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If you want to contact me via email and not leave a comment, you can email me:


I will gladly read and reply to messages whether you agree or disagree if they are not crude, rude and socially unacceptable.  My youtube account is ravenmoon1165.  I have lots of links there.  Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and connect with like minded people.

I have enjoyed many forums online and various blogs.  I was encouraged to start a blog here as it would give me the freedom to post my thoughts on the various topics I enjoy researching and discussing.  I tend to be fairly opinionated and write about topics which may or may not line up with the general populations typically accepted norms.  By that I mean, some of my views might line up with more conservative viewpoints while others line up with more liberal mindsets, and then of course there are just some topics that delve into the truly unusual and esoteric.

I enjoy hearing from others whether they agree or disagree with my viewpoints, but I do not appreciate personal attacks, innuendo, bullying, disinformation tactics which can often find their way onto my forum threads by those who vehemently disagree with me.  If you wish to share thoughts in a constructive and well thought out manner then I will approve your comments.  If on the other hand the best you can come up with is a personal attack or insult, then I will not approve your comments.  I believe some of the best discussions come from those who have differing beliefs and viewpoints and can express them while staying on topic.  That is what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

Love is the greatest and most powerful force in the Universe.  It is from a standpoint of sharing in a loving spirit promoting what I believe is truthful that I hope to offer information and encourage others to do their own research and question why things are happening in our lives as they are.  I intend to fully participate in life, live it to it’s fullest and when I do cross over eventually to the next phase of existence to do so having lived up to the standards of loving my neighbors both in real life and online.  May our world learn to listen to one another, respect one another, and find the beauty in our diversity.

Much love and thank you for sharing this space with me,



29 comments on “A little about me

  1. I don’t mean to intrude on your blog. I just wanted to thank you for visiting Cry and Howl and for reblogging the Obama Sucks video. You have a great blog site and I’ll include it on my blog roll if it’s okay with you. Have a great weekend!

    • I’m a newbie in blogging. Do I just click follow to have a blog roll? I am very active on Project Avalon. I felt it necessary to have my own blog to get rid of trolls.

      Thanks for comments, we need to wake the people up!

      • Well, you’re doing a quality job! Ah yes, wake people up. I gotta tell you serenity, most people will never wake up no matter what we tell them. Just look at the Obama “forgery gate” … no one gives a damn. Obama could announce on public television, hold a news conference and tell the world he was born in Russia and that he’s gonna burn America to the ground and it wouldn’t even be news the following day. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and you’re always welcome here.

      • You are very correct, but hopefully our words will give some the courage to know they are not alone, and liberty is precious and must be fought for to maintain.

      • Hi, Laura Jones here. I have started a petition on change.Org to Impeach Obama. Yes I am scared but i can’t stand his destruction of America anymore. Please let your people know about it and if you like you can sign it too.

  2. Hi,
    I have just listened to you and another lady discuss the Drake/Wilcock saga. When I heard the Wilcock interview I thought that it was another brilliant coup carried out by those who want to keep the American people asleep. I have, in all my 71 years, never heard of any military or law enforcement agency advertise in adance the plans they have to “arrest” prominent government repesentatives. Perhaps David Wilcock was selected to break this amazing news was due to his large following of people who like to hear “don’t worry as everything is going to be fine and we are heading into a beautiful age”. Mission accomplished. I could be very wrong in my thinking but I do hope that America does succeed in getting back to the way of life that made it so great. Good luck to you all.

    Old Brit

  3. i stumbled upon your blog while reading about the batman shooting here in denver. i’ve had a gut feeling something was “off” about that whole situation since day one… it’s interesting that all this stuff is surfacing.

    you have me intrigued with “astrotheology” — i had never heard that term before, but it has sparked my interest.

    i firmly believe in the power love as you do 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. I look at all angles, and what or who gains from an “event”. Terrible things happen, but sometimes terrible things are planned and we are manipulated by them. As for astrotheology, it is a very murky world of deception in my opinion. Please enjoy the study on the Mazzaroth vs astrotheology page, and if you have any questions, I will be happy to help if possible.

  4. Hi US. Haveblue from avalon forum here. Do you have a particular reason why you think Rick Clays death may not have been suicide?

    I wondered about this myself but could find nothing to validate it. It is a fact that many truthseekers do committ suicide when they find out the horrorfying facts- truth does hurt after all.

    However, others are suicided, Dr David Kelly in England for instance. Phil Scheider etc..and quite a few reporters and authors.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Well, my gut just said, “nope”. I know that is simplistic, but I think Rik came along at a time when the best way to deal with people in the know was to suicide them.

      That’s why getting out to as many people as possible now is extremely important. Granted if you are revealing too much and won’t shut up, you will still have an unfortunate accident or be humiliated via fake evidence showing you to be some real “sicko” or “reprobate”. I don’t believe Rik or Phil committed suicide. I have my doubts about Phil’s story though, but it doesn’t mean he did not get involved in something later which got him killed. The ptb hate it when people don’t fear death, and there are worse things than death, much worse. Rik was a blessing.

  5. Hi unifiedserenity, have you heard of this link , its about the EU

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the information that you do, and for the way that you do it. Too many have been blinded by this twisted world and its lies, and it’s nice to find others who see that there is much more to the world and our lives than we have been taught.

    • I’m glad you are getting something from my wanderings and research. For those with eyes to see what is really happening it is really nice to know we are not alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do enjoy feedback.

  7. I spend a lot of time reading news and blogs (its part of what I do). Like you, it seems, my heart, soul and mind belong to Jesus/Yeshua. I am new to your site and so far I am most impressed. God has given you a gift of discernment and you have taken that gift and exercised it. And with his Grace made it strong. God Bless you.

    • Thank you David. I try my best to watch what is happening while knowing prophecy and it seems things are lining up for a very interesting next few years! Blessings to you and yours.

  8. I want to thank you for your blog and your view on David Icke and the new religion that he is trying to sell us which is in fact the religion of those trying to create the New World Order and serving the devil’s interests. I was interested at first like you
    in what Icke had to say but my suspicions were raised and I experienced his methods to be brainwashing. As a christian I found Jesus to be an excellent filter outer of liars and charlatans and Icke is one of those selling us satanism and new age religions with tales of aliens and mind travel between dimensions, he is selling us this for the elites who want to enslave and kill us. I know it is possible to alter reality by messing with these dimensions so this is dangerous stuff they are pedaling indeed.I will follow this site with interest and I am glad to have found you. I have only today discovered you.God bless.

    • Welcome to my little mountain top blog. As watchmen we are charged who understand what is happening to sound the alarm. If I can reach only a few to help remove the blinders they have been under I am happy indeed.

      If I provide a place of solace so the few who do see feel a place of comfort to rest and know they are not alone, then I am also happy!

      The hour is so much later than most people realize, and our world can be turned upside down in an instant. Never lose hope or faith that as we trust in the Lord, He will never let us down. I love hearing from those who are awake, who share news, and just let me know I am helping.

      All the best and blessings in our Lord to you and your family Cassie.

      Warm regards,


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  10. Please change your website colors. Black makes this site hideous. I’m sure that you would increase your readership by making it more accessible to read. Please don’t raise any offensive hackles. You have great content, but black is so depressing to negotiate on the web.

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