Vaccine History and Government Corruption

This is a must watch video. Yes, it is long. I have taken some parts out which I will post below the video. I highly encourage you to set aside two TV shows and watch this!  The fact is very few people understand the truth about disease and immunology.  Vaccines do not cause immunization though the health care world uses those terms interchangeably.

Each video below picks up at the topic listed above it.  You won’t be starting from the beginning.

One of the dirty little secrets is when they say a vaccine is effective, they mean that your body creates a reaction to the vaccine.  It does not mean the vaccine causes immunization or even prevents you from getting the illness. As you will see in this video the documentation and proof that vaccines have caused epidemics and killed thousands if not millions as well as causing infertility, auto-immune diseases, cancer and horrible crippling side effects from paralysis to mental problems such as autism.

Most people also do not know that it’s the very government responsible with oversight on these pharmaceutical companies that owns 90% of the stock in those companies! Talk about a conflict of interest, there is no reason to clamp down or stop this insane vaccine practice and forced mandates on the unsuspecting population.  It’s big money!

Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

How your government sanction experimentation on YOU without your permission:


Where did the idea of vaccines come from anyway?


Gulf War Syndrome and Autism: Adjuvants in Vaccines




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