Nuremberg 1561 UFO “Battle” Debunked

I know we all love a good UFO story, but we cannot ignore facts and science which has a  rather mundane explanation for strange events.  This Nuremberg UFO woodcut from the 16th Century has often been used to push a UFO agenda.  It’s also been used to deny God’s existence or to say it’s just a battle between demons and angels, but it appears to be nothing more than atmospheric sun dogs that appeared on morning in Nuremberg in 1561.  This video explains it and I will include some images from it for those who don’t want to watch the short video:



David Icke’s Circus and His Reality / His Box for YOU

I became aware of David Icke in the late 1980’s.  I was drawn to read his stuff because I am a seeker.  If it was odd, weird, unexplained then I wanted to read about it.  So, when I read one of his early works, I was so shocked when he told the story of the “Messiah” character that had pretty much an exact story to Jesus but had lived a thousand or so years prior to Jesus.  He gave his name, the historical references etc. and it shocked me because I was pretty much a new “born again” Christian having been raised Roman Catholic.   I tucked that bit of information he had shared back in my mind, and then years later there was this movie “Zeitgeist” that had a whole section about these “Messiah” myths that threw me for a loop.

I was uncomfortable with the information, but I didn’t just go “Oh yeh, now I can chuck my belief in Jesus / Yeshua away”.  I had a real solitary born again experience.  No one was with me, I was seeking truth, and while I was reading a spiritual book one day the pieces finally fell into place for me, and my heart was truly changed. I no longer believed in Jesus Christ.  I KNEW Jesus Christ and I LOVE Jesus Christ / Yeshua the Messiah.  The best way I can explain the difference for me is that prior to that event if you asked me if I believed in Jesus (as so many Baptist witnesses knocking on my door asked me) I would say, “Yes, of coarse, I’m Roman Catholic” and in my mind I would think I sure hope you get the truth because you in error not being Catholic you poor thing.  In my heart, I believed that if someone put a gun to my head and threatened to kill me unless I denounced my belief in Jesus I would gladly have said, “SHOOT ME”.  I believed in Jesus!  I did not know or Love Jesus as I know and love Him today.   I believe in Abraham Lincoln.  I love Abraham Lincoln for many of the things he did, but I DO NOT KNOW Abraham Lincoln.  I know about him.  I do not know his humor, his love or joy or warmth.  But, if you said, deny Abraham Lincoln was the X President of the United States or I’ll kill you, well if I am not to lie then I’d have to say, “SHOOT ME”.   You can believe something and not truly know it.  It’s like a child who loses a parent very young. They love their mom or dad, but do they have that experiential knowledge to truly KNOW them?  So, you can imagine when all this information came out about these duplicate stories that pre-dated the Gospel story of Jesus, I was a bit confused.  I said a simple prayer of, “God, please help me to understand the truth of this.” and I left it there.  Then years later the answer came to me.

What they are trying to do is negate the truths of Jesus / Yeshua of Nazareth life and the gift of eternal life through Jesus via their new/old religion of astrotheology.  There is not one, let me repeat this, THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE PRIOR TO 150 A.D FOR THEIR MYTHS!  Every one of those stories can only be traced back historically to well after the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Now, their stories say these characters or god’s were from x thousand years prior to Jesus, but there is nothing, NOTHING factual prior to 150 AD and they know it.   If you challenge them for the proof they give some bullshit answer of “It’s in my books, go read them”.  They attack you on an emotional ground, and their sycophant followers who desperately want to believe them because they hate Christianity attack you at every turn.  Just try going onto a forum and showing these facts to them and watch their sweet Love and Light persona’s fade as their teeth grow three inches, their eyes turn black, and the hatred spews off of them like a heat wave in death valley.

love and light horse

My favorite image for false love and light preachers

They feel very threatened by the facts presented because they have a new faith in their NEW Religion.  They don’t want to even deal with new facts brought to them, and thus they attack any who try to show the truth about  “many messiah myths prior to Jesus” is a false teaching .  The truth started to slowly trickle out about the lies in Zeitgeist to the point that they had to redo that section.  Acharya S. who is one of the main teachers now of Astrotheology changed all her footnotes in her book to obscure foreign books that actually linked back to her original footnotes.  Why am I bringing all this up in a David Icke article?  Because, I believe he is doing the same thing as Jordon Maxwell, Zeitgeist movie, and other astrotheological teachers.  I have a degree in marketing.  In sales, we are always taught to get your clients head moving in a “yes” fashion.  In other words, say things they will agree with and then slip in the things to move the sale forward.

Now, with ideology it’s not as simple as, “Mr. Smith, you want your car to last a long time right?”  Head begins moving up and down.  “And, you would like it to get great gas mileage right?  More head movement agreeing.  “And, you said, that you need it to fit in your budget right?”  Head movement and verbal “yes”  “So, would you like this red one or blue one?”  Mr. Smith says, “Oh, I like the blue one”  “That’s great, let me just get some details from you….” and you begin filling out the paperwork.   It’s a method of getting them to be open to saying yes, and moving them into action for closing.  With David Icke, he is funny, irreverent, and speaks a lot of truth.  He puts you at ease that he’s not going to sell you anything by saying things like, “I’m not hear to give you a new belief system” or “You have to make up your own mind, I’m just going to show you things I have researched for thirty years, and it’s up to you to decide”.  Well of coarse it’s up to me to decide but so is whether or not you get that car or item X right?  Have you never been sold something that you had no intention of buying?    I almost bought a Ninja Blender the other night watching the awesome infomercial.  I love the thing, but I don’t need it.  Imagine if I am at a home party / meeting and they are presenting it with all it’s great do hickies.  With all the others sitting around going, “oooooh” and “OH MY, I’ve got to get one of those” you might just as easily be even more swaying into buying one.  Then you get it, use it for a month and it begins to collect dust!  I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but I think you are following me.

