The Muslim Invasion

The take-over of the UK and America by Islam began quite a while ago.  Their real plans and desires are laid bare in this undercover video.  You will hear them speak very differently about non Muslims and the people who have allowed them to immigrate into their nations!  This is the greatest threat to Western society since the Ottoman Empire overtook the world.

“We Muslims have been ordered to do brainwashing”

“Allah has created the woman deficient”

“If she doesn’t wear hijab we hit her”

“Take the homosexual man… and throw him off the mountain”

The war between Islam and the West has begun.  The nice and polite Christians are losing this war because we do not want to believe they could be this barbaric, but they are!  They are going to attack us in our nations, and unless something is done to stop this invasion, we will very likely lose or at a minimum suffer a lot of unnecessary brutality, death and rapes by these animals!


While Jeanine speaks of ISIS, you know from the above video it is the entire nation of Saudi Arabia!  It is not a few small radical factions!  This is MILLIONS of Muslims who want us dead while they smile and shake our hand!  We fund them for because we want their oil!  Well, we don’t need their oil.  We need to shut them off!

Need more proof?  Go here.

Do these images make you uncomfortable?  You better wake up to the real discomfort.  The fact that a horde of Muslims who hate Christians is being invited into our homelands!  WAKE_UP!

They killed this little girls parents in front of her.  Imagine this is your grand child or child!


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