Deconstructing the “Terror” Movement : Hegelian Dialectic

It’s time to really listen and know the facts.  This video will educate on why certain events happen, what the goal of that event really is. I’m talking about the Hegelian Dialectic which is problem: crisis: solution approach to world government.

The current events of Muslim invasion of Europe and the West all play into this solution.  The recent explosions in New York, New Jersey, and stabbings, shootings all play into this psy-op against the world and particularly the American people.  This is a must watch video to be educated.  Do not be herded like some dumb sheep.

Jay Dyer on the Hegelian Dialectic, Psy-Ops and Spook Black Magic Part 1



Jay Dyer on the Hegelian Dialectic, Psy-Ops and Spook Black Magic Part 2


Terrorist Attack spree: New York, New Jersey, Minnesota

Unless you live on Mars, you must have heard about the home made bomb placed in a dumpster in New York, the Minnesota Mall Stabbing where the identity of the perp is not being released though they are saying he said Aloha Snackbar which means it’s meant to be some Muslim, Marine Charity run bombed as well.  New York has called out 1000 police officers to give added security.

You are witnessing the Hegelian Dialectic in action folks.  That boils down to the puppet masters want a police state so they have to make us want a police state.  You will see more and more armed presence of para military police roaming the streets, stopping people, and the eventual push for more gun control.

‘Bomb’ that exploded in New York was “act of terror” as 1,000 extra police deployed to protect Americans

CCTV caught the moment the explosive device detonated blasting out windows, damaging cars and sending dozens of terrified people running for their lives just days after the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks

The ‘homemade bomb’ hidden in a trashcan that exploded in New York injuring at least 29 people was an “act of terror” as it was revealed 1,000 police officers are to be deployed in the city to protect Americans.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo said that officers would be visible at subways, airports and bus terminals for peace of mind so New Yorkers could go about their daily business without concern.  MORE



Authoritarian Control and Mass Murder in America the Hegelian Dialectic Way


As more and more events happen, prepare for tighter and tighter control of your freedoms.  It appears that 2017 will be the real 1984.