David Icke in the video below which he says is about “Freeing your mind” is full of this sort of salesmanship.  A good con is created in a very real and believable set of events or truths.  David does not ever debate with anyone, and uses the typical “I’m not going to argue” or “That’s just silly” or “you’re stuck in an old belief system” or “you’re just not ready to see the truth” rather than actually dealing with the facts presented that challenge his teaching, and yes, he is trying to indoctrinate that audience.  He says, “I’m not here to give you a belief system” and then spends hours tearing down things your belief in  Christianity and main stream religions.  The main focus though is Christianity.  This new religion / belief system is the oldest lie repackaged for us that our ancient mother, Eve, fell for, and that is, “You too can be as God”.

I am writing this to those who are truth seekers.  If you have read my writings then you know I have some serious issues with the modern post 300 A.D. church.  I have serious issues with massive parts of the New Testament and lay out those reasons in those posts.  If you are curious, just read “Pauls Gospel vs. Jesus Gospel” but be prepared to be pissed off at me.  I’m used to it.   Most every argument people have against Christianity come from false teachings and understanding, and that lays the groundwork for men and women like David Icke to ensnare you.  David sprinkles in things in the beginning of the video and then about the 39 minute mark he really begins with his belief system.  While I watch videos to see what people are sharing, I stop them when they bring something up that seems credible and I do a search for myself. For instance, there is one section where he is making fun of George Bush and while we know these Politicians are controlled puppets, he uses a picture to show that even in a debate you can see the earpiece George is wearing to actually tell him what to say.  This is the image he shows.

bush wire

First of all, you need to know that ear pieces are NOT allowed in debates and a cry of “FOUL” would have reverberated in the media. So, I looked for that image and found this article and picture:

Many doctors have wondered if after Bush’s fainting spell if he was not suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF) and possible suffered some minor strokes because the left side of his mouth began appearing to droop some in later speeches and photographs.  The wire is more than likely a life vest meant to control the problem.  Many have said David Icke does Masonic handshakes and show an image like this:

It’s easily disproved because David Icke has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and cannot shake hands in the standard fashion.  Thus, anyone who suspects things about Mr. Icke looks stupid when they proffer this sort of bad correlations of his hand shake.

Now, Mr. Icke is doing the same sort of thing regarding Bush who is easily ridiculed for his many stupid statements.  Of course, that does not negate Bush being a puppet, but it does show a false image to make a point, and Icke is doing it just as others have done it to him.  I mean, just show Obama not being able to talk without the TOTUS.  He’s a blithering idiot without that thing.  So, as you watch this video begin to notice the subtle tricks Icke uses, and how the audience just goes along with it.  Granted, many may be worshipers of the new religion already, but many may not be and are being swayed and drawn into it.  This is the job of Icke, Maxwell, Acharya s. and others.  Get newly awakening people who realize we are being lied to by government and the world is run by the super rich elites who see us as mere cattle and appear to be against said system.  Then bring in the new religion of the system and when these elites destroy the current system this religion will come into bloom as they set up a new zoo for us.  We are being played by both sides folks, and it’s high time you realized this and save your spiritual house before it burns to the ground.

Zeitgeist Debunked

David Icke – Channelling Beings found in Theosophy – False Prophet

David Icke copied Alice Baileys 7 Rays and her ascended master Rakorski. Theosophy for all it’s denial of Christianity worships Lucifer openly.

This past year has been illuminating for me.  All my life I have sought truth. From my earliest years I have loved God.  Experiencing the weird paranormal world very early on, I have always sought to understand what it was, how it worked, and what can be learned and gained from this knowledge.  Oh, I could even say I am a bit like Solomon in that I have dabbled in a myriad of systems.   I am glad God forgives us when we realize we have screwed up.  No, I’ve never broken a law or endangered a life.  I have looked deeply into thing though that many either ignore due to disinterest or our of fear.  There really are things that go bump in the night and appear from nowhere and return just as quickly.

I understand the doubting Thomas who until they see something they just are not going to believe it.  I think some stuff is made up or created in our minds, but some stuff just isn’t, especially when it’s experienced by a group together or by individuals at different times without foreknowledge something could happen.  Thus, I endeavored to understand the unseen world of spirit, ghosts, aliens, entities, and things of folklore.  I would go to the library and read books about all kinds of unusual topics.  It was in the 1980’s that I discovered David Icke and read his work, “Children of the Matrix” which I found very interesting.  Through the years I have watched videos, read more and continued my research.  I also continued my research into ancient history, hidden archeology, biblical texts and other esoteric books as well as alternative authors such as Jordan Maxwell, Theosophy, Cooper to name a few.  I would read and ponder various ideas postured.  The whole theme often brought up of “repeat stories copying the Messianic tale” seemed to come up over and over.  Thus, I dug into Jordan Maxwell recently and realized just how off he was on his religious teachings and obvious hatred of Christianity.  Oh, I think he’s very informative on New Age Agenda in the Political / Governmental control of the world, but he is another pied piper for the astro-theology one world religion.  So, now it seems is David Icke.  It’s time to stop just reading what the charismatic men write, but start examining it.  Listen to those with personal experience.  This letter is from a once devoted fan of Icke’s.  It seems that the “guru” mentality is just exploding.  From Maxwell, Wilcock, and now Icke the need to feed their egos, inability to admit they are wrong and certainly unable to come clean about plain old lies we have an epidemic of new false prophets.  They channel, change the bible, lie about sources, and appear to treat people around them in their personal lives like crap.  It’s not new, but it’s time to really see what is behind the curtain:

Something Every Truth Seeker Should See
Hey All,

I have been studying David Icke and related material for years now, I think he is on a mission to awaken humanity to the coming changes in consciousness, and I feel that I, as well as many others on this forum, owe him a great deal of thanks for all his efforts.

