night! Think about it. Watch the first video to understand it more fully.  Debunk that!

This is deep:

Flat Rock subjects covered:  Moon & Stars, Earth Photos, Professors, Exact curve, Earth spin, Critics Debunked, Geo-centrism, Heliocentrism, Flat Earth, Concave Earth, Hollow Earth.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Music by TheLateralVision
LateralVision Website
Rob Skiba & Josh Peck 3 Hour Video

Is the planet spherical ball shaped or is it flat? you decide in the 5 part series. The next part will follow shortly when uploaded a link to it will be available here and at the end of the video.

Are you a Globe believer or Flat earth after watching these?

NASA Admits Flat Earth and NO Moon Landing!

The topic of deception is an important one because if we can be deceived worldwide about science, the earth, space flight etc. what else are the thought control systems hiding?  I scoffed as any normal person tends to do when the whole Flat Earth issue came up a couple of years ago.

It took me well over a year to watch one video about the Flat Earth, and then I was left trying to debunk it.  I had my moment where the Earth seemed to dissolve under my feet as my cognitive dissonance was being lifted.

I was both excited and angry.  Imagine you live in a forest and you discover a plant that when eaten cures any and every disease!  Imagine finding the goose that lays a golden egg! Well, then imagine telling others who laugh at you and scoff, and watch them die and live in poverty.  That is what it’s like to really think and reason, and come to a truth so few are even willing to listen to.  That is what cognitive dissonance does.  It shuts you down, cuts you off, and makes you feel superior. I have two videos for you to watch if you are ready to enter into truth.  The first one is about Cognitive dissonance and WHY it’s so easy to be entrenched in it.  The second is possibly the only video you need to see to open your eyes to the lie about our world and about what’s really possible.

As always, if you want to set your friends free from bondage, please share on facebook and other social media.


If you are now hungry for more proof, I welcome you to go through these videos:

FBI Investigates Clinton Foundation Independently Against Obama’s Orders!

This is a HUGE story.  Will anything happen before the election? I hope so. The website this story is on is not a satire site. Share this article and let’s get it viral for everyone to see how corrupt the Clintons really are!

FBI IGNORES Obama Orders, And Launches Massive Investigation into Hillary

Obama tried to safe Hillary’s ass, but he failed. James Comey is nice man with bolls after all! He decided to ignore the orders form Obama administration and did what millions of Americans expected from him – started to investigate Hillary so that finally she will end up where she belongs – jail!

Multiple FBI investigations have been launched into possible corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation as requested in a letter written by House Republicans on July 15th.

We already reported that the several government organizations have been sequestered to investigate the Clinton Foundation on corruption charges. A letter written and signed by 64 House Republicans states that “recently discovered information about the Clinton Foundation portrays a lawless enterprise.” The letter formally asks that the IRS, the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission begin looking into the allegations.

However, James Comey has already been stopped by the Department of Justice once in an attempt to prosecute Clinton. This time however, he has sought legal assistance from outside of the DOJ and he will not be hindered again by Loretta Lynch.

A former senior law enforcement officer recently revealed that the FBI is working with U.S. attorneys in New York City for proprietorial support in their ongoing investigations of the Clinton Foundation. New York City is where the foundation’s main offices are located. Another drastic blow to Clinton is the fact that the lead prosecutor in the case is Preet Bharara, a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara has successfully convicted banks, hedge fund managers and Wall Street insiders along with prominent politicians.

The former officer said that the involvement of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York “would be seen by agents as a positive development as prosecutors there are generally thought to be more aggressive than the career lawyers within the DOJ.”

According to Bharara’s official biography he “has applied renewed focus on large-scale, sophisticated financial frauds by creating two new units – the Complex Frauds Unit and the complementary Civil Frauds Unit.” MORE


Daily Caller Article

Obama admin blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation corruption: Report

– The Washington Times – Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Trump campaign seized on reports Thursday that the Obama administration rejected requests from three FBI field offices that wanted to open public corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ClintonMore


Emails: DOJ Shut Down FBI Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

Newly released emails reveal President Obama’s Justice Department rejected the FBI’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with the State Department.

