Flat Earth? Curiosity to Truth

This topic has bugged me for a long time.  First off, I want you who are as I have been a flat earth denier, scoffer and one who refused to even look into the topic to understand, that I simply was arrogant.  One must admit first that everything they know about this topic has been told to them by someone else.

What do I mean?  Have you ever gone up to space and looked out at the earth for yourself?  No?  Then, how do you know what it looks like?  Oh, you’ve seen pictures?  Can anyone fake an image?  Can you be fooled into thinking what you are seeing is the truth?  Has man ever lied to another or have governments ever deceived their people?  The simple truth, is you know what you experience for yourself.  If you have never truly examined the evidence of those now screaming from the internet that we have been lied to for hundreds of years and that the earth is indeed flat, then you are trusting what you have been lead to believe from your earliest educational experiences.

You watch tv or movies.  You go to school and in each classroom is a globe model.  There is a solar system model provided for you.  Anyone who questions this is mocked, ridiculed and laughed at and in our natural way of being, we don’t want to be laughed at so we simply accept what we are told, even when amazing evidence and facts are provided for us.

This is a short video that will rock your world if you are ready for some very interesting facts.  Don’t shut it off early. Don’t scoff.  To examine a truth, to seek a true scientific based evaluation of the facts, you have to set aside your preconceived beliefs.  Examine the evidence and accept it as fact because your eyes are NOT lying to you.



Now, here is the biggest FACT you need to remember once you do examine this issue.  If you are a Christian, has this issue changed your life at all? You still live where you live, you still are commissioned by Christ to love your neighbor as yourself, and you are still divinely purposed to represent that love to the world every day, every minute and make this a better earth to live on.  If you are an atheist, then you have to wonder why you were lied to, how this Copernicus system they teach leads straight to denying a creator, and into believing the lies of evolution.

There are much longer videos that really go into depth on this topic.  One is the 200 proofs video.  You have to want to know the truth though, because you’ve been fed a system of lies your whole life about our world.

This video goes into some interesting facts as well:



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