I have read Truth Vibrations, Love Changes Everything, David Icke’s Autobiography, I am me I am free, The Biggest Secret and Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion (his best work to date).
I have seen countless hours of his live performances, heard countless hours of radio interviews and even went to see him twice at the Brixton Academy.
I also have his latest book on order if Amazon will ever decide to send it (I have been waiting for 2 months now!).

In fact, I have invested so much time and funds into David Icke, that I personally feel I would be a good moderator for this site, if I had the time to do so.

However I am devastated at what is happening in this forum, it has now become unacceptable to criticize anything David Icke says, and people are having their threads deleted just for having the audacity to speak a word against him.
He is not a perfect man, nobody is, and I feel that if we want freedom of speech ourselves, that we should allow others to say how they feel even if it is in direct opposition to our thoughts and feelings.

What do you guys (and gals) think?

I have recently come across some writings of a man named Ivan Fraser.

According to Ivan, he has met David Icke many times, has met Linda Icke and many others connected to him; apparently he even proof read the biggest secret before it was published.

Now I’m not trying to open up a can of worms here, however I do feel that there are some issues that need to be addressed, especially in regards to this forum.
I just really want to know what other people think regarding this information.
Ivan Fraser was apparently banned from this forum for speaking out against David Icke, and for a community so dedicated to freedom of speech, I find this very hypocritical and downright arrogant.

David Icke is definitely helping to awaken the masses and I truly am grateful for his efforts, however he is not infallible, and people should have the freedom to criticize him.

Of course others are free to disagree with what others say, but if we are all campaigning for freedom of speech, then we should allow others to have the same right, even when, in fact especially when they disagree with what we think.

We all know democracy is a fallacy; however we should at least uphold the principles behind it if that’s what we stand for, i.e. equality and freedom for all.

Here is what Ivan Fraser said regarding Icke:

“My own role in the Biggest Secret saga was that I was asked by David to help him check spelling and offer any further information to his initial draft of the book.
It was following my input that David was introduced to Arizona and heard her revelations, which subsequently became a focal point within the book and used as ‘evidence’ to support various themes outlined therein.

Having discussed my concerns with David’s wife and having sent David e-mails outlining my concerns over errors in his book and a feeling I have that he has been set up with misinformation and been the target of psychic manipulation, over a period from before publication to very recently (September 1999), and as yet having absolutely no feedback from David about any of the major concerns, I decided to publish my findings at the David Icke website forum.

Consequently, I was banned from attending that forum by David Icke.”

Now I don’t know how much of this is true, however if it is, this is absolutely disgraceful.
The moderators on this forum should be ashamed of themselves.
How dare they censor others when they too demand the right to be heard?

I have had several threads shut down myself regarding the “DAVID ICKE LEGAL DEFENSE FUND” which despite several communications with forum moderators, I am still highly suspect of. We were told we would hear the full story one day, and so far have been told nothing.
I personally donated over £100 to this cause, and I feel that I, as well as everybody else who donated to the fund, deserve a full explanation of what happened.

Here is what I found on Google regarding the defense fund.

“Icke claimed via his website that Richard Warman (from Canada) was filing a lawsuit against him, because of what David Icke had written about him in one of his books (Children of the Matrix), David was asking people to donate money to his Legal Defense Fund during this time period.

Eventually he removed the donation pages from his website, but never announced the outcome of the ‘court case’. Did Richard Warman withdraw his threat to take David to court, or did he go ahead with it?
That in a nutshell was what I politely asked via his forum.

The next day, not only was my post removed from the forum, but my username was totally deleted.
It’s laughable.
Since then, there has been another court case involving ‘Royal Adams’, a person, who we are told, used to work closely with David Icke.”

Now, a couple of years back I opened a forum regarding the first case, within minutes I had 50+ responses from people in agreement.
An hour later, the thread was closed down.

I also received personal message from 6 other individuals saying that their threads on the same subject had also been shut down; in fact one member said he was never going to use the David Icke forum again and I have never seen or heard from him again.

Recently, I opened another thread on the same subject, which was closed within minutes.
I spoke to the moderator who said that this had been discussed in detail before and that there was no need to reopen it.
He also said that there were so many people criticizing and pointing accusations at David Icke, that this would only add fuel to the fire.
Now that’s fair enough, but I still argue my right to be heard.

He also gave me a link to details regarding the outcome of the Royal Adams case, which all looked official and above board.
However the Royal Adams case was not what I donated to, it was the Richard Warman case, of which I have heard nothing of the outcome.

I am writing this now as a last attempt to find reason from other members of the David Icke community.
I want to know what you think about all of this.
I also want to appeal to the moderators here, do not shut this thread down.

I appeal to your sense of what is right. I have said nothing offensive and am merely seeking information and clarification.
You have no right to shut my thread down, you may have the power, but that does not give you the right.