The FBI asked the DOJ to open an investigation into a potential pay-for-play relationship between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, which spends a very small fraction of its funds on actual charity work, but the DOJ wasn’t interested — saying it had tried and failed to probe the organization in 2015, CNN reports.

Earlier this week, Judicial Watch, a non-profit integrity group, released a batch of emails revealing that top State Department aides did favors for Clinton Foundation bigwigs during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of State.

Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills helped Doug Band, a Clinton Foundation advisor who co-founded Teneo Holdings — a secretive company that has enriched Clinton aides — find a job for someone within the State Department as “a favor.” The two also arranged a meeting with a U.S. ambassador to Libya and a Clinton Foundation benefactor who was convicted of international money laundering in 2000.  MORE

Hillary Clinton : A Career Criminal

The facts are freely available. This video exposes what you will never see on NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, Fox News!  For decades the Clinton’s have gotten away with crimes that if you did ANY of them, you would be in prison for many years!

Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to become President.  The news is twisting Trumps words and comments.  They are leaving our important details in regards to both Hillary and Trump.  In the case of Hillary it makes her look better. In the case of Trump, it makes him look silly or stupid.  Do not drink the Kool Aid.

It appears it’s very dangerous to release data about Clinton which can harm her in any way.  People set to testify end up dead!  The Clinton’s have lost information, hidden records, used the IRS to harass anyone who goes against them!  Bill Clinton sealed records, pardoned criminals and used his executive power to stop any investigations!  Imagine the tyranny that would follow if Hillary gains more power!

There are outright calls for the assassination of Clinton opponents such as Julian Assange!

These videos are not being seen by many.  It appears the social media sphere is having a huge impact on the election, and it’s the people sharing the facts that’s doing it and helping Trump.

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Trump / Pence Ticket: What it means

I’m going to start off with the fact that I was not thrilled at first with Trump’s choice for VP being Pence.  I don’t like his past votes on veteran affairs, immigration, and trade issues.  What does this choice do for Trump’s chances of winning the Presidency?  This report from Mr. Still spells out some aspects of the actual numbers needed by Trump and where he stands to win the election via electoral votes:

Here is a Pence speech after Trump announced him as the Vice Presidential pick:

Sean Hannity had a great interview with Mr. Pence that covers some of the differences between Pence and Trump.  Trump does not like “yes” men.  I find it is a good thing to have someone who both has political experience, is well respected, and can offer a different insight.  Both men are for the border wall.  They are both for security via no more Muslims from terrorist states.  Both men are for strong trade deals for America.

Pence has a son serving in the Marines.  He is going to fight for veterans with Trump

So, how will Democrats try to attack Trump / Pence?

Flat Earth Evidence

These are images that disprove the spherical earth.  The video at the bottom disproves NASA’s claims about earth.  If you know the mathematical formula for the earth’s curve then the images with the buildings in the distance prove it’s not round.  Those buildings should be at least 120 feet below the curve and you could not see them and yet with the camera’s like Nikon 900 cool pics camera there they are!  Perfectly perpendicular, not turning away as they should as the earth curves.


Why are their clouds in FRONT of the sun? Why are their clouds BEHIND the sun? 

Why are they lying to us?  Well, trillions have been wasted on the space program. Where did that money really go?  The round earth supports their God hating agenda.  Imagine if you had not been indoctrinated and programmed your whole life into the round earth idea? Remember, there is NO proof they offer and your very eyes tell you it’s flat!  What if you knew you lived on a special world created for us?  That there is a creator.  Would you possibly not had the doubts about God that you have had?  The reason for the deception is clear… They want you to deny God!

Ancient Aliens Suckers and Lies

“There’s a sucker born every minute”

                                                                                                            P.T. Barnum


It is often that when new information is presented by supposed experts in the field of whatever, that people can be fooled.  Chris White does some excellent videos that shine some factual information in what these programs and their experts present are nothing more than clever stories meant to fool the people.  This whole Ancient Alien / Astronaut theory presented on TV has become a fad.  This video really puts it into new light exposing lies and complete fraud.  Now, you have to wonder after viewing this video, why would they do this?  What is to be gained with putting these ideas out into the public?  Is it just a money making opportunity or are they trying to indoctrinate people into believing in aliens?