First, I want to start off with a video showing some of the technology developed which is linked to Project Blue Beam. Watch:

If you found that one interesting, watch this one:

Dr. Carol Rosin, assistant to Werner Von Braun, Father of Rocketry,  gave testimony to a group of people regarding what she learned from from him for the plans of the elites to control the world:

Now, we discover that the elites are so desperate as they begin to lose control with this current Presidential Election and the people waking up, that they are actually talking about playing this card. Anonymous just released this video discussing the election and this plan:

I found this website talking about the polling data and at the very end of the page is this paragraph:


You can read this revealing data in the article titled:

BREAKING!!!! INTERNAL DEMOCRAT POLL: Clinton 19% Trump 77% Nationwide!

It starts with this quote:

SuperStation95 has come into possession of what is purported to be an Internal Poll performed by Benenson Strategy Group (BSG) of Washington, DC for the Democratic National Committee and for the Clinton Foundation.  The results are STAGGERING:  It says Hillary Clinton has “flash-crashed” to only 12% favorability rating.  Hillary is LOSING NATIONALLY to Trump by a whopping 19% to 77%

From the company’s web site:  


The final sentence in the Summary above may seem innocuous, but when we publish what this means – taken from their own document – Americans will be utterly HORRIFIED at the recommendation on how to get away with CANCELLING the federal election by FOOLING the American people . . . .

Will we see shocking things in the sky? Will we have a massive attack on American soil causing the cancelling of the election?  I do not know. I am praying that we do not.  I am simply showing you what has been out on the web for years and years.  We did see a fake escalation to create fear of Russia.  We have seen the rise of terrorism and rogue third would nations.  Will we see some Blue Beam project attack in a psy-op campaign to create fear and panic?

Just know that to be forewarned is to be fore armed.  We do not live in fear, but truth and honesty.  Do not be fooled my friends by the major media.  I plan to Vote for Donald J. Trump.  I know what a crooked evil person Hillary Clinton is, and I have seen the good works of Trump. I am more than willing to cast my vote for Trump and pray for God to give him wisdom and a humble heart should he win this election. It appears all the media polls showing Hillary leading are complete and utter lies. She can’t even fill a high school gymnasium while Mr. Trump has 30,000 people regularly at his rallies.

Wikileaks and the Veritas report releases show they DNC paid people to violently attack at Trump rallies and the media blamed TRUMP!  These criminals are willing to attack and kill Americans to win this election.  WAKE-UP!  The time is short for us to come together as one, take back out nation, and end this tyranny for our minds.


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