Barack Obama’s war on America’s fresh water supply. The Planned Civil War in America

I have already done one blog piece about this issue of the Great Lakes being siphoned off and depleting America’s fresh water supply, but since I just put up a blog post about the worst draught in over a hundred years, I thought I would link into it with this article.  You need to read this entire post. Watch the videos.  We are being pushed into crisis for a reason.  Nothing that is happening is by accident.

Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Barack Obama is keeping his promise to lower the sea levels, and he’s starting with the drought plagued Midwest where Lake Michigan water is being shipped by the boat loads over to China!  By using a little known loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama minions are allowing Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit.   By draining the precious jewel of the Great Lakes in the middle of America, our federal water managers are allowing the export of our water out of our country across thousands of miles of oceans into the Asian basin plagued by huge population centers who are suffering from their constant lack of fresh water.  How’s that for cutting America down to size?

The water is being sold at a “240 times markup,” that is, well over 240 times its production costs. (2)  In 2006, then President George W. Bush signed into law a set of agreements aimed at safeguarding and maintaining the Great Lakes which hold 20% of the world’s fresh water.  But clever bureaucrats and corporate profiteers discovered they could use a loophole to bottle and sell Lake Michigan water, water intended for use by its surrounding states and their watershed.  By saying “this loophole allows for Great Lakes water to be labeled a COMMODITY,” our public water officials are allowing the huge supply to be tapped and sold off to companies like Nestle at a very low price.  This water can then be flipped for huge profits!   Surrounding wildlife and water critters depending on fresh Lake Michigan water now are feeling the shortage, and our much needed relief from the horrible Midwest drought of 2012 must compete with foreign countries for water that belongs to America!  If anyone is wondering if this current Administration really does have the concern of America at its heart, then this little publicized Water War should be a huge wake up call for all of us.

    Gorgeous Flathead Lake in northwest Montana boasts one of the largest fresh water lakes west of the Mississippi River.  It will come into their cross hairs soon, if we don’t get busy and start contacting our do nothing Congress about this travesty at 1- Montana and other western states already are up in arms about this all out attempt by Democrats to shut off irrigation water in the Klamath Falls River Basin.

Four dams are slated for permanent destruction.  Who can forget what has been done to America’s breadbasket, California’s Central Valley, along with the San Joaquin Valley?  Our American farmers, our citizens now must compete with foreign countries for our own American water.  When will Barack Obama’s insane war on America’s fresh water supply end?



Folks, this is a serious issue. Our resources provide for our needs.  You need to be aware of what is coming.   We are being set up, and most are unaware as they don’t see the crisis up close and personal.  This video tells you what they are setting up.


Americas Debt to China Paid with U.S. Land and Resources




Nestle And China Stealing Water From The Great Lakes

Nestle Says ‘Water Isn’t A Right’


Published on Oct 13, 2013

Dr Jim Garrow who resides in China talks about how the “litmus test” was created to disarm Americans so China could claim U.S. Land and Resources promised to them by Obama.

Garrow was nominated in 2009 for the Nobel Peace Prize and is the founder of The Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from “gendercide” in China.

Garrow has been personally involved in “helping rescue more than 36,000 Chinese baby girls from death.” He is a public figure, not an anonymous voice on the Internet, which makes his claim all the more disturbing.

In his first interview to Jones Garrow added that the Chinese government is playing an important part in all this, since, being the major creditor to a bankrupted U.S. it expects to take over most U.S. natural resources in the near future; the Chinese expect there will be some open, popular resistance to this sort of move.

So, and according to Garrow, they are demanding the U.S. government to guarantee a neo-colonialism security apparatus, by disarming its citizens and creating the general conditions for a “state of emergency”, military clampdown on the people, if ever the “need” for one arises.

