Music for the Soul

I have the heart of a warrior, the desire to heal, and the unquenchable desire for truth and unity in the Lord.  In digging, sharing truths, standing in the tempest one can become stiff and find it more difficult to express themselves from the heart of Divine love and Unity.  It is important for me to meditate and to center myself. I use music often to recharge and spend time in sacred space.  Here are some videos of some of my favorite songs.  I hope they lift you up as well, and know that you are more precious and loved than you can ever imagine:

I love Messianic Praise Music and here are some of my favorites.  Do not be put off by the Hebrew as the group translates it, and they are all so beautiful:

This one should be immediately followed by the next one as an intro song


4 comments on “Music for the Soul

    • It’s my pleasure. We all need respite and these are some of my favorites. I’m glad you enjoy them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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