Ebola Pandemic Plans? Biokits sent to National Guard in all 50 States!

Well, if there is one illness that can scare the bejeezus out of almost anyone it is Ebola. Now with our borders wide open and American health care workers coming down with the illness in Africa, what’s to say we cannot have a false flag pandemic started to change life as we know it in America.  I can just see the WHO suddenly releasing a new vaccine and we be forced to take it or risk being detained in FEMA camps.  Think I am being extreme?  I am simply seeing the writing on the wall so to speak:


If Ebola Hits U.S., Even Healthy Americans Will be Quarantined

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Congressional Report: Ebola Bio Kits Deployed to National Guard Units In All 50 States

The DoD has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states

by Mac Slavo | SHTFplan.com

The Department of Defense informed Congress that it has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states, according to a report published by the Committee on Armed Services. The report, published in April amid growing fears that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever virus might spread outside of West Africa, says that the portable systems are designed for “low probability, high consequence” scenarios.

Some 340 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) units have thus far been given to emergency response personnel. The systems are “rapid, reliable, and [provide] simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens,” says executive officer for the DOD’s Chemical and Biological Defense group Carmen J. Spencer.

The Chemical and Biological Defense Program has sharpened the DoD diagnostics portfolio by increasing the capability of our fielded system, some 340 of which have been provided to the Military Services.

The Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System is a portable system capable of rapid, reliable, and simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens. By partnering with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the Food and Drug Administration, we have made accessible additional diagnostic assays for high consequence, low probability biological threat agents for use during declared public health emergencies.

This collaboration has facilitated the availability of viral hemorrhagic fever diagnostic assays for use during a declared emergency and adds previously unavailable preparedness capabilities to this fielded system.

To address the need for a near term capability to combat emerging threat materials, we have already provided Domestic Response Capability kits to the National Guard weapons of mass destruction civil support teams resident in all 50 states.

These kits provide emerging threat mitigation capability that includes detection, personnel protection, and decontamination.

Full Congressional Report via POTR 

According to manufacturer BioFire Diagnostics, the JBAID is capable of detecting a variety of infectious disease targets including Anthrax, Plague, Ricin, and various forms of influenza. The detection kits sent to National Guard units also include hemorrhagic fever detection capabilities, giving the military the ability to identify potential infections in as little as thirty minutes:

The ruggedized JBAIDS is an open platform that analyzes 32 samples in 30 minutes and is deployed in field hospitals, mobile analytical labs, shipboard medical labs, food and water safety test centers, research labs, and other mobile scenarios.

The Ebola threat recently popped up on the global radar when an infected individual traveled via airplane from Liberia to Nigeria’s capital of Lagos, alarming bio-specialists who say it could just be a plane ride away from U.S. shores.

As noted by Steve Quayle, Department of Defense planners had already taken steps to deliver the biodetectors to the National Guard before April of this year, suggesting that, while no infection of Ebola in North America has been confirmed, the military is already taking precautions.

The military has response plans in place for national emergency events that could include anything from a pandemic outbreak to economic collapse, both of which could lead to civil unrest.

Video Update (Provided by POTR)

It is unclear how real or imminent the threat may be, but it is clear that a massive surge of Governmental spending and preparedness has occurred since Hemorrhagic H7N9 Bird Flu came on the scene in 2013 and those preparedness activities are accelerating as EBOLA has started to gain momentum in Africa.

In that regard, spotting the field use of the biomedical equipment shown below is an extremely strong indicator that a Biodefense operation is underway. Pay special attention to the JBAIDS device shown below, its presence at any medical or field facility is prima facie evidence of a high risk medical event of disastrous proportion.


Another story adds,

If Ebola Hits U.S., Even Healthy Americans Will be Quarantined

“Well persons” who “do not show symptoms” would be forcibly detained

by Paul Joseph Watson | July 30, 2014



With concerns growing over the deadly Ebola virus, which has killed 670 people in West Africa, preparations are already underway in the United States, where even healthy Americans will be subjected to forced quarantine in the event of an Ebola pandemic.

