People Were Warned To Not Go To School In Northwest

UPDATE*** Gunman identified as Chris Harper Mercer.  He apparently died in a shoot out with police. I’m not going to post his image.  He appears of mixed race, and hated Christians.

Sadly, people have been killed an injured in a mass shooting in the Northwest.  The gunman singled out Christians, asking each person to stand and declare their religion. If they said “Christian” he shot them in the head, and if they said something else or nothing he shot them in the leg!

The authorities are not releasing a whole lot of information, and all that has come out is second hand.

It seems someone posted yesterday to not go to school yesterday if you are in the Northwest.  People were bragging about something that would happen today.

They keep talking about “Beta Uprising”.  I don’t know what that is.  They are trying to make it seem like a coordinated movement.  People on that message board were actually asking if they could join, and that they wouldn’t mind being shot by the “Op” which means original poster.

Here is  a screenshot I took of the site.
warning of shooting 1

warning of shooting 2

Seems it was posted several places:

warning 3

Please read no further if foul language offends you.  These people appear to be glad the shooting was going to take place and then cheered once it was done!  Is this a hoax?  How did they know 24 hours ahead of time?

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Some of you guys are alright. Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.

happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning

so long space robots

I did some digging and it appears that Beta Uprising is about rising up against the “elites”.  I found this bit of info:

So You’ve Decided to Read This Blog. . .

I’m terrible with introductions, which is probably why I’ve had no success with girls.

You’re probably wondering what a beta uprising is. Let the greatest Austro-Hungarian nobleman who ever lived explain it to you:

[A beta uprising typically consists of] mass rebellion against the elites, the deification of youth, the ever mounting expropriation of the well-to-do until they begin to defend themselves, whereupon the masses select a “leader” whose task it is to protect “the people”; we see the bodyguards paid by the demagogue, the flight of the wealthy and of the intellectuals, the rejection of democracy by the desperate upper classes as a result of this development, the evolution from “protection” to tyranny, the spoliation of the temples, the militarization of the masses, the recruiting of criminals into the police force, the provocation of military conflicts in order to impose emergency measures at home and thus a stricter national discipline, finally “purges” and a mounting wave of corruption.


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