Here’s a good follow-up with news articles…
Watch video here:

To learn more Google Search…

#1: Obama sells US land to China

#2: Obama disarming US citizens for Chinese

#3: Communist China Secretly Funded Obama’s Salary

#4: Obama Bows Before Communist Chinese Government

Here’s another good follow-up…
Obama’s True Identity Finally Revealed
Watch video here:

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You need to get ready for crisis folks, and if you don’t then you will be at the mercy of your overlords.  Get your spiritual house in order.  These are the final days before the one world system takes hold, and the entire world worships the beast as they fall for the lies.  Will you?  Do you know the false messiah comes first?  Will you fall for the trap?  It’s just around the corner.




20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic

This is a very sad story, and one you won’t get in mainstream media.  Once the water is gone how long do you think the people who have depended on those sources will survive? This is an emergency crisis situation, and the media would rather cover the latest Miley Cirus escapade.

20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic

When scientists start using phrases such as “the worst drought” and “as bad as you can imagine”, you know that things are bad


By Michael Snyder, on July 15th, 2014

Drought Monitor July 8 2014When scientists start using phrases such as “the worst drought” and “as bad as you can imagine” to describe what is going on in the western half of the country, you know that things are bad.  Thanks to an epic drought that never seems to end, we are witnessing the beginning of a water crisis that most people never even dreamed was possible in this day and age.  The state of California is getting ready to ban people from watering their lawns and washing their cars, but if this drought persists we will eventually see far more extreme water conservation measures than that.  And the fact that nearly half of all of the produce in America comes out of the state of California means that ultimately this drought is going to deeply affect all of us.  Food prices have already been rising at an alarming rate, and the longer this drought goes on the higher they will go.   Let us hope and pray that this drought is permanently broken at some point, because otherwise we could very well be entering an era of extreme water rationing, gigantic dust storms and crippling food prices.  The following are 20 signs that the epic drought in the western half of the United States is starting to become apocalyptic…

#1 According to the Los Angeles Times, downtown Los Angeles is now the driest that it has been since records began being kept all the way back in 1877.

#2 The California State Water Resources Control Board says that nearly 50 communities are already on the verge of running out of water.

#3 In a desperate attempt to conserve water, the state of California is considering banning watering lawns and washing cars.  Once implemented, violators will be slapped with a $500 fine for each offense.

#4 It has been reported that a new social media phenomenon known as “drought shaming” has begun in California.  People are taking videos and photos of their neighbors wasting water and posting them to Facebook and Twitter.

#5 Climate scientist Tim Barnett says that the water situation in Las Vegas “is as bad as you can imagine“, and he believes that unless the city “can find a way to get more water from somewhere” it will soon be “out of business”.

#6 The water level in Lake Mead has now fallen to the lowest level since 1937, and it continues to drop at a frightening pace.  You can see some incredible photos of what has happened to Lake Mead right here.

#7 Rob Mrowka of the Center for Biological Diversity believes that the city of Las Vegas is going to be forced to downsize because of the lack of water…

#8 In some areas of southern Nevada, officials are actually paying people to remove their lawns in a desperate attempt to conserve water.

#9 According to Accuweather, “more than a decade of drought” along the Colorado River has set up an “impending Southwest water shortage” which could ultimately affect tens of millions of people.

#10 Most people don’t realize this, but the once mighty Colorado River has become so depleted that it no longer runs all the way to the ocean.

#11 Lake Powell is less than half full at this point.

#12 It is being projected that the current drought in California will end up costing the state more than 2 billion dollars this year alone.

#13 Farmers in California are allowing nearly half a million acres to lie fallow this year due to the extreme lack of water.

#14 The lack of produce coming from the state of California will ultimately affect food prices in the entire nation.  Just consider the following statistics from a recent Business Insider article

#15 As underground aquifers are being relentlessly drained in California, some areas of the San Joaquin Valley are sinking by 11 inches a year.

#16 It is being projected that the Kansas wheat harvest will be the worst that we have seen since 1989.

#17 The extended drought has created ideal conditions for massive dust storms to form.  You can see video of one female reporter bravely reporting from the middle of a massive dust storm in Phoenix right here.

