TRUTH:Unafraid and Unvarnished Exposed Corruption in America

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This is the latest Intellectual Froglegs presentation.  It’s funny, it’s shocking, and it’s the TRUTH!  America has been destroyed from within, but we can fix it!



So, What did the Commies do? We are a communist nation if we don’t turn this around now! Vote TRUMP!

I cannot say this any more strongly than to say that we are at the 11th hour in our nation.  Your vote matters.  Anyone who says there is no difference between the candidates is willfully blind.  The media, the establishment, Big Business, and every other group you can think of tied to Washington D.C. is scared to death of Trump!  That alone should tell you there is a difference between Trump and Clinton.

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You Really are in a Matrix

I enjoy listening to Alan Watt as you can tell from my last blog post.  I don’t think he has it quite right on the spiritual realm, but he certainly has it right on how the “chosen” who think they have a divine right to rule mankind have organized the system.  In his second book, Alan explains why it’s so hard to wake-up, and what happens to us as we do begin to see the system.   This particular interview explains things well, and adds to the prior blog post:

Cutting Through Book 2 by Alan Watt
A Glimpse Into the Great Work


Sample Page from Book 2

As a preface to understanding, I think it necessary to go through the
standard phases of “waking up.”

  1. An Individual vaguely perceives something is wrong in his/her life. This
    takes the form of fatigue at trying to “keep up” with real or imaginary
    crisis, encroachment of government into every aspect of life, increasing
    taxation and so on.  Sometimes it takes the loss of work and the realization
    that the safety net they contributed to has a gaping hole in the middle.

  2. The individual discovers that justice is a joke and that all control
    mechanisms go up like a pyramid, taking their property, taxes etc. with it.
    This wealth then is distributed to “help bail-out” or “prop-up” “failing”
    transnational corporations. Left-overs are channeled via Overseas
    DevelopmentCorporations to “developing nations,” where the loot is
    pocketed by front-men and their bureaucrats. Crumbs filter down to social
    services, which, after being guzzled by directors and staff, leave little for
    the needy except bundles of forms, in triplicate, of course.

  3. The individual looks around for others already exposing “the
    conspiracy.”  These established champions inform him which “conspiracy”
    books to read. Having then done so, the individual begins to “expose” the
    corruption, first to friends, then when friendless, he either publishes what
    he has gleaned or becomes paranoid and withdraws from society

Why does the waking-up process fail to spread quickly through society?

  1. He is terribly naive. He believes the massive corruption “just happened”
    to begin in his own lifetime, otherwise mummy or daddy or teacher would
    have warned him. It does not occur to him that his Parents, teachers etc.
    were as conditioned as he was.

  2. Most people do not wish to know. They, like farm animals, have been
    domesticated. Wild animals (original) have natural instincts of self-
    preservation. They sense the evil intentions of predators and they survive
    by trusting their instincts. Wild herds do not “hang around” when one or
    more members drops dead. Specially bred sheep do.

  3. Pavlovian conditioning/response indoctrination has been fed to every
    individual, through schooling. The media then takes over. Peoples’
    opinions are simply sound-bites from news, talk-shows or quotes from
    glossy magazines.

  4. Trust replaces the instinct of self-preservation. It over-rides memory
    and logic. Controllers and shepherds encourage trust.

  5. When threatened with loss of possessions, property, access to health
    care, etc., people turn to government(predators) for help, or/and
    organized religion.  Should an individual persist in pushing for his “rights,”
    he will be removed from society and placed in a psychiatric hospital or
    prison on any number of pretexes.  The alternative is death by “accident,”
    or shot by police while ‘resisting arrest.’

Tennessee Student Takes Common Core to the woodshed! (Viral Video)

This is one well spoken and insightful young man.  He takes the board to the proverbial woodshed with his five minute presentation, and there is no wonder it has gone viral!  We all see our failing schools, our disinterested children, the changes in education and “Common Core” is why.  Read and pass along!


Ethan Young, a senior at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tenn., made an impassioned argument for dropping the new national education guidelines, which he called “a glowing conflict of interest … that illustrate a mistrust of teachers.” source

Illuminati Conspiracy Fact

This video is rather interesting.  Mark Dice got his hands on a very rare vinyl record that details the plans set in place by the Illuminati centuries ago:

Illuminati Secrets

Vinyl record from 1967 contains antiIlluminati lecture by Myron Fagan. Mark Dice has obtained an original copy of this amazing piece of history. Video below…

In his sensational recording, he reveals the beginning of the One World enslavement plot that was launched two centuries ago by one Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Catholic Priest who- financed by the House of Rothschild created what Weishaupt called the Illuminati.