If this thread is shut down, then I will know that there is something very dodgy going on.
Feel free to respond, feel free to disagree, but do not deny me my voice to speak.
I am on the side of the light, and if that is where you stand then we are allies, so do not deny a fellow truth seeker the right to voice their concerns. For real.

Now, getting back to what Ivan Fraser said:

“I wish it to be known that I bear David Icke no malice over this affair and the reason for publishing this information is to seek clarification and also offer information of which most may not be aware.
My fears may be unfounded, but I feel that after reading this, you may see they are justified.
And if my fears have solid foundation, these issues need urgent clarification, both for the sake of David Icke and his readers.

My suspicions about Arizona Wilder (AW) first manifested the first time I heard of her.
Something in me said, ‘something isn’t right here’.
A familiar feeling which usually turns out to be trustworthy, as anyone who has read lifting the Veil knows.

She was not mentioned at all in the draft copy of The Biggest Secret (TBS) which I had read.
David had not met her yet.
When the book was released people started ringing me with questions like, ‘is it true about the reptiles’, and ‘is this stuff about the royal family true’.
At which time I replied that I thought it was, based on the fact that the version I had read stated only the theory of the reptilians and that certain of the Royals were involved in satanic rituals.

Soon I heard about Arizona Wilder.
I reviewed the book again, this time the printed version, and asked Linda Icke (the British manager of Bridge of Love) to send a copy of the video from which AW’s testimony was taken.
I was by this time very dubious about AW’s statements.
Her statements had already overshadowed those of Christine Fitzgerald, Princess Diana’s healer and confidante, which were prominent in the version I read and which were not so sensational.
However, Fitzgerald’s account may have been a ‘taster’ for what was to come, to ease the way for the far more incredible information which Wilder had to impart.”
I agree completely with Ivan’s speculation regarding Arizona Wilder.
Out of all of David’s research, Revelations of a Mother Goddess seems the most suspect, to me at least.
I do feel as if she is spreading disinformation, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it.
I would like to know what others feel about it, if I, and they, are given the chance to speak.

Anyhow, there are contradictions in David’s work. I just finished reading Love Changes Everything, which includes a number of channellings from a being named as Rakorski; here is what I have found regarding this:

“Several people claim to channel St Germain by name, but in Icke’s case he came through using the name “Rakorski.”
Despite communicating with many different channeled beings, this Rakorski turned out to be Icke’s primary source back then

+. From Love Changes Everything (The book largely channeled through Mari Shawsun):

Quote from: David Icke
Since the publication of The Truth Vibrations I have learned so much more as I have communicated almost daily with Rakorski, the one known as Lord of all Creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo.

Here is what Icke said about Rakorski/St Germain specifically:

Quote from: David Icke
Our most memorable moment on the visit [to France] came when we arrived at the former home of the remarkable Frenchman, Count St. Germain, who in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was dubbed the “Wonderman of Europe” for his feats and abilities.
One, so it was claimed, was the ability to disappear.
No-one knows how long he lived except that it was a very, very, long time. Voltaire called him “the man who never dies and who knows everything.”
It is widely held that the mind or aspect of Infinite Consciousness I call Rakorski had incarnated as St. Germain, and the moment we saw his house both Linda and I had the same reaction: wow!
We were both very moved just looking at the place and the energies were incredibly powerful.
It was lunchtime and we couldn’t go inside, but as I stood there a very clear thought came into my mind:
“You will come back here with your family and your new son next year (1993), and you will release energies that will have an enormous effect on the world.”
Again, we’ll have to see what happens.

But here’s something very interesting…
I did a little searching and found that Icke has something quite different to say about St Germain (and the “Ascended Masters”) nowadays.
Here’s an excerpt from The Biggest Secret.
I included some extra at the beginning, so you can get a feel for St Germain’s supposed friend William of Hesse-Hanau.

They want to know which are the reptile bloodlines because they know they will be easiest to ‘plug in’ to the reptilians on the lower fourth dimension.
This is one reason for the highly detailed genetic records kept by the Mormons, another Brotherhood operation at its top level.
So when people in power appear to have no blood links with these families, the opposite may be true.
A number of researchers believe Bill Clinton to be a closet Rockefeller and he is certainly blood-related to the British monarchy, every Scottish monarch, and King Robert I of France.
St Germain, now a ‘messiah’ figure to many New Agers, was a friend of William of Hesse-Hanau, and his brother, Karl.

Apparently, Karl wrote that Germain, an alchemist and magician, had been raised by the de Medici (Black Nobility) family in Italy.
Many New Agers today talk about the Great White Brotherhood of ‘master souls’, including Germain, who are communicating ‘guidance’ to channellers about the coming transformation.
This is yet another mind control operation by the Brotherhood to misdirect and imprison the more extreme of the New Age mentality and to stop it getting off its collective arse (and the ceiling) and so making a real difference. And

Quote from: David Icke
In the 18th century, a Matthew Kennedy from Ireland went to Paris to work with his good friend, the Illuminati frontman called Saint Germain, who presided over the Illuminati Lodge at Ermenonville near Paris.
The lodge took part in blood rituals on an altar made from human bones.

