Flat Earth Evidence

These are images that disprove the spherical earth.  The video at the bottom disproves NASA’s claims about earth.  If you know the mathematical formula for the earth’s curve then the images with the buildings in the distance prove it’s not round.  Those buildings should be at least 120 feet below the curve and you could not see them and yet with the camera’s like Nikon 900 cool pics camera there they are!  Perfectly perpendicular, not turning away as they should as the earth curves.


Why are their clouds in FRONT of the sun? Why are their clouds BEHIND the sun? 

Why are they lying to us?  Well, trillions have been wasted on the space program. Where did that money really go?  The round earth supports their God hating agenda.  Imagine if you had not been indoctrinated and programmed your whole life into the round earth idea? Remember, there is NO proof they offer and your very eyes tell you it’s flat!  What if you knew you lived on a special world created for us?  That there is a creator.  Would you possibly not had the doubts about God that you have had?  The reason for the deception is clear… They want you to deny God!


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