Myron Fagan describes with documentary evidence, how this Illuminati became the instrument of the House of Rothschild to achieve a One World Government and how every war during the past two centuries was fomented by this Illuminati.

He describes how one Jacob H. Schiff was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to further the Illuminati plot and how Schiff plotted to get control of both the Democratic and the Republican Parties.

How Schiff seduced the US Congress and Presidents to achieve control of the entire US monetary system and create the Income Tax cancer and how Schiff and his co-conspirators created the Council on Foreign Relations to control elected US officials and to gradually drive the U.S. into becoming an enslaved unit of a United Nations, One World Government.

In short, this recording is the most interesting, the most horrifying – and factual – story of the most sensational plot in the history of the World. Everybody who loves the U.S. – who loves God – who would save Christianity (which the Illuminati is dedicated to destroy) who would save their sons from dying in Korea, in Vietnam, in South African, and now on the battlefields of the Middle East, should hear this recording.

There is absolutely no doubt that anyone who does hear this amazing story will join in the fight to save the US, your country and your nation’s youth.

You can listen to Myron Fagan’s recordings from 45 years ago.  He put this out on vinyl for us. It’s been put into mp3 for us.

Here is a source

Here is part 1 of 16

Comfort Ye My People In Times of Darkness

I must speak truth as I see it, and while what I share below is hard to hear, please listen to the three songs at the end, and let them minister to your heart which if you are as I am, may be burdened.  God is and always has been in control my brothers and sisters. We know this, and it is my desire that we walk together in unity and peace with one another and in the Lord.  These are the days of the final generation, the generation of the fig tree.  Read Matthew 24.  How has the enemy gained so much control? It really was quite easy.

It only takes controlling one generation to change a country.  Yes, you read that right.  But how do you gain control of one generation?  You take over the banking then the media which demonizes the foundational morals openly and through entertainment.  You attack and attack and make those whose morals you want to go away look stupid, evil, mean, and negative or doing anything right, and you make those whose morals you want to be your goal look smart, successful, good, funny, the one to emulate, and positive.  You use NLP techniques to ingrain those ideas so when those “triggers” are encountered those individuals without their knowing it will reinforce the programming.  You do know they are called Television Programs right? There are hidden signals in the digital media today.  It’s part of the silent weapons technology.

Again, if you doubt me, watch:

After you have gained control of the media in print and electronically, you move to take over the educational system and all areas of regulation and government.  You start locally and move up to national control.  Once you have unionized education you can control the teachers, and put more and more restrictions on students and parents.  As parents face more and more pressures and buy into the demoralizing programs about one another, divorce will increase thus destabilizing the home and divorced parents cannot effectively raise a child, it becomes easier for the state to mold them and programs to teach them since both parents are exhausted.  The schools have more influence on children then parents do, and to make sure of this, keep parents so busy working and programmed to have their children busy that they don’t have time to educate them at home or review what is happening in school.  What is happening in school? Why do American children test so poorly compared to other nations children?   Are American children biologically more challenged and unable to compete or are they being systematically dumbed down by chemicals (vaccines, fluoride, msg, sugar, processed food), video games, entertainment, lack of discipline and hard work and expectations?

This John Stossel Report is very sad for me to watch, and I want you to think about your attitude when you see unruly children and stupid people.  What can you really expect when the deck was stacked against them?   Did you grow up as they did? Were you forced to attend these deplorable schools and did you take part in the programming they have endured? I don’t know if we can reach them now, and that’s what the system is depending upon. They stole not one generation but several now, and the outcome is a populace who is compliant, can’t think or reason, and needs a nanny to take care of them all while telling them being controlled is wrong and you are god.  They have been programmed that right and wrong are all based on the situation.  They lie and cheat without any thought of it being wrong, why?

This is all planned folks.  We were warned thousands of years ago that the end generation would call good evil and evil good.  We have had truth telling defectors of evil systems warn us such as Yuri Bezmenov and others who revealed this planned take over not only of America, but the world.  Yes, there is a system for it, and it’s played out and been very successful.  The world is in a designed and planned crisis right now. We were warned it would happen and our very freedom of speech and religion was used against us to tear up our foundation as one would put a jackhammer to concrete.

Yuri warned us that public schools were targeted!  Please watch this interview and realize what Yuri was saying was back in 1985!  How much further along their plan to destroy our system and way of life and bring in their own system of control do you think they are now?

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