#18 Things are so dry in California right now that people are actually starting to steal water.  For example, one Mendocino County couple recently had 3,000 gallons of water stolen from them.  It was the second time this year that they had been hit.

#19 At the moment, close to 80 percent of the state of California is experiencing either “extreme” or “exceptional” drought.

#20 National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Boldt says that this is “the worst drought we probably have seen in our lifetime“.

Most people just assume that this drought will be temporary, but experts tell us that there have been “megadroughts” throughout history in the western half of the United States that have lasted for more than 100 years.

If we have entered one of those eras, it is going to fundamentally change life in America.

And the frightening thing is that much of the rest of the world is dealing with water scarcity issues right now as well.  In fact, North America is actually in better shape than much of Africa and Asia.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources“.

Without plenty of fresh water, modern civilization is not possible.  SOURCE


Since I lifted his story, I figured I would also do a little advertising for Michael.  He has written a book called,


The Beginning Of The End [Kindle Edition]


Britain Arrests 660 Pedophiles

After the Jimmy Savile story broke where women came forward claiming he had molested them, it appears Britain has decided to take some action.  Of course the really big political pedos were not taken down.  No, they will take down the little people to satisfy the cry for justice, but at least it’s getting some of these perverts away from the children. Here is the story:

Britain arrests 660 suspected paedophiles during six-month operation

Doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers were among those detained in the action, which involved 45 police forces around the United Kingdom.

The NCA said more than 400 children had been “safeguarded” thanks to the operation.

“This is the first time the UK has had the capability to coordinate a single targeted operation of this nature,” NCA Deputy Director General Phil Gormley said in a statement.

“Some of the people who start by accessing indecent images online go on to abuse children directly. So the operation is not only about catching people who have already offended – it is about influencing potential offenders before they cross that line.”

Of the 660 people arrested, 39 were Registered Sex Offenders, meaning they already had a conviction for a sex crime. However, the majority, some of whom had unsupervised access to children, were not known to authorities.

The NCA, Britain’s equivalent of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, came into operation last October with the aim of better coordinating police action on issues such as child sex abuse and organised crime.

Britain has been shaken in recent years by revelations that some of its best known celebrities from the 1970s and 1980s were involved in child sex abuse.

Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris was jailed this month for repeatedly abusing young girls, while police revealed in 2012 that the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile had been a prolific child abuser.

The revelations have prompted a flood of accusations from people who say they were sexually abused as children.

After a series of allegations that the political establishment systematically covered up child abuse by a number of well-known politicians in the 1980s, Prime Minister David Cameron‘s government launched an inquiry last week to find out whether public institutions had failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

However, the NCA said the current operation was not aimed at historical crimes.

It was unable to detail how many suspects had been charged, saying inquiries were continuing. But those who had been charged were accused of offences ranging from possessing indecent images of children to serious sexual assault.

“The vast majority of forces around England and Wales are dealing with an unprecedented increase in the number of reports of sexual abuse of children,” said Chief Constable Simon Bailey, the National Policing Lead for Child Protection and Abuse Investigations.

“Forces are investigating exploitation of children and young people by groups and gangs, non-recent abuse including large scale investigations into abuse in institutions over many years and sexual abuse by parents and family members.”

(Reporting by Michael Holden, editing by John Stonestreet)  Source


If you are interested in the webbot reports, I did another piece on this pedo problem.

JSNIP – Paedophile ring,Webbot Report,INSIDER Dealing planned Economic collapse


This has been an ongoing problem for decades.  The government is tied to it as they use sexual abuse to create mind control subjects.  I know it sounds incredible, but if you have never truly investigated it, then you are ignorant and it’s by choice.  You can choose to remain ignorant to keep your comfortable belief that the world really isn’t this bad, but it does not change the truth as revealed by so many who have lived through the nightmare of it.

Government Child Abuse by Design – How it Works


SOURCE and More reading

The Martial Arts Council for the Protection of Children website has been created to inform All Martial Artists and All Warriors of Truth and Justice of the Clandestine Networks of Government Child Abuse in Australia, U.K. and Worldwide.

