James O’Keefe Project Veritas: Democrats Rigging the Election Caught on TAPE!

These are the first two videos released by Project Veritas.  The third is set to come out Monday targeting Hillary and Donna Brazile! Watch these first two videos, share this post with all your friends.

They’ve been caught admitting to rigging elections, attacking Trump rallies posing as Bernie Sanders supporters.

Clinton Operative Fired After ‘Mentally Ill’ Project Veritas Video

James O’Keefe, an investigative reporter and the founder of Project Veritas, released a video Monday that showed Hillary Clinton campaign worker and National Field Director for Americans United for Change Scott Foval admitting that he and others in the campaign had paid “mentally ill” and “homeless” people to incite violence at rallies for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

According to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Foval has been fired by Americans United for Change, according to a press release from the organization’s president, Brad Woodhouse. Woodhouse is also the president of the Democratic super PAC, American Bridge.

Remember the old woman who said she was hit by a Trump supporter? She was a “bird dog” operative and has since changed her story:

Folks, you have to understand, the democrats are using the worst and most criminal dirty tricks to smear and take down Donald Trump. For weeks Trump was accused of creating violence and chaos and these people were trotted out at the “victims”. Now we find out it was all a set up!  And what of the man accused of hitting this woman?

Richard L. Campbell, 73, was accused of punching Shirley Teter, 69, who uses an oxygen tank, in an incident that was picked up by the national media. A warrant was even issued for his arrest by the local authorities.

However, a video released by Project Veritas on Monday exposed a tactic called “bird dogging” that was used to set Campbell up.

Campbell’s lawyer, Ruth Smith, told Breitbart News in an email: “Mr. Campbell never assaulted anyone. He went to a political rally as was his constitutional right.”

“As a result of Ms. Teter’s hoax, he and his wife have been tarred and feathered in the media and he has been charged as a criminal. It’s disgusting that people would do this sort of thing to innocent people, and worse that they seem to make a sport out of it,” Smith said.

At the time of the incident, Smith told Breitbart that Teter “made up the whole thing.” According to Smith, Campbell has cataracts and had to be led through the crowd by his wife.

These criminals used a disabled man to pull their hoax! Where is the apology? And speaking of criminals and owing an apology, how about Hillary Clinton whose campaign pays for these hoaxes via the DNC to attack women? Where’s the apology to the woman attacked by these fake protesters?

Remember her?  woman attacked with eggs.jpg


I guess Hillary’s fight for women’s rights and safety doesn’t really mean anything since she paid for this!  Imagine this is you, your mother, your wife being cornered and assaulted as this woman was! I am outraged that we are not demanding arrests from the top starting with Hillary, her campaign, the DNC,  the people caught on video admitting to bussing people around to vote over and over!  This must stop!  You must make your voices heard.

YOU MUST VOTE TRUMP NOW by absentee or on election day! Wear a plain red shirt to show your support Trump and the media can’t ignore the thousands lined up to vote.  Take a lawn chair. Take water for you and others there. Wear comfortable shoes. Have someone watch the children.  It might be a very very long line! Make this your chance to take our nation back from these crooks!

The media is not sharing this information. They are ignoring Project Veritas.  They are ignoring the thousands and thousands of emails released by WikiLeaks of the criminal activity and blaming the fact they were hacked so we should ignore the emails!  Please share this article, so the word can get out!


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