Clinton Cash FREE VIEWING 7/24/16


I believe Hillary Clinton is a very corrupt public official because of her actions while in office.  Now, opinions are one thing, but what are the facts really to back this up?  In the movie, Clinton Cash, you find out that as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton had authority to approve or deny deals that could greatly enrich people.

For decades the Clinton’s have spoken for pro-environmental causes, human rights, women’s issue and helping the poor, yet it appears they have taken about faces on those issues and surprisingly become fabulously wealthy at the same time!

Find out the facts for yourself.  I watched the movie for free on Breitbart tonight.  They might do it again, so be sure to keep an eye on that site. Here’s a Fox news story on Clinton Cash explaining some of the issues.  It’s not nearly as complete as the movie, but it brings many things to light.

To date, while the Clinton Foundation has made Billions, they have only paid out 10% in charity work according to sources.  So in examining this issue and deciding if you want this woman and this family in the most powerful position in the world ask yourself what they might do with such power and how America could be harmed.

In 2013, The Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent Of Its Budget On Charitable Grants (click to read)




9 comments on “Clinton Cash FREE VIEWING 7/24/16

  1. Hi Christina,

    I was living and working in Hot Springs Village in the late 70s. I brought my brother down to work for me, and his wife had a cousin with national sky diving records. He jumped at Mina [spelling?]. Bill was governor. I know enough for this comment to get me killed. I was a jumper then to.

    Look forward to seeing the flick. Ross was right – you will hear a great suckling sound, and we did.

    Trump is about to kick some Clinton ass. This flick, that I want to see just for the fun, I hope does what the FBI laird the ground work for.

    Love to see you one day,

  2. At lunch it shall be. My daughter Jessica lives just north of Tampa. That makes me close enough for a meal with you Christina. Mark your calendar in your head, and mark it making plans for a lunch that goes well beyond supper. You and me be friends; this meal meeting will not be short, nor will it stay in a restaurant – nature people I trust ***

  3. Christina,
    Maybe – I’m guessing that you live north of Tampa? If so, how about I’ll give an eta into Tampa sometime and we go with Jessica to her place.

  4. Christina,
    The devil is in the details, so I didn’t expect much more than that. However, Colombia got my attention; I’ve spent over a year there and know the people & land. …

    Thanks Friend,

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