Flat Earth Evidence

These are images that disprove the spherical earth.  The video at the bottom disproves NASA’s claims about earth.  If you know the mathematical formula for the earth’s curve then the images with the buildings in the distance prove it’s not round.  Those buildings should be at least 120 feet below the curve and you could not see them and yet with the camera’s like Nikon 900 cool pics camera there they are!  Perfectly perpendicular, not turning away as they should as the earth curves.


Why are their clouds in FRONT of the sun? Why are their clouds BEHIND the sun? 

Why are they lying to us?  Well, trillions have been wasted on the space program. Where did that money really go?  The round earth supports their God hating agenda.  Imagine if you had not been indoctrinated and programmed your whole life into the round earth idea? Remember, there is NO proof they offer and your very eyes tell you it’s flat!  What if you knew you lived on a special world created for us?  That there is a creator.  Would you possibly not had the doubts about God that you have had?  The reason for the deception is clear… They want you to deny God!


Strong Delusion

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee oh Lord. I know my bible. I got saved by the grace of God in 1987, and I ate the word daily for hours. I read it and studied it hours upon hours for 8 years solid. I went deep into the Hebrew and Greek. Why am I saying this?

My mind if blow after verifying what this video says. Somehow our bibles have changed worldwide. The words are different in ALL the bibles! How can this be? I learned the our father years ago, read it word for word.

Our Father who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Matther 6:9.

Never did any verse ever say “Bottle” instead of “wineskins” but now all the bibles are changed.

Go read it! GO READ IT! IT’S NOT THERE NOW! We are under high spiritual warfare folks. Pray for the saints. Pray for those who love the Lord and need that word. Is it too late for those who do not or have not cared to learn it while it was freely available?

Video Proof NASA is LYING

There is no explanation other than they are NOT in space.  NASA and all the astronauts are lying to us!  They are not up in space working on anything!


Now, since we know NASA is lying, why are they doing this? Is it just to steal billions of dollars from us?  The whole planet is involved in this lie.  Russia knows you can’t go out into space.  They have to sell the globe earth!  They give us cgi images. They admit they are “composite” thus fake images of earth.  The united states is one size in one year and another size the next year from NASA images!  WAKE-UP.  You are being lied to by global God hating elitists.  This video shows how Kent Hovind has turned from using the bible to disprove evolution to science to prove globe earth!  HOVIND HAS SOLD OUT!!!!   I am so disappointed to realize even a strong man like Hovind can be bought.  Was it the torture in prison?  Did they mess with his mind with drugs?  What happened? Please pray for Mr. Hovind.

two sizes for america

When America humbled Herself and turned to God. He Answered

I remember the nightmare of the Jimmy Carter Administration.  I was but a young lady at the time.  I was born in 1965.  I lived through the Charleston riots as I watched my sister’s high school across from my middle school erupted in violence.

I experienced the gas rationing where vehicles lined up based on their tags so they could fill-up.


We were a nation losing it’s way.  We were in an economic crisis, and a world standing crisis.  American’s were not longer respected around the world.  I remember vividly when Iran attacked our embassy and took our people hostage because we had a weak simpering President.

Those were difficult days for my country.  Did you know that a prayer vigil was held in Washington D.C. where the scripture to turn to God was quoted, and God was sought to restore our Nation ?

This message by Jonathan Khan reveals what happened.  Where is American’s heart now?  Do we honor and seek God? Do we even acknowledge Him anymore?  Do our leaders even lift Him up?

Has an unlikely leader come onto the political scene who will turn things around?  I believe Trump is that man.  He is not ashamed of lifting up God, but he is not one to throw religion in our faces.  He is a flawed man, and he admits his flaws.  Did God ever use flawed people to fulfill His plans?  I can think of quite a few.  David is the first one though.  You decide if you want more of the same games being played or you want to follow a different path of one who will restore American values that the world once depended upon.

NASA Caught Faking Images of Earth

These videos shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the NASA earth images are fake!  Why would they need to crop images to make it appear part of the earth is in shadow?  Because they need us to believe it’s a sphere.

This is a tough topic because it does mean you have to examine if you really know this planet in which you live.  It means that the space flights are fake!  Why do that?  Hundreds of billions spend on space exploration.  Reinforcing the belief you are spinning around the universe at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour.

NASA claims they use mosaic images taken of earth to create many of these images, like the classic “Blue Marble” image, but in reality, it’s all photo shopped!


Ok, so did NASA lie about taking pictures of the earth while headed to the moon?  If you have photoshop, you can go to the NASA website, download the images and test them for yourself.  This video clearly shows they pretended a photo from the moon.  This video shows proof that we are being lied to.  The Galileo space probe footage seals the deal.


Why does any of this matter?  Copernicus was a free mason.  Without destroying the bible’s version of the earth being God’s footstool with four corners held up by pillars they cannot push evolution.  Once they have people believing we are not special, not created by God, and are just here by chance spinning around a huge galaxy with many other earth like planets in other galaxy’s then we can reject God.  Satan is saying , “You didn’t make that, God”!   It all comes down to stealing your inheritance, to your rejecting God.

I have to confess, I scoffed at these issues for years.  I finally started doing some digging and most of us are walking about in complete cognitive dissonance as to our world! Here is a simple fact.  Based on their science of the curvature of the earth, for every mile the earth curves X amount.  At 60 miles distance the buildings should be 120 feet below the horizon, meaning YOU CAN’T SEE MOST OF THEM! And yet, here we see an entire city skyline perpendicular on the earth!  The buildings should at least be tilting away from you!

Get a basketball, blue some small legos on it, say 6 to 10 in a row straight across, and spin the ball away from you.  They should lean away and slowly disappear.  Yet, that isn’t what you see here:


This meteorologist tries to tell you it’s a mirage.  Well, that won’t work.  People regularly see that far on a clear day!  The Bedford experiment tried to prove a curved earth, and it didn’t.  Many people repeat it with telescopes and they get the same results. There is no curve.  The math is fairly simple.  Watch and enjoy.  He should not see the shoreline at all because it should be below the horizon!


The moon should not be visible in this private rocket launch video. In fact, I verified where the moon should be just as this guy did.  The launch happened at 7:32 am and the moon was over Australia at the time.  That would be on the other side of the earth, and you can’t see through the earth, so it’s impossible for the earth to be a globe:


I can hear you now.  “But what about the curved images I have seen”?  They are done with curved lenses folks.  You need proof?  Watch the curve go from going down to going up! The curve should NOT change at all.


For those who want more proof, here is a nice video :

Congratulations if you watched that video. I have been digging on this for about a year now, and have watched pro and con videos.  I was discombobulated at first when the proof became too much proving we live on a flat plane or under a dome. What about the International Space Station?  Surely you can’t deny that footage, right?


This one is well worth the watch.  Just the first 5 minutes though is gold!


For me, it’s an easy to understand situation.  They have to make us believe we are nothing special, we are floating around in space, and every so often we get a really neat video of the space station or some images from outer space.

Looming Financial Collapse

I am reticent to listen to let alone believe information videos, but this guy has a strong track record. I am curious if my readers have insights that would counter what this economist is saying.  Do you think we are headed for a huge collapse in the stock market and real estate?