The True Location of Solomon’s Temple Found

This video while a little long, shows the true location of the Temple where Jesus taught and worshiped.  Is the wailing wall in Jerusalem the closes to that Temple without going up to where the Dome of the Rock is?

No, the true location is much further away, and in the City of David.  The wailing wall is part of an old Roman fort called fort Antonia!  The Romans did not leave one rock of the temple location.  They uprooted ALL of them and drove the Jews out or killed them.  They left the fort to stand as an insult and testimony of their feat.  This video provides much factual data and historical resources.

There is no reason to have a fight over building the next temple up near the Dome on Fort Antonia!



Dr. Ernest L. Martin wrote a book explaining what he found, and how we came to think the wailing wall is the location of the old Temple when it’s really a Roman Fort.  I don’t think a lot are available as even the paperback is $46.56 on Amazon, but I’m sure the true history buff will enjoy it!

Why does this Temple topic matter? It’s part of the prophecy of the last days, and one will be built, and they are planning it now.  But, where will they build it? Jerusalem is a stumbling block.  What is the time of the Gentiles? What’s it have to do with Jerusalem?

(note,most who call themselves Jews are not, they are Khazars and follow Babylonian Mysticism!  You need to know this, because they play into prophecy a LOT!) I will post on that topic later.

Jesus told his disciples that not one stone would remain, and they asked when, just as we ask today when the end will be and his return.  The next thing he said to them was “DO NOT BE DECEIVED!”  The world has been deceived for a long time about Jerusalem.


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