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  2. Very interesting blog. I learned about NWO some 40 years ago, then got married and “dropped out” of the conspiracy theory crowd for a while. Since my wife died in early March and I have become single again, I’ve taken a renewed interest in the political scene again. I recently published an ebook to be released 9-19-16, originally written between 1976 and 1986 from Nashville, TN. I’m new to your site, so I don’t know exactly where are within the spiritual realm, but I suspect you will derive some interesting thoughts from my book. You can read 15% of it, or pre-order for half-price with coupon code PH48H. I would love to share more with you regarding the information you share and your sources. I too am trying (on FB mostly) to promote Trump’s success; I too wonder if there will even be an election this year; and I too will become your friend on FB whether or not you find my book and blog of any value. I’m new at writing, so forgive my often puerile subjects. Thanks for looking.

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