Any man can make mistakes or learn things which change his understanding.
But Icke doesn’t claim this. He does say his understanding has “grown” since his early days, but he has never come out and said he was dead wrong.
Besides, since he felt moved by such “incredibly powerful” energies while visiting St Germain’s old home, and received a prophetic message about returning, he was clearly convinced that St Germain was a positive force. And these methods of “knowing” things are what inspired his entire mindset.
Remember, according to Icke we need to trust our own guidance; if it “feels right” then it is right.
So if his “feelings” were mistaken about St Germain, how can we trust him about anything else?
This is why Icke can’t say “I was wrong” when it comes to things like this.
Instead he just hopes nobody notices the contradictions.
The autobiography is 17 years out of print, after all. How many people nowadays are ever going to read it?
And if any Icke followers do read it, how many will actually smell a rat?

Now, as I said already, i’m not trying to open up a can of worms, but some things do need to be pointed out and I want to know what others thinks regarding these topics, that is, if we are all given the chance to voice our concerns.

Here is more from Ivan regarding the same subject of Rakorski and St Germaine:

“I believed that he was educated and insightful when I read his first book and had no idea that the information that grabbed me had been taken lock stock and barrel from others.
I thought David was special because he was ‘in tune’ and because he reprinted his own and others’ psychic messages about him and what is going on in the world.

When he released his second book, I accepted his word when he said he was in almost daily communication with ascended masters, Jesus Christ, Rakorski, Saint Germain etc. But I know better now.

I accepted that his – what I would have judged otherwise intolerable – behaviour of flaunting his pregnant girlfiend in the face of his wife and expecting her to accept it because if she didn’t she didn’t understand unconditional love.
I know better now.

I accepted and was stunned by the conspiracy material in Robot’s Rebellion.
I thought his observations and witticisms were profound. That is, until I read Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper which was where most of what I considered astute observations had been taken from, despite David saying directly that he had come up with, for example renaming the Protocols of the Elders of Zion the Illuminati Protocols to get away from the anti-Semitic tag.
I know better now.

I also know that half of Robot’s is erroneous, even Cooper himself stated that the alien agenda was a fake and he had been used as an unwitting dupe to perpetuate it.
And …and the truth was and still is in my opinion one of the best conspiracy books ever written.
But I know better now to understand that the alien links are erroneous, and that it is merely a collation of other people’s work, some of whom were not credited.
I know now that when David makes a profound statement, or a good witicism, it is most probably directly from someone else, who deserves the praise for it and the dollars.

I accepted that he published a book called Lifting The Veil, shortly after I gave him a copy of my own book called Lifting the Veil.
And on up to 1996, even when I was beginning to hear from various people who were consistently telling me that they had provided information for David, but were surprised at his lack of gratitude, I thought ‘ah well he’s a busy man and at the forefront of waking people up’.
And when people started telling me that Icke was brash and rude when not in the public eye, that he was egocentric and behaved like he really expected people to see him as a very important person, I thought they were just misreading a very talented and intelligent man whose spirituality was deep, and that he needed his style and ego to enable him to carry on and get into the limelight, and into the faces of those who needed to know such important truth.

But in September 1996, I was with a number of friends of David and Linda Icke who had been involved in helping him with his work.
Even they didn’t like him personally, found him rude, but believed the ‘work’ transcended any personal feelings. They introduced me to Linda.
The very first thing she said to me was ‘David isn’t the man you see on stage.
He doesn’t walk his talk.’
During the day she told me that she believed he was mixing with a crowd that were planting disinformation, and he was vulnerable to it because they were sycophantic-type women.
She told me that David had admitted having ego problems but felt he was over them, and asked Linda to tell him if she saw him going down the ‘ego road again’.
She said she tried, but he wasn’t receptive – he was too concerned with breaking America and his ego had been boosted by the success of …and the truth.

I STILL saw David as ‘the man’ for the job, but by then I had a very different view of him personally.
I felt sorry for Linda being treated like a doormat.
I realised that Icke had a very distorted opinion of himself, and that this delusion made him vulnerable to his naive view of the material he was writing.
I began to agree with those people i now knew, who had been involved with David from the early days, who almost to a person said they couldn’t stand the man personally, did not like his company, but believed he was the best person for the job.

But then, at that time, we all thought he was a very clever man with amazing powers of observation, and that the material he was writing was essentially the truth.

So I started to help him out by sending information.
I introduced him to the topic of satanic organisations, I introduced him to the first satanic cult mind control victim, I provided the first health-related material for his then David Icke/Bridge of Love newsletter 2 of which he put his own name to! I felt confident he would do the research and wasn’t afraid of breaking it into wider consciousness.
I had no idea he would make such a pig’s ear of the occult-related information and end up being the instigator of one of the biggest mythologies of our age – the reptilian aliens – and that he would demonise so much that provides the very keys of understanding Creation and the way things are created by the astral level of consciousness, which is controlled by the very forces operating through satanists and Illuminists, religions etc. I didn’t expect him to become the vehicle by which they could introduce a mass psychomemetic virus into the consciousness of those beginning to wake up.
And they achieved this quite easily because David Icke was seen by so many as an intelligent, astute, spiritual, nice, trustworthy, discerning and scholarly and special kind of person.

When he came up to meet Patti – the cult victim – I was really beginning to lose the veil I had with David.
But the work was important.
I saw first-hand what those people meant by him being rude.
The way he blanked Shona trying to tell him some important information about the occult (she knew a lot about it Icke didn’t, but he just talked her down).
And when he waltzed into my house and sat down without invitation then swiped my cat off the arm of the chair without a blink, I realised that he wasn’t spiritual at all.
All that unconditional love stuff is a front. He knows how to sell himself and make people fawn for his material, but when his act ends, the guy is in my view just a rude, arrogant, egomaniac who is struggling with his own masks and trying to convince himself that he’s very special.
That cat had more true spirituality in its paw than Icke has in his entire body.

