NASA Admits Flat Earth and NO Moon Landing!

The topic of deception is an important one because if we can be deceived worldwide about science, the earth, space flight etc. what else are the thought control systems hiding?  I scoffed as any normal person tends to do when the whole Flat Earth issue came up a couple of years ago.

It took me well over a year to watch one video about the Flat Earth, and then I was left trying to debunk it.  I had my moment where the Earth seemed to dissolve under my feet as my cognitive dissonance was being lifted.

I was both excited and angry.  Imagine you live in a forest and you discover a plant that when eaten cures any and every disease!  Imagine finding the goose that lays a golden egg! Well, then imagine telling others who laugh at you and scoff, and watch them die and live in poverty.  That is what it’s like to really think and reason, and come to a truth so few are even willing to listen to.  That is what cognitive dissonance does.  It shuts you down, cuts you off, and makes you feel superior. I have two videos for you to watch if you are ready to enter into truth.  The first one is about Cognitive dissonance and WHY it’s so easy to be entrenched in it.  The second is possibly the only video you need to see to open your eyes to the lie about our world and about what’s really possible.

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If you are now hungry for more proof, I welcome you to go through these videos:


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