Relax & Unwind Music

Welcome to my little resting place.  Yes, I have another page for my more meditative side, but sometimes I just want to let my hair down and chill.  I LOVE this music!  You are welcome to grab a drink, pull up a bean bag or chair and relax some too.  I’ll add to this page as I play my music on youtube.  Much love to all of you!

ENJOY! ! !

I just love this song with the blue man group and Venus hum, and I have it BLARING right now after a day of digging into the awful mysteries surrounding the Colorado shooting and deep dark world of subterfuge.  I just need to chill.

Vanessa Mae has got to be one of the best and hottest violinists in the world

I fell in love with Loreena McKennitt’s music in the early 90’s right after LIPAT CD came out.  She lost the love of her life when he died in a drowning tragedy, and we feared she would never recover and sing again, but thankfully she found a way to move ahead, and she has blessed us with her music and soul once more.  Here are some of my favorites.  If you have never heard her, you are truly in for a treat!


7 comments on “Relax & Unwind Music

  1. Me too. I didn’t discover her until the first Celtic Circle CD came out, which was good timing since my entire taste in music was starting to change. I have the Book of Secrets CD and love it!

  2. I haven’t heard it, but then I’m just starting to collect her stuff at a time when funds are tight. I’ll look for her other stuff on your site and youtube in general. Thanks for the tip!

  3. McKennitt stirs the soul to such depths that she rattles every molecule of my being, especially Mummers Dance. I can listen to just this one single over and over again, without tiring. Her haunting sililoquays in this piece, masterfully carried by vintage and exotic musical instruments, are unmatched, except by some works of Enja…..another angel.

    Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

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