Hillary Clinton : A Career Criminal

The facts are freely available. This video exposes what you will never see on NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, Fox News!  For decades the Clinton’s have gotten away with crimes that if you did ANY of them, you would be in prison for many years!

Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to become President.  The news is twisting Trumps words and comments.  They are leaving our important details in regards to both Hillary and Trump.  In the case of Hillary it makes her look better. In the case of Trump, it makes him look silly or stupid.  Do not drink the Kool Aid.

It appears it’s very dangerous to release data about Clinton which can harm her in any way.  People set to testify end up dead!  The Clinton’s have lost information, hidden records, used the IRS to harass anyone who goes against them!  Bill Clinton sealed records, pardoned criminals and used his executive power to stop any investigations!  Imagine the tyranny that would follow if Hillary gains more power!

There are outright calls for the assassination of Clinton opponents such as Julian Assange!

These videos are not being seen by many.  It appears the social media sphere is having a huge impact on the election, and it’s the people sharing the facts that’s doing it and helping Trump.

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