Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

Fantastic article on why we should vote for Donald Trump. It’s sound reasoning, and if you are a person of character who cares about America, then vote for Trump, please!

kelly quelette

I am a white female. A victim of sexual abuse. A Republican. A Christian.

And I am voting for Donald Trump. And I want to tell you why.

First, I want to address the video that was released. What he said years ago was terrible. A man should never feel like he has the power to manipulate or take advantage of a woman against her will. Men should not view women as inferior or as objects. The rape culture in our country is not ok. What he said was NOT OK. There is NO way to justify it. Does he continue to treat women this way? I hope not, but it’s definitely possible. Do I want someone like that as my President? I mean, not really. But if we are talking about rape culture – Hillary Clinton has done MUCH more to contribute to that than Donald Trump. As an…

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2 comments on “Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

  1. There are tapes also where woman have claimed Hillary groped them and one woman who said she was used as a sex slave as a child and Hillary and Bill both had their way with her.

    • I’ve read Cathy Obrien’s book Tranceformation of America. She makes impossible claims like being awake for a week in one state, then being put back to her normal personality and it not affecting her. Physically, that is utter BS. I am not saying these perverts don’t exist. I just don’t think she is the best source. I’m sure Hillary is a disgusting woman just as Bill is a disgusting man.

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