Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

Fantastic article on why we should vote for Donald Trump. It’s sound reasoning, and if you are a person of character who cares about America, then vote for Trump, please!


2 comments on “Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

  1. There are tapes also where woman have claimed Hillary groped them and one woman who said she was used as a sex slave as a child and Hillary and Bill both had their way with her.

    • I’ve read Cathy Obrien’s book Tranceformation of America. She makes impossible claims like being awake for a week in one state, then being put back to her normal personality and it not affecting her. Physically, that is utter BS. I am not saying these perverts don’t exist. I just don’t think she is the best source. I’m sure Hillary is a disgusting woman just as Bill is a disgusting man.

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