Western governments are now issuing alerts to doctors to be on the lookout for symptoms of the disease after an infected Liberian man was found to have traveled through a major transport hub in Nigeria. The World Health Organization has called the outbreak the worst on record, while Doctors Without Borders says the situation is “out of control.”

Back in April, the Department of Defense announced that it had deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams across the U.S. in readiness for any potential Ebola outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has procedures in place to deal with such an outbreak backed by force of law.

The official CDC website details ‘Specific Laws and Regulations Governing the Control of Communicable Diseases’, under which even healthy citizens who show no symptoms of Ebola whatsoever would be forcibly quarantined at the behest of medical authorities.

“Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill. These people may have been exposed to a disease and do not know it, or they may have the disease but do not show symptoms,” states the CDC (emphasis mine).

Such stringent regulations have led to fears that an outbreak of a dangerous communicable disease in the United States would lead to massive abuse of power by the federal government and the imposition of martial law.

The Common Sense Show’s Dave Hodges points out that the seriousness of the Ebola threat makes a mockery of the Obama administration’s current immigration policy.

“Even if there was not a present immigration crisis at the border, there is a significant outbreak of Ebola in a seven country region of West Africa,” writes Hodges. “With modern air travel, this government should be enacting protocols to limit the chances for Ebola from coming into the United States. Instead, President Obama is having ICE and DHS load up the busses and planes, at taxpayers expense to ship them throughout the United States without going through a minimum of a three week health screening period (i.e. Ebola’s incubation period).”

World Net Daily’s Drew Zahn highlights the fact that that some of the individuals detained while trying to cross the U.S. border from Mexico were Africans.

“All it would take is one sick passenger or an illegal alien crossing our border to start a local outbreak in the United States,” warns the One Citizen Speaking blog, which calls on Obama to “impose travel restrictions on flights from and to the stricken area – unless they were humanitarian flights and closely monitored.” SOURCE

War on Truth : Hamas Caught Lying about Strike

There are so many examples of outright lies regarding Israeli strikes against terrorists.  It might be a picture taken outside of Israel where Arabs have killed other Arabs and the image of a man carrying a terribly injured child has a caption blaming Israel!  Later, the story gets retracted on a back page somewhere saying the image was not from an Israeli strike.  This video footage is a perfect example of such a deliberate lie to make Israel seem as the bad guy.  First, let me say that if terrorists were firing at my children in Florida, and we knew where they were hiding with all their bombs etc., I would not be firing a warning shot to get out!  This is war, and in war you hunt the enemy down and kill them!  Israel however, takes a higher road, and drops a “knock knock” alert on the building to tell them to get out because it’s targeted to be hit.  Hamas has edited the footage to make it appear the warning came only seconds before the actual bomb, thus not giving any fair warning!  Fair warning?  Does Hamas give any fair warnings when they kidnap children, launch rockets into schools and hospitals?  The world is so deluded to defend PLO Arabs against Israel:



from the blaze:

According to a CNN interview earlier this month, there is no standard time between the initial “knock” and when the military generally drops the major bomb. It can be “minutes or even hours.”

If the video was edited, it’s unclear why. Was the news outlet trying to make it appear that Israel is not giving inhabitants ample time? Was it simply edited for time?

Further, other sites have questioned why a camera was set up on the target in the first place. Israel is known to make phone calls to and drop leaflets on intended targets to give civilians a chance to flee. Did the Israelis make a call or drop leaflets, which then prompted some in the area to set up a camera to catch the action?

If the video was deceptively edited, it might make sense given the Watania news outlet’s stated mission: “Watania is born from the reality and the concerns of the Palestinian people in order to publicize their worries, and to transfer the fact to the entire world. Using the best technical capabilities and knowledge.”

Watania did not immediately comment to TheBlaze about the editing accusations.

What You are NOT Being Told in Regards to the Invasion South of the Border

You are being shown the 1% compassionate viewpoint of the children coming across our Southern border.  You are not being shown children and adults who are extremely ill with communicable diseases. You are not being shown the gang members who have raped and murdered their way across their country being let into America and let loose because they have no criminal history here!

