Black Males at Increased Risk of Autism from Measles Vaccine

Watch these two SHORT videos first, before you watch the third video where Ben Swann exposes the CDC’s lies about vaccines and autism not being linked:

What autism signs look like:

The government has been lying to Americans.  We now have proof in the issue of autism being linked to vaccines.  The CDC threw out critical data that showed that black males under the age of 36 months were at a higher risk of developing autism or autism like symptoms after receiving the measles (MMR) vaccine.

I want you to let that sink in for a moment.  This bombshell of admitted facts about the MMR and black males should make you stop and wonder about what else we are not being told about.  I want you to imagine it is your child, grandchild etc that went from a healthy happy baby / toddler to a distant, easily upset and socially impaired child overnight after receiving a vaccine.  I want you to imagine that you or your husband cannot work because your child needs 24/7 care, and you cannot afford a live in nanny who can handle a child with autism.  I want you to feel the betrayal of knowing that the government knew this information YEARS ago, and still bullied you into pumping your child full of poisonous mercury and other toxins far beyond what was acceptable in the 1980’s and earlier.  These people can never get the blood off of their hands, and neither can those who ignorantly and stubbornly refuse to examine the data yet preach, scream, and threaten those of us who do educate ourselves and choose to not adhere to the vaccine schedules.  Shame on you.

I don’t want to leave you with no possible areas to look for help if you or a loved one is suffering.  Investigate these supplements. Naturally, you’re using them is solely based on your decisions. I am not making any health claims and I am not a doctor.  Check with your doctor before you add supplements to you diet because supplements can hurt you, they can interfere with certain drugs you may be taking, and you cannot just willy nilly put anything into your body without consequences. So, do your due diligence in researching ways to get the heavy metals like mercury out of your body, and ways to improve thinking, neuron activity, and healing:

This supplement, NAC (n-acetyl cysteine), helps remove toxins from the body per experts in the field of science:

Here is another one that is worth watching because of the woman’s symptoms that she showed some help with clearing up. She was dealing with systemic candida, but the brain fog and fatigue being alleviated could tie into helping those with autism because it is about detoxifying.  It took 4 weeks for her to see results, so don’t just quit after a week if this is something you are interested in trying.

I like a LOT of information, so here are a couple more videos to help you in your search for truth:

Explore how Glutathione detoxifies toxins through the liver. Cystein, NAC, & Foods

This doctor explains why you need to use NAC instead of just cystein.  It’s used for chemical toxicity in hospitals to clear out the toxins.

What you need to know about the side effects of NAC.  This info below comes from

For the Consumer

Applies to acetylcysteine: inhalation solution

As well as its needed effects, acetylcysteine (the active ingredient contained in NAC) may cause unwanted side effects that require medical attention.

If any of the following side effects occur while taking acetylcysteine, check with your doctor or nurse as soon as possible:

Less common

  • Wheezing, tightness in chest, or difficulty in breathing (especially in asthma patients)


  • Skin rash or other irritation

Some acetylcysteine side effects may not need any medical attention. As your body gets used to the medicine these side effects may disappear. Your health care professional may be able to help you prevent or reduce these side effects, but do check with them if any of the following side effects continue, or if you are concerned about them:

Less common

  • Clammy skin
  • fever
  • increase in amount of mucus in lungs
  • irritation or soreness of mouth, throat, or lungs
  • nausea or vomiting
  • runny nose

For patients using a face mask for inhalation of acetylcysteine: the mask may leave a stickiness on your face. This can be removed with water.

When you use acetylcysteine, you may notice that the medicine has an unpleasant odor at first. However, this smell will go away soon after you use the medicine.

There were no listed major drug interactions shown. Known moderate drug interactions with using acetylcysteine:


To see the drugs on the minor list, check here.

Drug Interaction Classification

The classifications below are a general guideline only. It is difficult to determine the relevance of a particular drug interaction to any individual given the large number of variables.

Major Highly clinically significant. Avoid combinations; the risk of the interaction outweighs the benefit.
Moderate Moderately clinically significant. Usually avoid combinations; use it only under special circumstances.
Minor Minimally clinically significant. Minimize risk; assess risk and consider an alternative drug, take steps to circumvent the interaction risk and/or institute a monitoring plan.

I found this bit of info on NAC also, and believe you really need to be careful with using any supplements. I am personally at a point that I need to do some more serious detoxifying due to some neurological symptoms I am experience, the fatigue and metabolic issues from my own hypothyroidism.  So, I will be trying NAC carefully for a couple of months. I will try to update this blog on my experience with it.

For many years, N-acetyl-cysteine has been a standard treatment in breaking up mucus for diseases such as cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, COPD, and asthma.

It has also been a standard emergency medicine for years for use in treating the number one cause of liver failure, acetaminophen overdose.If a person accidentally overdosed on acetaminophen, or tried to commit suicide by overdosing on acetaminophen, and they went to the Emergency Room, then large doses of N-acetyl-cysteine would be administered in the ER to quickly raise the patient’s glutathione, and keep their liver from failing and certain death. This treatment has saved lives in this circumstance.

side effects

However, as with all drugs there are potential side effects. This is true of N-acetyl-cysteine, and another drawback is it’s short half-life. N-acetyl-cysteine to be taken several times a day to be effective, so this can be hard on the body.

Many unwanted symptoms have been reported, including rash, wheezing, nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea. Because of the sulfur bond , many find the taste and smell of rotten eggs objectionable. Although rare, death (this link opens in a new window) has been reported in association with N-acetyl-cysteine.

(Note: The one case I found, referenced above, was also associated with acetaminophen overdose , and involved a brittle asthmatic patient who died after treatment with intravenous N-acetyl-cysteine. Asthma is a risk factor for adverse reactions to N-acetyl-cysteine and special caution should be exercised in its use in brittle asthmatic patients. The report noted that “Serious reactions to N-acetylcysteine however, are rare and there have been no previous reported fatalities with its therapeutic use.”)

N-acetyl-cysteine is still the most commonly used way for how to raise glutathione today in clinical settings. However, for regular daily usage for how to raise glutathione, it is not recommended for infants and children. More research needs to be done on the effects of long term usage of N-acetyl-cysteine before we can evaluate its safety over the long term.

A recently published study from the University of Virginia School of Medicine with NAC found that “the NAC-treated mice developed pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) that mimicked the effects of chronic hypoxia…These data reveal an unanticipated adverse effect of chronic NAC administration and introduce a new animal model of PAH.”   FULL ARTICLE HERE


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