For us to fully comprehend these brutal atrocities upon innocent children, we must first do our own independent research to see clearly behind the collective pathological lies and deceit within the hierarchies of our corrupt Secret Society Masonic-Elite-run Government Corporations.

The Planning, Orchestration and Implementation of these ‘Child Abuse by Design’ Networks and the systematic Cover-ups, includes the collaboration of:

Corrupt High level Freemasonic Police and Corrupt Child Protection Services: Corrupt Freemasonic Justice Systems and (anti) Family Courts: Media Dis-information and Truth Blackouts: Freemasonic Pathological-lying-Politicians and Corrupt Legislation: Forced Psychiatric Incarceration, Abuse and Poisoning.

Then there is also, the well protected Vatican pedophile priests – who are also Freemasons.


However, the Mastermind Hierarchies of these Government Pedophile Rings involves (anti-society) ‘Black-Operation Units’ within our very own Military Intelligence – Secret Police – who are in reality, a Criminal Cult Cabal.

To keep the ‘Status Quo’ of running these clandestine Child Abuse Networks the way they always have, and to make sure the masses of society – ‘Never Find Out’, involves: 24hr Surveillance, Intimidation, Threats, Assaults, Entrapment, Stitch-ups, Imprisonment, and Brutal Murders of Whistle-blowers and Eye-witnesses – with absolute impunity – by those very government agencies who falsely proclaim they exist to protect us and our Children.

When we as a society, fully understand the numerous sinister ‘organized crimes’ and covert agendas that are presently being enforced upon our children, then and only then will we be able to truly protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

Knowledge and Action is Power:

To Protect All Children from Harm – Please Research and Become Informed!

In Truth and Justice, George Hardy Farquhar

Independent Researcher, Investigator, Whistle-blower, Child Protection Activist




Media Messages Hidden in Plain Sight : Judgement Day

I have not been focusing on the latest movies and their clandestine messages meant for the sheeple and to ease the overlords karmic debts.  If you are not used to my blog then you have not seen other posts dealing with the hidden messages in our media.  There is a segment of very powerful leaders in our world whom you will never see.  These players do not run for office, they tell those in office what to do. They are Luciferians and they have some strange idea that if they tell you they are going to do some very bad thing and you don’t stop them, then if you die or suffer, it’s your own fault.  Of course, that’s ridiculous, but it’s something they believe in so they pepper their plans all over the media.

This has already been well proved about 9/11 and how that date and information about the attack against the twin towers and pentagon was in movies and magazines as long as a decade before the event! I came across a newer video that seems to be giving out a different clandestine message about judgement day coming.  I think this video is only for those who don’t live in fear.  Something like this can really upset people who do not have a strong faith and knowledge of their soul position.  It is important to know that your time of choosing based on faith is coming to a close.  Those who truly do love Yeshua (Jesus) and confess him as their savior will be part of the first resurrection.  All the rest will know the truth and have to make a different choice over the next 1000 years.


It’s all in the bible if you know the keys, and that was what Yeshua meant when he gave Peter the keys.  If you know what they are then you can find the plan throughout the bible layed out so clearly that once you see it you wonder how you could have ever missed it.  If you don’t know what these keys are, then search this blog for Kenites, the Plan, the Hour of Temptation, and you might figure it out.  It’s not a grand secret for we were given the truth in so many ways, just as the evil ones who love Lucifer give out their plans in so many ways.  We truly will be without excuse on the real judgment day.


If you are into symbolism, at the Vigilant Citizen, there is an interesting article on Lady Gaga symbolism with links to take you further into the music video industry. There are many youtube vids about music industry symbolism etc, so if that interests you than you will be busy for weeks… literally.