So I stopped defending Icke, but I still promoted his work.
Until The Biggest Secret, that is, when I had really started investigating the references, and the subjects in earnest, and found so many errors, and so much ignorance of the subjects on his part that I could no longer ignore it.
But having tried to inform him and getting no feedback, but genuinely fearing for his welfare at the hands of organised disinformationists, I posted my concerns on his forum.
The rest is history – I became unceremonially ‘dumped’ in public for saying things on an uncensored forum of ‘the most controversial ayhtor and speaker in the world’.
And never once did he address any of my concerns or correct errors in his research.

Yes, he corrected a typo. is that a major point you are making? Please consider it in context.
From ‘buy the Truth Campaign, the magazine that tells it like it is’.
Suddenly it was nothing, and I was a disinformationist attacking Icke and his work for no discernible reason.
He plastered every page of his forum with his total disassociation with me and his site still bears The Truth About The Truth Campaign.
Despite informing him that he had misunderstood certain comments that I had made, and had been listening to people who were clearly part of an agenda to create turmoil on the board, discredit me and cause friction between the 2 of us (even the forum moderator told me that because she had access to the board data and knew that people were using multiple handles and playing games), he chose to take the position of self-righteous indignation and personal offence.
Hypocrite! How can a man who discredits individuals at the drop of a hat, says he speaks for truth, encourages people to ‘just say it’ when they feel they have important things to say, tells everyone to listen to contrasting opinions, and who openly writes frankly about his personal life choose to be offended by and refuse to listen to conflicting opinions and actively censor an uncensored platform?

But when I saw his words about me and The Truth Campaign, I saw just how manipulative and calculated a disinformationist he was.
And how cruel cold and heartless.
And I have seen much more of that since.
Additionally, I was now getting masses of mail and calls about reptilians. I was witnessing the unfolding of the damage his half-researched and erroneous material was having on people.
People were one step from the mental hospital – they were in fear, depressed, feeling helpless, and some had started hallucinating, hearing hissing voices and being convinced the reps were everywhere, from their friends and family to hiding in the house.
I had to spend quite a bit of time with some to help them through their delusions and happily, it was successful. But I can’t be there for everyone.

At that time I was quite saddened but very very angry.
Angry that I had laboured under an illusion for so long, and furious that he would behave so dishonestly and against everything he publicly projects onto others.
I’d needed to experience it first-hand to break the last of the spell. But over the years I have heard from numerous sources how this kind of behaviour is nothing new.
It’s a common theme that i hear – such as the opinions of Jordan Maxwell and others who claim he has taken and given nothing and unceremonially dumped them when they were no longer useful.

But I still sent him free copies of my magazine.
And I saw his style shift slightly towards that in my own work and in the magazine. Our articles about the illusory nature of reality, the nonphysical nature of the ‘reptilians’ and their illusory nature started creeping into his work.
He started contradicting himself and seemed to be finding it difficult to correlate a cogent definition of what the reptilians were.
After exposing the fake et agenda in my magazine, I noticed he wasn’t giving space to ET reptiles anymore.
But never once did he ever say he was mistaken.
He just steamrolls ahead, changing his mind about things and gradually moving from one interpretation to another via a process of contradictions.
Things he used to mock others for, he later accepts.”

Now, I dont know how much is true. Buy Ivan does seem to have some valid points; so why should his views, as well as mine, and many others, be censored from this forum.
Open your minds to everything, not just what you feel comfortable with.
Once again I ask that the forum moderators be open minded and open to the pursuit of infomation, right or wrong.
Everything needs to be questioned. Listen to what Icke says and listen to the alternatives.
This has to be done to maintain balance, and as Icke said himself, balance is the key to understanding.

I express infinite love to you all, and I really hope this gets read and that we are all given the chance to speak about it.
I would love to know your opinions, including those of the moderators on this forum.
You guys can help clarify a lot of things for us, so help us understand, do not censor us unneccessarily.

I will leave on this,

I am very grateful to David Icke for expanding my understanding, however now, my understanding has grown beyond his words and I am no longer his follower (I doubt he would want me to be anyway).
I am now his ally in the pursuit of truth and I see us, as well as everyone else reading this now, as equals.
We are all part of the same whole, one unique aspect of the divine, so rather than fighting about what we disagree on, lets unite on what we do agree on.

All things aside, everyone has the right to a voice.
So let mine be heard, let others have the chance to respond to my concerns, and if you feel you can, help to eliviate my concerns.

Peace, Love and Respect.



Mythicism Exposed

Jordan Maxwell, Acharya S., Blavatsky, Zeitgeist and others have worked hard to put for the idea that Judaism and Christianity are based on ancient god myths that are really ancient astrology stories.  That the entire spiritual foundation of millions is based on myths that come from the images in the Stars.  Millions are believing them, and falling under the strong delusion we were warned about.  I am going to present some of the information here, but please know, the truth is much more exciting and relevant.  Have you been starving for truth? Have you not heard it before? Most Christians haven’t ever heard what the Message that God put in the Stars (Mazzaroth) say.  Learn the lie of Lucifer’s Mythicism / Astrotheology to you can understand the truth:

The term “mythicist” refers to the perspective that there exists no credible scientific evidence for the “historical” Jesus and other biblical figures. source

The further one regresses in time, the more obvious it becomes that the principal and Sunrise shows the beauty of naturesingular religious worship found around the globe has revolved around nature. This nature worship has included reverence not only for the earth, its creatures and their fecundity, but also for the sun, moon, planets and stars. For many thousands of years, man has looked to the skies and become awestruck by what he has observed. This awe has led to the reverence and worship both of the night and day skies, an adoration called “astrotheology.” Source

These same people like Maxwell and Peter Joseph the maker of Zeitgeist will turn around and talk about how symbols and media released in advance were used to tell us of false flag events like 911 and 7/7 among others and yet they cannot see that the bible clearly tells us that God wrote his plan in the stars, and that what they are saying are myths is the same as the movies and propaganda put out by the Luciferian New World Order Beast system, but they can’t do that for some reason.  They cannot realize God foretold us all things, and no man can doubt the truth as in Roman’s we are told it’s been with us from the foundations of this world age.

