It’s Official: TRUMP / Pence !


It’s taken over a year, and tonight my candidate and the next President of the United States was elected the GOP Presidential nominee!  I cannot hide my joy and hope for the coming election.

America faces great challenges.  We have to secure our borders, strengthen our military and end the terrible trade deals forced upon us by corrupt politicians.  Trump will need assistance from the House and Senate which we gave to the Republicans!  It is their job to do the will of the people.  We want a wall NOW!  We want illegal immigration stopped and we want an end to insane importation of people from countries that are hostile to America.

It’s time to set aside petty differences. Trump vs Hillary is the difference in rebuilding our nation to one of strength and prosperity vs one that is a socialist nightmare where violence and more debt destroy us!

This GOP convention is the beginning of restoring America’s greatness!



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