September 23 -24th 2015 — Warnings

What are they telling us?  Do you live in fear? Do you live wanting to pretend all is well?

For there is no fear for those who are in the Lord.  Love is the opposite of fear.  You will hear many dates.  We were told there would be signs in the heavens, wars and rumors of wars, and the false one proclaiming he is Messiah/ Christ would come.  In all this we are called to be one thing, and that is disciples of Jesus / Yeshua.  So, while the following videos are interesting and can stir up fear, if they do, then you are NOT trusting in Messiah. Put your faith in him and no matter what happens, you shall be saved.

September 23, 2015 is the Lord’s day of atonement or Yom Kippur.  We are in the middle of a rare time of 4 blood moons culminating in September 2015. This is the year of ending all debts the Shemitah.  Only time will tell if September means anything different for the world.

Why are they pushing September 23rd?  I remember Y2K and Dec 2012. What happened on those dates? Nothing happened folks!  Some might say that they are making us sleepy by pushing dates so when the real day is coming we won’t care anymore much as the village no longer came when the boy cried “Wolf”!  What is September 23rd?  To some it means the year of Jubilee! They believe it’s when we get raptured.  Well, I don’t believe in the rapture prior to revelation of antichrist, so I know it’s not that, but it is a date for release from debts.  Could that come as a worldwide crash of markets and money systems?  I don’t think that will be a very happy day for many who have wealth.

Did Isaac Newton have it right?

God is calling us to repentance and love.  The more we hear of killing, hatred, racism, economic collapse, the more we need to be a beacon of love and light to a dark world.  We are children of the creator of the universe and have nothing to fear.


2 comments on “September 23 -24th 2015 — Warnings

  1. I know the beginning and the end. What Happens in between dose not really matter. However; it is neat to watch things change as we get closer. Thanks so much for your post..

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