NASA Official finally tells We are Being Spayed with Chemicals!

I have waited for years to hear these words slip out of an officials mouth.  In a concerned citizen phone call to NASA regarding the spraying of Lithium over the population the official actually states they use chemtrails to study the weather.  Do you know what Lithium does to the human mind? It makes it dull.  It makes you not care about what is going on!  It stops you from having hi or low emotions.  Which means you are a docile sheep just walking along into the slaughter house who won’t put up a fight!

Dr. Blaylock explains how this spraying is affecting us in the second video.  They are spraying us and affecting our brains!  It affects memory and emotion.  This goes straight into your brain!  They are spraying aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium.  Aluminum affects your memory and ability to think!





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