Video Proof NASA is LYING

There is no explanation other than they are NOT in space.  NASA and all the astronauts are lying to us!  They are not up in space working on anything!


Now, since we know NASA is lying, why are they doing this? Is it just to steal billions of dollars from us?  The whole planet is involved in this lie.  Russia knows you can’t go out into space.  They have to sell the globe earth!  They give us cgi images. They admit they are “composite” thus fake images of earth.  The united states is one size in one year and another size the next year from NASA images!  WAKE-UP.  You are being lied to by global God hating elitists.  This video shows how Kent Hovind has turned from using the bible to disprove evolution to science to prove globe earth!  HOVIND HAS SOLD OUT!!!!   I am so disappointed to realize even a strong man like Hovind can be bought.  Was it the torture in prison?  Did they mess with his mind with drugs?  What happened? Please pray for Mr. Hovind.

two sizes for america


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