Would you want a disease infested child in school with your child?  Do you want them in your town?  Where are we supposed to care for thousands of sick people?  How are sick people making it into the country?  This is a planned invasion and it’s happening on purpose.  It is designed to set the stage for chaos in America.  This is why FEMA has built camps, has millions of coffins ready, and the supply of ammunition has been cut off for years now!  Those who refuse to see this will be the first to die in the uprising.  Those who do see it and act upon such knowledge will be labelled as anarchists and terrorists.

You had better put some food, water purifying supplies, medical supplies, and methods to cook that food aside now.  This is not fear mongering, it’s called being a wise steward and protector of YOUR family.

Thank you goes out to John for sharing this video in a reply to another thread.  It’s important that we share information and pray for one another.  Thank you for doing your part.



Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens with Contagious Diseases Across the Nation (Video)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

It gets worse.

Obama is now dumping contagious disease carrying illegal aliens all across the country.

Arizona’s ABC-15 has reported that illegal aliens are being found with scabies, chicken pox, MRSA, and other contagious viruses.

As we detailed previously, Obama is provoking this deliberate, unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens. His allies are spreading the word that Obama has essentially shut off all immigration enforcement. And in nations like El Salvador and Honduras the media is urging women and children (mainly teenagers) to make the grueling trek to cross the U.S. border, because Obama will never deport them, and they can receive jobs and taxpayer-funded welfare for life.

The problem is, thousands of them are infected with disease, and this is not Ellis Island c. 1914, where immigrants with diseases were quarantined or deported. Under Obama, the border is wide open, and all women and minors are being released into Texas and Arizona, and told to “report” to an immigration hearing in places as far away as Hartford, CT.

The vast majority — more than 75% — never show up, and are thus lost in a town near you — with their diseases unchecked and untreated.  SOURCE


Look how they house them.  I have seen images of Fema camp models with this set-up!  This is a planned crisis folks:






UPDATE on Downed Plane Over Ukraine

It is important to keep an open mind in all issues.  Take in information and then with that collected information make the best decisions from all evidence pro vs. con.  This interview is quite interesting.  It’s pushing for the point that who gains from that jet coming down and blaming Russia. How was that plane sent over the area.  This happened the day after Russia came out joining Brics.


Now, my question is what do we expect to come of this?  Does Russia increase her press or lay back.  Does America do something forcing Russia’s hand?  Where is China in all of this?  I see China and Russia together in this fight against American dominance.  I have to agree with Levin that this downed Jet reminded me of the Lusitania sinking that took America into WWI.

Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order

The constant drumming of propaganda to bring about the change from the present system of control to a new system of control will increase in it’s tempo.  We will see more messages such as this one from the President:

From Infowars

During a fundraiser in Seattle this week, President Barack Obama called for a “new order” based around a collectivized system in order to quell people’s concerns about geopolitical strife and the economy.

“People are anxious. Now, some of that has to do with some big challenges overseas,” said Obama, adding, “But whether people see what’s happening in Ukraine, and Russia’s aggression towards its neighbors in the manner in which it’s financing and arming separatists; to what’s happened in Syria … to the failure in Iraq for Sunni and Shia and Kurd to compromise … to what’s happening in Israel and Gaza….”

“Part of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people. … But here in the United States, what people are also concerned about is the fact that although the economy has done well in the aggregate, for the average person it feels as if incomes, wages just haven’t gone up; that people, no matter how hard they work, they feel stuck.”

This is by no means the first time that Obama has called for a new world order.

During a 2010 West Point speech, the President encouraged the development of a new “international order” to help secure America’s interests.

Obama also urged Europeans and Americans to embrace the idea of “global citizenship” during a 2012 Berlin speech.

Vice-President Joe Biden has also repeatedly called for a “new world order.”

So, while the world economy collapses, disasters spike, and wars in the Middle East and Russia / Ukraine we shall hear more and more of this “New world order” line.  We will get to a point we are just so tired of the game.  Some will be desperate enough to do anything to save their families even if it means complete slavery.  This is the time to snap out of this malaise.  To take a very deep breath like that on a cold winter morning and get your bearings.   You need to see what is coming.  You need to be centered in perfect peace and wisdom.  This above all is a war for you, your children’s and friend’s souls.  This is not merely political games being played.  This is about what will be upon the world very soon, and it is called “The hour of temptation” for a reason.  Will you sell your birthright as Esau did for a bowl of stew? Will you just go to sleep because you are so weary?