Lady Gaga


What I find amusing to some degree is the fact that while the elites (bloodline children) think they are about to begin the next and final phase of their world domination plan they are completely blind to the fact they are fulfilling prophesy to the “T”.  Can you imagine how excited they must feel as they are about to tear down the greatest nation the world has ever known with the freedoms and opportunity offered to mere common folk only to know that the final act has already been written and they still don’t get it?  These Luciferian bloodline children actually think they are about to create their perfect world where they rule openly and their father, Lucifer, is worshiped and glorified.  They think they are about to rid the world of the last vestiges of Abraham’s kids and that nasty offshoot, Christianity.  They really think they can do it, and they are doing everything the bible says they would do, and if you don’t see it, then pray for some eyes to see.  (That was a clue…. I feel bad for saying it, but if you have  some knowledge you will find 8 facts to point to the truth out of that last sentence.)

It’s time to pop some corn, get a coke, and sit back for the final climactic shows to conclude.  This is going to be one few will see, most will live through, and sadly not even know it.

The True Cost of Illegal Immigration


What is Illegal Immigration doing to your family?  I can’t blame them for wanting into America where we give money away for all sorts of dreamed up illnesses.  We provide shelter, food, clothing, education, health care to people who just keep having children with no father to take care of them. In fact, we discourage a low income woman from having a responsible father to help raise his children by providing all the benefits we do if they don’t have a father in the home.  So, why wouldn’t those in other countries just south of the border want in on that deal?

The fact that they are destroying the very country they want to become a part of  doesn’t mean a damn thing to them.  Liberals love them because they promise free stuff to everyone who will vote for them, but as we know,




We are watching the final days of America.  Cloward and Piven told us what they would do to destroy America so the world could be on big happy Communist utopia. Of course, some animals are always more equal than others!

Is South American Invasion of U.S.A. is an Illuminati plot to create the North American Union

Obama Presses “North American Union” With Mexico, Canada

Obama Presses "North American Union" With Mexico, Canada


President Obama’s February 19 meeting in Toluca, Mexico, with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (right) and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (center) did not produce any big, headline-grabbing breakthroughs, but that does not mean that it didn’t lay new ground for political and economic integration of the three nations. In fact, in their Joint Statement issued at the conclusion of the summit, the three leaders affirmed their commitment to a number of initiatives, many of which are already far developed, including approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the “trade” agreement that is stirring widespread opposition in all three countries.

The controversial TPP is evoking broad-spectrum hostility particularly because of the total secrecy under which it has been crafted; while the American public and even the U.S. Congress have been kept from seeing the text, privileged corporations and NGOs have been given full access to the negotiated documents. The portions of the agreement that have been publicly leaked have confirmed that it poses a serious threat to national sovereignty, both from international institutions (such as the United Nations and the WTO) as well as multi-national corporations. The Joint Statement unequivocally endorses the TPP, declaring:

We seek to set new standards for global trade through the prompt conclusion of a high standard, ambitious, and comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership.


This is similar to the language of the Joint Statement issued by Obama, Harper, and then-President of Mexico Felipe Calderon at the 2012 Summit of North American Leaders, which declared:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provides an opportunity to further deepen our trade relationship and create jobs. The United States welcomes Canada’s and Mexico’s interest in joining the TPP as ambitious partners.

The TPP is an attempt to forge a supranational government for the nations of the Pacific Rim modeled after the European Union. There are currently 12 members of the TPP: United States, Mexico, Canada  Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan.  MORE


While I don’t trust Alex Jones, he does put out 90% truth, and this report gives some information to seriously consider.


Invasion from Mexico was planned and FEMA requests prove it:



Obama: “I will fundamentally change America” : Operation Invasion has Begun

Well, it very well may be the last days of America before the “event”.  The border area is completely out of control.  There is NO BORDER!  Obama said he would fundamentally change America and he has.

The indoctrinated communist sympathizers are all for this change, and it is evident by the number of wack jobs protesting other Americans who don’t want illegals to just run across our border sucking up our valuable resources.

Margaret Thatcher’s warning and common sense are about to be realized:

Militia sets up command center in



A militia has set up a command center south of San Antonio to prepare for what they say is a mission to protect the United States from the influx of illegal immigrants.

