Crisis in Ferguson : Outcome of a 50 year plan

4 stage plan

Folks, I have written many times on this blog of the Hegelian dialectic of Problem, Crisis, solution tactics which are used to manipulate whole populations for a goal the elites want achieved.  In the case of Ferguson, it’ is rioting to bring about totalitarian security actions.  This is the first step in American’s final destruction spoken of by Yuri Bezmenov, whom I have written about many times on this blog.  You cannot take the news stories at face value.  Read this White paper, and then see if the citizens of Ferguson have not been set up to riot.


DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson

Here are a few snippets from it:

We observed over 60 different courts during our court watching program and obtained sworn statements from clients and individuals we encountered. Three courts, Bel-Ridge, Florissant, and Ferguson, were chronic offenders and serve as prime examples of how these practices violate fundamental rights of the poor, undermine public confidence in the judicial system, and create inefficiencies. […][F]or many of the poorest citizens of the region, the municipal courts and police departments inflict a kind of low level harassment involving traffic stops, court appearances, high fines, and the threat of jail for failure to pay without a meaningful inquiry into whether an individual has the means to pay. […]

Another group of defendants waiting outside of a municipal court noted that there were no white individuals waiting with them. In fact, one said, ““You go to all of these damn courts, and there’s no white people,” while another defendant even ticked off specific municipalities that he thinks engage in racial profiling. He said, “In Dellwood, Ferguson, basically in North County, if you’re black, they’re going to stop you.”

Their families have been destroyed over the years. They have lost jobs, homes, and freedom that many Americans take for granted.  They are not given the right to counsel. They are not given the right to a fair hearing, and they are fined excessively and when they cannot pay the fines they are thrown in jail.  How well would you fair if a cop were to stop you for some bullshit excuse, then the court fines you excessively to the point YOU CANNOT pay the fine?  Then, they put out a warrant on you for your arrest because you have failed to pay your fines, and you are thrown in jail for months?  How long would your family hold together?  How would you pay your mortgage, feed your children, or maintain your marriage under these circumstances, and then when you get out, would you still have a job?  How would you find a job as a convicted criminal?  Now, at what point do you lose confidence in the system?  Now, consider that your entire community has suffered with this injustice for decades.  At what point do you all say “Enough!!!”

I do not condone violence and yet I am finding it hard to not sympathize with these communities and their anger.  This situation in Ferguson is the tip of the iceberg folks.  It’s a planned crisis as Yuri warned us was coming.  We are about to enter stage 3 of the planned take-over of America.  It is called the “crisis stage” and it takes about 8 weeks.  The black welfare community has been indoctrinated to hate whites, to blame whites, and to riot.  When the SHTF they won’t think they are programmed to do this rioting.  Whites will demand security.  It will get very ugly, and then we will beg for a solution which the elites have had ready for a long long time.

Do not fall prey to emotional diatribes and crisis.  Think carefully about what you see, and make plans accordingly based on responding and not reacting.

This is a planned crisis.  Read how Agent provocateurs are used in Ferguson.

Interesting video about training 2 years ago in St. Louis Missouri.

Gov. Perry: Mugshot and His Veto

I like Gov. Rick Perry.  Granted, he is part of the evil right wing establishment, but I can’t have everything I want in a politician it seems.  On a scale of 1 to 10 in liking views held by a politician, I give Gov. Perry and 8.  I can say this, I would love to have his hutzpah should I ever be having my mugshot taken:

If you cannot recognize political theater when it is presented, then I suggest you rethink how independent of a person you really are.  Something is going on in Texas.  Of course the Democrats want to turn the Red state into Blue state.  They want to find dirt on any and every conservative in the state, and thus the on liberal county, Travis, that houses the corruption unit is investigating corruption of state workers… ie Republicans.  Was the DA stirring up crap on people Perry wants to protect and therefore the cops were watching her 24/7 for the perfect opportunity to embarrass her via arrest and ruin her career?  That’s all just speculation, but that’s how the big boys play their games.  Don’t become an activist seeking public attention or get into political war if you can’t play with the big boys.  So, they now have indicted the ham sandwich Governor of Texas and every news story from now on involving Gov. Rick Perry will have in the first paragraph “indicted” to make sure he is tarred and feathered properly.  This is about 2016.  Do you really think stupid FOX news watching Republicans  or Moderate Democrats would elect a criminally charged Republican politician?  Oh, it’s ok if it’s a black democrat like Marion Berry or other liberal hacks, but not for a God and country Republican sort.