Yeshua warned us to not fall asleep but to remain awake and NOT LET THE THIEF BREAK IN!  Who is the thief?  Who is the one seeking control?  Father above, I pray for all who read my words that they know you, your love, and gift to us in Yeshua.  May we be of some use even in our own limited ways in this hour.  Never turn to fear for that will make you do terrible things my friends.  Never think you are alone because you have help you do not see.   Remember Elisha’s prayer and know it is a foreshadow for the final battles

2Kings 6

16So he answered, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” 17Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 18When they came down to him, Elisha prayed to the LORD and said, “Strike this people with blindness, I pray.” So He struck them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.…

This video is one I did a while back that will help any who are confused as to what is happening in our world now, and the trap laid for all.

You can watch my other videos here.

Report: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Hid Behind Passenger Plane as Cover for Dropping Bombs!

Well, I’ve been holding off on doing a post on the downed Jet over the Ukraine.  Lots of people have speculated on it being the missing Malaysian jet they never found and suddenly used in a false flag to frame Russia.  I have no proof of anything, but this tidbit of information seems the most likely explanation.  I can see the Ukrainians hiding behind a civilian jet as Hamas hides behind women and children as they fire off rockets at Israel daring them to hit back.  Well, maybe Russia is not one to be toyed with, and has no problem firing back.  I am sure they did not want to shoot down a passenger airline.  For all I know it is that missing Malaysian jet and some Ukrainian / CIA pilot was flying it  and snuck off all James Bond style after it was hit.


We won’t know the truth in this matter, but my gut tells me the Ukrainians were using it as cover.

What is Powdered Alcohol?




This is a new product invented by an American who wanted to be able to enjoy alcohol after long hikes without carrying a lot of heavy bottles.  He applied for FDA approval and was shocked in April when his product was approved.  Below is a video he has done to set the record straight on just what Palcohol is and how it can be used.  Let me say now that “No, you cannot snort it for a fast drunk”!



Northern Border Agent Holds Gun to Scouts Head

The stupid government agents with badges and guns throwing their weight around AGAIN!  This time, they held a gun to the head of a boyscout troop member at the Northern border because one of the scouts took his picture!  You won’t believe this crap:

A U.S. border agent aimed his gun at a boy scout’s head after another scout took a photo of a government official near the Alaska/Canada border.

Grimes, Iowa, Boy Scout Troop 111 was driving into Alaska recently when one of the scouts took a picture of the official, which provoked border agents into detaining and searching the scouts at gunpoint for over four hours.

“The agent immediately confiscated his camera, informed him he would be arrested, fined possibly $10,000 and 10 years in prison,” Troop 111 leader Jim Fox told KCCI, adding that the agent claimed it was illegal to take photos of officials.

When another scout began removing luggage from the top of their van to be searched, one of the agents drew his gun on him.

“He hears a snap of a holster, turns around, and here’s this agent, both hands on a loaded pistol, pointing at the young man’s head,” Fox said.

The troop was later released with no injuries.

Although Fox was outraged over the incident, Charles Vonderheid with the Mid-Iowa Council Boy Scouts of America told KCCI that they want to make sure the scouts “follow the rules.”

“A Scout is a good citizen,” he said. “It would be a great lesson in civics for that young man and that troop.”

But it is not illegal to take photos of government officials as long as it does not interfere with their official duties.

Simply put, these agents were using the color of law to detain children at gunpoint for perfectly legal behavior and considering how out-of-touch these agents were with reality, it is fortunate that none of these scouts were killed.  MORE

Naturally, I can’t show you the real pictures because the Gestapo, I mean, Border thugs took the evidence!  When will American’s say, “ENOUGH” and demand some justice!

Of course the pussification of America continues on the Southern Border where apparently the innocent children want to spread their love:

Yellowstone National Park Closes Popular Geysers, Attractions Due to Melting Road

The volcano has been increasing in action.  The ground has risen 10 FEET, and now the roads are melting and attractions are closed.   Are we about to see a major catastrophe?  I really am not sure.  This video spells it out pretty well:



Yellowstone Closes Road Because It's Melting

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