If you do not delve into the murky world of conspiracies these topics will make no sense to you because you have not been exposed to the ideas like:

  1. Israel is Isis + Ra + EL and that it’s not a nation chosen by God, but just a combination of the practice of sun worship in Ancient Egypt.
  2. Solomon was not a real man, but again is a combination of various languages of Sol + Om + On which are all tied to sun worship. This is ridiculous because there is NO Solomon in the original Bible.  His name was Shlomo.  Yeh, I’d want a new name too, but sorry folks, you can’t have a basis for Solomon when there was no Solomon in the bible, and you can’t use Spanish Sol, plus Hindu Om (which does not mean sun), plus On (which does not mean sun in Egyptian either)
  3. That the story of Noah’s ark is fake because in Egypt they had the Argha Noa story regarding the seasonal flooding in the region.
  4. That word Lord comes from lard.  Crisco oil is Lard, and Jesus the anointed is Christ Lard / lord.

Jordan Maxwell and other astrotheologists / mythicists use English words with transliterated Egyptian and Hebrew to try to prove a point.  They create history out of thin air, give no sources, and if they do give a source you had better check it out because it won’t back up what they are usually saying.

If you want to see what the stars really tell us and see it backed up by the bible, go to my page about:

God’s Mazzaroth vs. Astrotheology

One scholars view of Zecharia Sitchen’s work


Dr. Michael S. Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. He is the Academic Editor of Logos Bible Software. Mike earned the M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. He has also earned an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (major fields: Ancient Israel and Egyptology). His main research interests are Israelite religion, biblical theology, ancient Near Eastern religion, biblical & ancient Semitic languages, and ancient Jewish binitarian monotheism. Mike has been a frequent guest on a number of radio programs such as Coast to Coast AM. He is best known for his critique of the ancient astronaut theories of Zecharia Sitchin.

This man points out a blatant problem that I have with some in the alternative truth movement who do not back up what they say with proof.  They do not provide source evidence, they use incredible linguistic anomalies and flat out fabricate information all to prove a thesis they have such as Astrotheology supposedly proving Judeo-Christian religion is all based on a myth.  There is a whole movement called Mythicism.
This is one man’s expert viewpoint.  I will explore more on Sitchen.  I am sure some will say this guy just has an axe to grind.  How can people continue to espouse these teachings and not deal with these incredibly bad fictional linguistics.

Jordan Maxwell exposed as a Theosophist NWO Adept Minister

Jordan Maxwell is lauded by many as the father of the truth movement and has been spreading the word about the New World Order for decades.  Many have used his research per Jordan and their own admissions to assist them in writing books and making a lot of money “exposing” the truth about the cabal / Elites who run the world.  I used to be a strong supporter of Maxwell until I started really digging into and verifying his claims.  He says a lot of things as facts which when looked more deeply into are not so factual.  I am going to post two videos. One shows him doing the masonic handshake.  Some try to claim that not all masonry is bad, and I would certainly say that not all masons are bad, but the proven goals of the organization in pushing the NWO agenda in my opinion is without a doubt true.  So, why would Maxwell do this handshake?

I cannot speak to the veracity of the man in the mason meeting being Sitchen.  It’s too easy to mistake people, but we see him in the next section doing a masonic handshake with Maxwell.  What are masonic handshakes? Well, it depends on your level in the lodge.

Here is a video of the various leaders doing these handshakes.  Now, there are a few people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis such as David Icke and he can’t do a “traditional” handshake and it appears to be masonic. I don’t know him personally, and i can’t judge his actions in any way but to say, it’s obvious to me that he has severe arthritis and anyone who has felt that, knows it’s an excellent explanation of why he has an “odd” handshake.

Now, that being all said, there is a video that takes what Jordan Maxwell teaches to task because of his wild allegations of what the bible teaches and what Christianity teaches.  It is my firm belief that Jesus Christ whom I refer to as Yeshua ha Mashiach in his proper name while in his earthly ministry laid a perfect foundation for the church.  The Roman’s crept into the church and by 326 a.d. codified at the council of Nicea something entirely different from what Yeshua put in place.  There has always been a remnant, but once Rome got involved many things were done in the name of Yeshua’s church that were meant to control the world and set it up for the coming one world religion under the Anti-Christ.  I would dare say that even the crusades served a double purpose for the NWO religion.  One, they  consolidated power and got rid of many pagan sects.  They confiscated sacred texts and burned or hid them to keep the people ignorant.  And, in the future when it was time to end the time of the church and bring in the false one world religion under Satan, they would have paved the way by people hating the actions of the church in the crusades to use that against believing in Christianity.  Satan is a very smart angel.  He does not think in days or weeks or decades, but in millennial time and he has a system from the beginning until now to consolidate power and to ultimately rule the world and be praised because he will come in after a time of crisis in a peaceful and prosperous manner.