What’s Governor Perry have to say?

RickPAC “Setting the Record Straight”

Breitbart Story on this issue

Officer, GoFuckYourself, Points Gun and Threatens to Kill Journalist

This is just one more example of our police gone wild and totalitarian on power trips.  Are we going to have police shooting unarmed peaceful protesters and then claim they, the police, felt threatened?  I wonder how threatened the citizens feel as military style or fully automatic weapons are being pointed at them for exercising their constitutional rights.  When is it appropriate for citizens to begin carrying military style weapons to these events in an act of self defense against thugs in uniform?

I’d like to know who officer “Gofuckyourself” real name is.


Story at Infowars

Is the Ferguson Missouri Crisis the Beginning of Martial Law?

You have to listen carefully to Alex Jones and not just take everything he says and run with it.  This video shows how plans have been made to militarize our police and prepare the country for martial law and gun confiscation.  I believe 2015 is the real flash point time running up to the election of 2016.  You watch and decide:



Document:  Army Preparing to Use Lethal Force Against “Unarmed Civilians” During “Full Scale Riots” in U.S.

Hamas miracle as dead come to life

Well, it’s not a miracle. It’s another staged propaganda bit from Hamas, only somehow they are too stupid to actually have the fake dead people lay still.  Just more hand wringing and anti-Israel pro Arab propaganda, but it is good for a laugh:

Understanding the Rothschild Family Fortune : How and Why (Full Documentary)

If you have never watched anything explaining how this family became the world financial power brokers, then this short documentary 25 minutes worth is pretty good.  This is how the world is brought into submission.  They financed wars, got countries so in debt to them that they force them to allow a private central bank and then force an income tax system ensuring the loans they make are paid back except you can never pay back the debt completely because there isn’t enough money created to pay it back.  The interest keeps building and building until one day the world is dominated by this damn family.

Once you understand this, then you can understand why some countries are ruined when they refuse to enter into this thieving Central banking system.  This is why Gaddafi was destroyed.  He refused, was trying to create a gold backed African currency, and the Rothschild’s would never allow it!





The Rothschild’s are NOT Jews. They claim to be, and are liars. They are the synagogue of Satan, and they cause much trouble for the real Jews.  The Jews get blamed for all the mischief caused by these money lenders.  Do not fall trap to thinking these are Jews.  Why on earth would they help slaughter to many Jews if they were Jews?  They are not, and they always escape the Pogroms they created

They worship Satan. Here is a picture of Philippine de Rothschild

Who is going down next?  Guess



Wilson knew he screwed up

Putin Speaks of BRICS and Exposes the NWO

Well, first off, you have to know that what you are about to watch is pure propaganda.  Putin is not a nice conservative constitutionalist folks.  He is a COMMUNIST doing his best to win the war of public opinion to denigrate the West (America) and supposedly expose capitalism for the evil which it is.  We in the West have been overtaken by Fascism where the Government is owned by Corporations who then control the people.  It’s NOT capitalism. It is controlled financialism and we are going to become a third world country because of it.

So, there will be truth told herein by Putin, but please know that he is not seeking for our freedom and liberty nor of his own people. I’ll sum up part of it for you:


The United States is the problem.  No one feels safe because there is no international Law.




So, Putin wants to make the UN supreme in acts of aggression against countries.  Well, pardon me, but I find that the UN is a liberal communism cesspool of sympathizers who regularly butt f… America and Israel!  So, if we ever fall into this trap of the UN deciding which country gets punished and which ones are right then America is most definitely screwed.  This was what the treaty JFK signed was all about, and it proves the point that America would be the world leader until such time as the UN should take over!  To do this, America must be diminished in the eyes of the world, and thus expect to see more stupid acts by America against other countries!  We do NOT elect our officials.  Corporations control the elections, and the banks control the corporations, namely the Central Banks owned by 13 families!  WAKE UP!!!!




The military industrial complex is powerful. It is used to fund our economy by keeping wars going. In fact, I would say that the rise of Jihad is a creation of the CIA.  They have created an enemy with no country to target so all countries are suspect.  I dare say if Russia were attacked by Arab terrorists they would deal with it most decisively.  They could hunt them down in every country so to speak, but the were not the ones attacked.  They do not help other counties as America has.  America has become the world’s “protector” and “enforcer”.  I think that is what people like me detest most of all.  I am not a strict isolationist. I want trade and relations with other nations, but I want America to mind her own business, build our infrastructure and provide for our OWN people first and foremost.  Stop sending food to African nations who use it as a weapon to make men join their military.  Who starve their people for power.  Now, realize this was said in 2007 I believe, so the groundwork has been laid and we are seeing it continue to mature into the full picture.

