When America humbled Herself and turned to God. He Answered

I remember the nightmare of the Jimmy Carter Administration.  I was but a young lady at the time.  I was born in 1965.  I lived through the Charleston riots as I watched my sister’s high school across from my middle school erupted in violence.

I experienced the gas rationing where vehicles lined up based on their tags so they could fill-up.


We were a nation losing it’s way.  We were in an economic crisis, and a world standing crisis.  American’s were not longer respected around the world.  I remember vividly when Iran attacked our embassy and took our people hostage because we had a weak simpering President.

Those were difficult days for my country.  Did you know that a prayer vigil was held in Washington D.C. where the scripture to turn to God was quoted, and God was sought to restore our Nation ?

This message by Jonathan Khan reveals what happened.  Where is American’s heart now?  Do we honor and seek God? Do we even acknowledge Him anymore?  Do our leaders even lift Him up?

Has an unlikely leader come onto the political scene who will turn things around?  I believe Trump is that man.  He is not ashamed of lifting up God, but he is not one to throw religion in our faces.  He is a flawed man, and he admits his flaws.  Did God ever use flawed people to fulfill His plans?  I can think of quite a few.  David is the first one though.  You decide if you want more of the same games being played or you want to follow a different path of one who will restore American values that the world once depended upon.


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