Chattanooga TN shooting is not what you think

You know, when so many false flags have happened, and you keep seeing story after story revealing details that don’t add up to the official story, it gets hard to trust anything.  Now, it appears the Chattanooga Tennessee killing of 4 marines by a Muslim extremist is being used to gin up more hatred for the Muslims.  I had issues when the story first broke when they said the shooter fired from the parking lot into the recruitment centers killing 4 marines.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to just shoot into a building and hit anyone?  You are more likely to kill unintended people than your real targets.  Let’s say he just go lucky.  Now information is coming out that reveals that at least one of the victims was already reported killed in Najaf, Iraq on August 6, 2004!

You can verify what I am saying by going to “Faces of the Fallen” at the Washington Times.  I typed in “Skip Wells” which brought me to Lance Cpl. Larry L. Wells obituary page.  Look at the photo and information.

skip wells chattanooga

This is the image associated with the story of Skip Wells being one of the four marines killed.  In the story, they put his name as Lance Cpl. Squire K. “Skip Wells”, but this is the photo they use:

Caroline Dove holds a photo of Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Skip Wells, her boyfriend, at her home in Savannah, Ga., on Friday. Wells was among four Marines killed Thursday in Chattanooga, Tenn

Caroline Dove holds a photo of Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Skip Wells, her boyfriend, at her home in Savannah, Ga., on Friday. Wells was among four Marines killed Thursday in Chattanooga, Tenn


Loot at his ears, his nose and mouth.  How strange both these men go by the name “Skip Wells” and look identical.  What game is being played to gin up hatred and blood thirst for World War III?  I support our military. I will never denigrate those men and women who serve honorably.  This is not about the military, but an out of control CIA / Government propaganda campaign.  Remember the weapons of mass destruction? Remember 911 where Saudi Arabians supposedly flew jets into the Twin Towers and yet we killed a million Iraqi’s over it?  Now we have Iran nuclear deal and what if a terrorist attack just happens to occur in America and Iranians are blamed?  What are we being psychologically conditioned to desire?

You can read more about this issue here.  I guarantee you money is being made off of this latest episode of another shooting in America.   Watch the video. Please excuse this guys language at times, and just glean the information offered.

I will add that this event occurred on the opening day of Jade Helm where Americans are supposed to get acclimated to seeing U.S. Military forces doing exercises in our towns.  Thousands of vehicles have been pre-positioned around the country, and one has to wonder why we need massive artillery stored off main roads behind razor wire.

One more issue to think about is the fact that this young man who supposedly done this shooting was posting about his views and what he wanted to do!  We are paying BILLIONS for national security to the NSA and DHS.  Why didn’t they pick this wacko up?  This video really goes into the ISIS False Flag CIA operations.

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9 comments on “Chattanooga TN shooting is not what you think

  1. Hi Christina,
    As I sit here on the other side of the pond, I am all but freaking-out with the news from the US that I see about every day. I don’t even know where to begin. … Dead Marines being killed again???

    On your prior post, it seems that by October 2016 the crash will have happened. However, that can only take place if this world lasts that long. I have never really been concerned with the US / Russia going “hot” gig, but things are changing with the UN & Israel from what I hear on youtube – Iran. … Better quit cuz ISIS being created and funded and used as they are is over-the-top.

    General Wesley Clark speaks about concentration camps and a shooter matching his “American people types of concerns” shoots up a theater, and then Obama says his biggest letdown as President is the “lack of gun control” – get ready because the “push is on with boots on the ground.”

    Praying that you are well my friend,

    • I was talking to my partner today, and said, “What if they have been allowing these Muslims to swarm into Western nations with full knowledge of the upheaval they will cause and thus when people have had enough, they use some ruse of an attack by muslim jihadists as a means to wipe out the Middle East altogether? It may get very ugly, very soon!

  2. Ok I see the similarities between the two Marines with the same last name, but are you saying that Lance Cpl. Skip Wells is not dead or that he is not a real person?
    This is a link to the Atlanta newspaper covering Skip Well’s funeral.
    While I understand that all of the details of this incident may not have been reported accurately, I do not believe that one of the victims was already dead as you have claimed. I would love to hear your explanation for the funeral coverage published in the newspaper if that is in fact not real

    • I am saying that it appears that skip wells had already died while serving over seas. It’s just very strange to have the man with the same moniker who looks the same as the one that had already died. The way things are with media lying and as the movie “Wag the dog” shows, they can create any story to push their agenda. How much faster to get Americans ready to spill out blood in wars than to have that “enemy” do such an act at attack them such as was reported to have happened.

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    • Well, if someone wanted to take the time to find the link[s] for the Marine Corps unit these two men were in, both with the same names and faces, they could then go to the units link of the page of KIAs, like this one for my unit. – name, rank, unit, date of birth & death are there, and sometimes a photo. …

      Never trust the mainstream media –

  3. It’s a tinderbox for sure. I joke with the students sometimes saying that if you want to go to the US, just fly to Mexico and walk in for free education, healthcare, housing, and monthly free income.
    Over here on this side of the pond it’s all about refugees flooding France and England. How short the memories it seems – they lead a NATO attack in Libya and then can’t figure out why “democracy” has not flourished. Now they are refusing to deal with the death and destruction they reined down.
    I don’t need to go into what Israel is up to, and their new found friends. I wonder how long it will be before southern europe explodes. …

    Anyway, I guess all we can do is sit back and watch the show. None of what we are seeing is an accident at all. Hell, I can’t even give the people the credit of even being sheeple – sheep are more aware and smarter.

    Be well my friend,

  4. Did you know about this? The Middle East War Memorial

    The heart of the American people, represented by a cellular company.

    Hope this link works. ……………………………..

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