This sick war game must end, but I tell you now, Putin is the Pied Piper, and you had better not be fooled into believing he is offering a better future.


LOOK!  Putin Loves Puppies!!!


bonus video:  Can you spot the truth vs lies? Putin is no enemy to the NWO … He is bringing it in!

Russian Nuclear Bombers Invade U.S. Airspace

This is something that happens from time to time.  In the past 10 days, Russian long range bombers have come into U.S. strategic airspace 16 times.  We have scrambled our jets to escort them out.  When I lived in Jacksonville Florida in the 80’s, we would scramble jets several times a month to escort Russians from our waters and airspace.  It seems now, that we have some saber rattling going on to warn us off of defending the Ukraine.

Russia is cozy with China, Korea, Iraq, Iran, France to name a few, and several of those countries are dying to play war games with big bad Russia as their ally against the United States.  Barack Hussein Obama has been downsizing our military, firing our Generals and Admirals by the dozen, and just recently sent our hundreds of pink slips to Army and Marine officers while they are overseas in a war zone!

It’s quite easy to think that Obama wants to destroy our military effectiveness so that there won’t be much of a fight when his masters come calling.  Yes, Obama by all looks does

Russia's Air Force strategic bombers, Tu-95, fly over Red Square / AP

appear to be the classic Manchurian candidate.  It’s possibly only a matter of time before we find ourselves in an actual war with some of these parties.  Will there be actual warfare on U.S. soil?  China and Russia’s naval forces have been adding ships at breakneck speed.  Might all this crap we buy from China be allowing them to ultimately control us?  They need our water and food production.  What better way that to drive us into the ground and take it as we become a third world nation?

Don’t say you were not warned when after this time comes a call of peace peace.  Don’t buy into it, and don’t be caught as on of the unprepared 5 virgins who did not have enough oil in their lamp to make it through the long dark night.  I hope you won’t allow fear to override the truth planted within you.


Russian Strategic Bombers Conduct More Than 16 Incursions of U.S. Air Defense Zones



Fake Ebola Pandemic : Fear 101


I am one to watch for any signs of media created mass fear campaigns, and folks we are watching one happen right now with this Ebola situation.  Think back a couple of years and remember they tried to create another fear campaign over the fake flu pandemic.  We had stories for a couple of years about the 1912 Spanish flu that killed millions worldwide then and how the US government had dug up victims in Alaska who died from it to get that strain of flu again, thus implicating a government created flu false flag!  Nothing came of it despite the World Health Organization declaring a pandemic after a few people died.

Over 200,000 people a year are reported to die from the flu and we don’t have a PANDEMIC declared from it.  Now, do they really die from the flu or do lazy doctors just say they died from the flu if they come into the hospital and later develop a breathing problem and die?  It doesn’t really matter in this case because the point is 200,000 people die and it’s not declared a pandemic!

Ebola is a terrible disease.  People are suffering, and that is tragic.  About a thousand people have died from it.  It’s just as tragic when your loved one dies from the flu, but we don’t have society shut down because of it.  People are being bombarded with Ebola stories and hyped into a state of fear.  Even if 30,000 people have been exposed, it’s still not a pandemic.  We must use caution, but we do not need to have everyone quarantined if they show flu symptoms.  President Obama signed an executive order to do just that! This is more worrisome to me than a possible flu or Ebola outbreak.  The government uses the media and fear to control us.  Instead of a fake terrorist attack we are now in fear of Ebola!  Don’t let this stress you out! Don’t lose your peace.  Enjoy your family and pray for sanity to be restored.


I want you to really think about this situation.  Ebola is curable with nano colloidal silver according to my research.  Do your own research and discover that the government put out information proving that nano particle colloidal silver kills Ebola.  So, if it comes to your area, just get some and stay away from people for a while.  This interview that Alex Jones did with Jon Rappoport covers this and is worth a few minutes of your time to understand it if my words cannot calm your fears.

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In Lies We Trust

This is a documentary that exposes the fraud in government and how our lives are being manipulated.  It’s based on provable facts.  This will be one you don’t want to miss:


Gov’t study:  “A viable political substitute for war must posit a generalized external menace to each society of a nature and degree sufficient to require the organization and acceptance of political authority.”