The militia, operating via the website, founded by Barbie Rogers, said members at the command center in Von Ormy will deploy to Laredo first and spread to other parts of the border, a local ABC affiliate reported.


Americans protesting each other over illegals:



Demonstrators on opposing sides of the immigration debate are separated by police officers Friday outside a U.S. Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California. The town was the latest flashpoint for standoffs over the transport of illegal minor immigrants. (Associated Press)

Militia “Minuteman” Recruiting Thousands to defend the border



One man who wants to keep people from crossing the border illegally is bringing back an idea we have seen before.

MOREAdditional Links

The Minuteman Project is looking for thousands of volunteers to secure the United States southern border.

Jim Gilcrest, co-founder of the Minuteman Project, has dubbed the campaign “Operation Normandy.” He says it wouldn’t be an invasion of another country, instead he says it’s designed to protect this country.

Critics argue, however, that putting untrained, unarmed volunteers along the border could create more problems than it solves.

“Our federal government especially has failed us,” Gilcrest said via SKYPE from his home in California.

He was instrumental in the campaign that brought civilian volunteers to Arizona’s borders from 2005 through 2010.

The project made a lot of people nervous and a lot of other people proud. This week, Gilcrest has announced plans to bring it back.

“We’re trying to recruit thousands of people to cover the porous border areas from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas,” Gilcrest said.  MORE

Agenda 21 Gun Grab about to Hit America?

It looks like the elites are ready to take America down.  I don’t know the order of events to get the crisis going in full swing to mandate armed attack against those trying to protect themselves, but it is coming.  We have not been conned into giving up our guns by fake school shootings as the Australians were all those years ago.  So, if they can’t get us to willingly go along, they will force it.


We are seeing more and more U.N. vehicles being transported across America.  We are hearing of more and more foreign troops coming into America.  We have a literal invasion over our Southern Border with the U.S. government busing and flying these agent provocateurs to all our major cities, and for what?  Some are diseased which would be an easy excuse for some horrid biological disaster.  Many are criminal thugs / gang members.  We are being set up for disaster on so many sides.

It’s not just America, but we are the last hold out for keeping our guns.  With our guns and military might we could overthrow the bastards controlling the money and politics of the world.  Without our guns, they control our military completely and forever.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

George Orwell


Please read (source)

GUN GRAB!… U.N. Looking to Hire a ‘Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer’ to Help Disarm American Gun Owners!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 07/04/2014 – 7:33pm.


It’s no secret that President Obama and the would-be global governors at the United Nations are anxious to disarm the American people. Now they’re looking to hire some help in getting it done. ~ Joe A Wolverton

From the UN’s Programme of Action and Arms Trade Treaty, to his own executive orders, Obama is pursuing every available avenue toward de facto repeal of the Second Amendment and the God-given right to keep and bear arms that it protects.

Over the next few weeks, though, the UN is looking to add personnel to its gun grabbing gestapo. In a job advertisement open until July 26, the UN is looking for a “Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer.”

What will this bureaucrat’s bailiwick be? Here’s a summary of the job description as posted by the UN:

Act as a Focal Point for DDR [Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration] components for 2-3 missions, responsible for planning, support to implementation and evaluation;

Advise, develop and review (as appropriate) initial DDR functional strategy and concept of operations for further development into a full programme by the DDR component and the National DDR Commission;

Provide Headquarters support in planning the civilian and military logistics support for DDR;

Continually review DDR programme strategy and implementation through relevant documents, reports and code cables;

Conduct field missions to assess implementation of established DDR programmes;

Identify potential problems and issues to be addressed and suggest remedies to DDR units in the field; and

Liaise with others (UN, regional organizations [sic] and Member States) providing DDR training.

As if the list of tasks assigned to the disarmament specialist isn’t enough to fire up patriots who own firearms and refuse to have them seized by the UN or the Obama administration, the UN wants to base this office in New York City!