For the past 400 years we have had a movement underway, and in the last 100 years it has grown more open, and that is the open preaching of the religion of Theosophy.  Those who teach it and now many use astro theology to bring into question all the truths of the bible.   Christianity and religion are used by the elites to be the scapegoat for all their evil deeds.  It’s all the fault of these religious fanatics they cry.  Who is manipulating man via religion?  Why, it’s the elites of course!  They take over what they can use, do terrible things, divide people, and then blame the very religion they used to do it. Now, the constant beating of the new age drums is all about man is one and we are all gods.  We are one because we all come from the creator and we are all co-creators.  We are going to raise our love energy and transform and ascend from this low energy form by dropping old fables proven false by the likes of Helena Blavatsky and Jordan Maxwell.  The fact is both of them admit to channeling information.  Maxwell admits to loving Blavatsky’s work and his favorite book of hers is “Isis Unveiled”.

He has flip flopped on his support of Blavatsky in the past.  He has pretended not to be tied to theosophy, but the video below will clearly show that he teaches it openly.  The blockbuster video online “Zeitgeist” is Jordan Maxwell’s research and information per Jordan Maxwell.  The thing is, it’s all from Helena Blavatsky and Manly P Hall.  Jordan Maxwell is not his birth name.  He was born Russell Pine and changed his name to Jordan Maxwell.  I have no problem with people changing their name, but he pretends he never knew the name “Jordanus Maximus” until a Rabbi sent him an email.  This is stunning, because anyone who has watched Jordan can tell this is a man with a memory like and elephant.  Nothing slips his mind and he is not stupid by any stretch of the imagination.  Here is a screen shot of his website page dealing with words to google:

Really?  That’s the first time he ever heard of that name and he just happened to change his name to a derivation of the name of the second person in Blavatsky’s trinity?


First Trinity.

Lord FERHO — the Life which is no Life — the Supreme God. The Cause which produces the Light, or the Logos inabscondito. The water of Jordanus Maximus — the water of Life, or Ajar, the feminine principle. Unity in a Trinity, enclosed within the ISH AMON.

Second Trinity.
(The manifestation of the first.)

1. Lord MANO — the King of Life and Light — Rex Lucis. First LIFE, or the primitive man.
2. Lord Jordan — manifestation or emanation of Jordan Maximus — the waters of grace. Second LIFE.
3. The Superior Father — Abatur. Third LIFE.

This Trinity produces also a duad — Lord Ledhoio, and Fetahil, the genius (the former, a perfect emanation, the latter, imperfect).


This really is asking people to leave their brain at the door.  I believe Jordan Maxwell is a devout follower of Helena Blavatsky.  She loves Lucifer, encourages others to love this “light bringer”, and her religion of Theosophy is the foundation for the coming New World Order religion.  Her words are very cunning just like Lucifer’s words to Eve in the garden.  This whole religion is about man accepting his godhood and joining the light bringer in creating a better world.  The first lie and sin was Lucifer the covering cherub’s sin to no longer cover the mercy seat but in his pride to desire to sit upon it and be worshiped as God, and the first sin of Adam and Eve was to disobey their heavenly father and eat of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil so they could be as God, and thus again and again we see this as our most terrible weakness, to be as God or be God.  This is the way mankind will be deceived in the last days, by believing he is doing a good thing and becoming as God because of this false teaching.  I was talking in my heart to God about a month ago about how Eve was deceived, and this is what came to my mind almost as a conversation. I won’t say it’s a conversation, but it flowed as such:

You must not think so ill of them or those who fall for this trick of the devil.  Think of Adam and Eve as innocent children, and without their parent around a very crafty and smart babysitter starts talking to them.  The babysitter wants them to fail ultimately and plays upon their love for their mother and father.  Imagine the girl’s mother has forbidden her to touch her make-up and the child has not done so, but then the sitter asks her about the make-up and the girl tells her she is not to touch it because her mother said no.  The sitter says, “your mother doesn’t mind really, as a matter of fact when you put it on you will be just as pretty and beautiful as she is!”  The girl forgets immediately about the command of her mother and instead in admiration and desire to be like her mother eagerly puts on the make-up to be just like mommy!  Likewise the boy is under some similar command about his father telling him not to do something and the evil babysitter says, “of course not, the moment you do that you will be just a smart and strong as your father” so of course the boy forgets the command and eagerly wanting to be like his beloved father disobeys and does it.

Satan plays upon our inner desire to be like God.  Of course we want that, and of course Satan knows when we follow his temptation we actually disobey and break fellowship with God.  This is the lie and trick of Theosophy. It sounds wonderful and beautiful and appears as a means to bring us closer to divine wisdom and love when in fact it does just the opposite.  Through the ill deeds these very elites who love mystery Babylon Theosophy actions in the church we have the way paved to hate Christianity and question the truths of the bible.  That was how Satan tempted Christ remember? His words to Jesus were, “Did God say….”  and only by Jesus truly knowing the word could he deal with the temptations.  If you don’t know the word you have no chance against the evil one and lies he tells.  I share the video below to get a glimpse of how false teachers lead people astray.  They don’t fact check their teachers, ministers, books etc.. They trust them too much.  The video following that one is how Zeitgeist lies to you in the very same ways, and if you have been confused by this false teaching of astro theology then you won’t be after watching that.

This is a long video, it is available on youtube in small parts, or just come back and watch a half hour at a time.  Do not be confused by the lies in part 1 of Zeitgeist: