Dr. Burzynski Cancer Treatment


The federal government has been on a witch hunt against Dr. Burzynski for over 20 years!  They have fought him and his protocols for all this time. They have sought to remove his medical license, imprison him, and in effect caused the deaths of many Americans who were receiving help from Dr. Burzynski!   This video is a must watch for anyone who really wants truth.

In the meantime, understand that oncology is a multi trillion dollar industry!  Many doctors have been caught fraudulently diagnosing people with cancer to push expensive drugs which in effect killed them! 


Why is this happening?

More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money

This doctor was censured by Duke Cancer Research, and after he was found to have fraudulently falsified cancer research found a new job at a North Dakota Cancer research center.

Read more

It’s about big money and greed!

Brevard oncologist loses $89M Medicare fraud judgment  

Paul Brinkmann

“A Brevard County doctor, Wasfi Makar, was hit with an $89 million judgment on Wednesday in a whistleblower Medicare fraud case.

For almost 20 years, Makar ran the American Cancer Treatment Centers in Rockledge and Titusville, which are now apparently closed.

In 2012, a former employee in Makar’s office, Joseph McBride, filed suit alleging that Makar’s facility was falsely billing Medicare for services it wasn’t capable of performing.”

That’s some big money folks!   read more


Now, if you go on searches on the internet about this brave Dr. you will find a dedicated Dr. who has not only defended himself against 5 grand juries and WON, but has had the fortitude to stand and face constant harassment of the FDA and big pharma who tried to destroy him in every way possible including stealing his patents!

If you don’t watch the above video, then you will think he is a fraud.  His patients will say otherwise.  Patients who had the most virulent forms of brain cancer never cured by science before that after 2 months on his harmless therapy with zero negative side effects cured their cancer!  Some took a little longer.  Not every patient is cured, but many were and still are!  My point is that you have to actually invest the time to learn the truth because after searching online, I saw negative comment after negative comment about him being a fraud.  The establishment hates this Dr. and we should pray for him and his patients.


If you want to contact Dr. Burzynski via his patient group, please click this link.

Patient Testimonials

List of Cancers treated with the Burzynski method





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