It is more than a little incompatible that a country that places such a high value on gun ownership that it enshrined it in its Bill of Rights participates in an organization that has such disdain and disregard for those rights that it is opening a disarmament office in that country.

Lest anyone think that there’s nothing to fear from this agent of disarmament, consider the definitions of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration provided by the UN on an information page linked to the job opening announcement:

Disarmament is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population.

Demobilization is the formal and controlled discharge of active combatants from armed forces and groups, including a phase of “reinsertion” which provides short-term assistance to ex-combatants.

Reintegration is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain sustainable employment and income. It is a political, social and economic process with an open time-frame, primarily taking place in communities at the local level.

The objective of the DDR process is to contribute to security and stability in post-conflict environments so that recovery and development can begin. DDR helps create an enabling environment for political and peace processes by dealing with security problem that arises when ex-combatants are trying to adjust to normal life, during the vital transition period from conflict to peace and development.

Notably, the UN will require the DDR specialist to help disarm ex-combatants. Is this mission not an eery echo of recent efforts in the United States to keep veterans from owning firearms? Perhaps, unbeknownst to the American people, President Obama has already been using his infamous “pen” and “phone” to carry out the disarmament of veterans in furtherance of some higher-level UN strategy.

Could it be also that the rapid militarization of local law enforcement in the United States could be another tactic in the piecemeal, surreptitious deployment of “troops” capable of carrying out a forcible forfeiture of firearms?

As reported by the National Rifle Association’s Ginny Simone, there are those on the inside who have raised the warning voice.

Simone reports that in 2012, Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, a U.S. delegate to the UN Small Arms Conference, revealed that the UN’s ultimate goal is to disarm all Americans in the name of global peace and an end to armed violence.

“In New York, right here on our own shores, we’ve got a Trojan horse. They won’t accept U.S. firearms policy,” Whittlesey said. “They want to take the decision away from the U.S. electorate and undermine our Constitution.”

Regardless of the reason, Americans must adamantly refuse to allow the UN to establish an office of disarmament on our own shores. We must demonstrate our ancestors’ zeal for liberty, particularly regarding the fundamental right to oppose tyranny by force of arms.

If we do not, we may soon be subject to the full expression of the authority of the U.S.-based DDR specialist and be left defenseless in the fight against absolutism.

The Collapse of America: The FED Prepares for Hyperinflation


Have you gone shopping lately?  Food is almost double what it was last year.  It’s about to get much much worse.  I hope you get basic foods saved up so you won’t have to pay $1000.00 a week for basic food needs.


Meat, Poultry, Fish & Egg Price Index Rockets to  All-Time High( – The seasonally-adjusted price index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs hit an all-time high in May, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In January 1967, when the BLS started tracking this measure, the index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs was 38.1. As of last May, it was 234.572. By this January, it hit 240.006. By April, it hit 249.362. And, in May, it climbed to a record 252.832.

“The index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs has risen 7.7 percent over the span [last year],” says the BLS. “The index for food at home increased 0.7 percent, its largest increase since July 2011. Five of the six major grocery store food group indexes increased in May. The index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 1.4 percent in May after a 1.5 increase in April, with virtually all its major components increasing,” BLS states.


Meat, Poultry, Fish & Egg Price Index Rockets to  All-Time High

In addition to this food index, the price for fresh whole chickens hit its all-time high in the United States in May.

In January 1980, when the BLS started tracking the price of this commodity, fresh whole chickens cost $0.70 per pound. By this May 2014, fresh whole chickens cost $1.56 per pound.

A decade ago, in May 2004, a pound of fresh chicken cost $1.04. Since then, the price has gone up 50%.

Each month, the BLS employs data collectors to visit thousands of retail stores all over the United States to obtain information on the prices of thousands of items to measure changes for the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The CPI is simply the average change over time in prices paid by consumers for a market basket of goods and services.

The BLS found that there was a 0.7% change in the prices for the food at home index in May, which tracks foods like meats, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy, as well as many others.