Puppet War : END GAME

If you read my blog going back to the beginning, I talk about the great plan. It’s literally over hundreds of years in the making.  We are at the cusp of the greatest world war we have imagined.  I think finance while boring points us into what is really moving things in the world.

The World Central Bank and Federal Reserve are king makers.  They are the puppet masters on the second tier level of world power. The real power is actually behind them and you will never see them.

Listen to this financial explanation, and understand why the recent escalation in events in the Middle East and world movement of Muslims. Understand we are at a crucial phase, so don’t get caught off guard.



The Planned Destruction of America

The Final Plan : Kenites Global Dominance

Alan Watt: Planned Post Industrial Age



One comment on “Puppet War : END GAME

  1. I do like Greg. He sees is. Here is where we are on the ground –
    The Latest Update On The War Between Russia and The U.S

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