In all my researching the topic of flat earth, I came across this website:


If you are seriously questioning what you have been taught and led to believe about our world, then this is the site to go to!

They cover many other topics.  This is a true Truther site!

Latest simple thought. If Mercury and Venus are closer to the sun than the Earth is, then how could we ever see them at night! Think about it. Watch the first video to understand it more fully.  Debunk that!

This is deep:

Flat Rock subjects covered:  Moon & Stars, Earth Photos, Professors, Exact curve, Earth spin, Critics Debunked, Geo-centrism, Heliocentrism, Flat Earth, Concave Earth, Hollow Earth.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Music by TheLateralVision
LateralVision Website
Rob Skiba & Josh Peck 3 Hour Video

Is the planet spherical ball shaped or is it flat? you decide in the 5 part series. The next part will follow shortly when uploaded a link to it will be available here and at the end of the video.

Are you a Globe believer or Flat earth after watching these?

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