Jordan Maxwell Proven Wrong over and over

If you are looking for a great video showing how badly Jordan Maxwell mutilates Languages to support his false idea of astrotheology, then this is the one to watch.


6 comments on “Jordan Maxwell Proven Wrong over and over

  1. Hi Christina,
    I watched the first 5 minutes of this and was reminded that I quit watching this fellow soon after finding him probably 8 years ago. At the moment I’m finding Dr. Michael Heiser interesting.

    Introducing Gnosticism: Understanding the Worldview Behind The DaVinci Code P1/8 Dr. Michael Heiser – is time much better spent.

    Happy Memorial Day,
    Hope you are well,

    • Heiser is one of my favorite egg head ancient history experts. I have a few of his videos on here. Right now, I am about to put up a post that is quite disturbing, and it looks like th end game is on now.

      • Being an egg head is what makes him good.

        Yes, the end game has been and is on. I’m in Crimea, a sanctioned place with no Visa or Master Card or ATM withdrawals, and using an iPad that is an “away tool” only. 2025 or tomorrow, who knows. But, just like an EMP it is coming.

        I’m replying to your new post here because it has less of a chance of being read by others. Americans immigrating? To where? South, English is NOT a recognized league language anywhere down there, and the cultures are not welcoming to others seeking their livelihoods. Asia? What will Americans do there? Build railroads. Aferica? No comment needed. Russia? Perhaps, but learn the language FIRST, and then show up for a management position being ably to advance work production in a friendly way, I’d guess.

        When the switch gets pulled Christina, it will be quick and devastating. I really don’t know what too advise other than to be gone and settled before it happens.

        When the living will envy the dead. … Glad I’m 65 and 13 years in Moscow. Got a couch if you would like a look. …

        God Speed my Friend,

      • I appreciate the comment John. I really have no idea what I would do because it seems all the western countries will go down if you believe the deagel site. I’d be more apt to check out Costa Rica or Equador, Norway or Netherlands, but really where would be safe? I have my children and partner to think about, and it would be an all or nothing trip for all of us. Being a nurse would probably be of some use though, so who knows. Stay well John.

      • I fear it will be all Western countries because they are connected at the hip. Being a nurse is a huge advantage no matter where you are or go. Ecuador is probably the best choice in the Americas, but learn Spanish today. The same goes for Norway in Europe – two excellent choices.
        Yes my friend, where you go, so goes your family (I count your partner as family). I can’t, speak to the Americas on alternative life styles, but Europe should be a non-issue. … Most of Europe anyway. Did the news there cover the LGBT march in Kiev this past weekend? The “right sector” said they would break-it-up, did so, and are bragging about it now. IS has been trained in Jordan for years. American supported they both be. . . . Prepare today by learning the language of your most probable new home; be ready to get out of the States at the drop of a dime. That government will not care or provide for the people, but you already know that. …

        Wishing I could be more positive on this issue, but I just can’t. Now to put this iPad away and enjoy a second morning coffee.

        Live every day like it is your last,
        Stay strong, and at peace inside,

      • As always, it’s good to hear from you! I vish Russia were more “open” because quite frankly, I like Putin though I am sure he has done terrible things as well. I pick up languages wery easily so I am sure I vill be ok, LOL. My son is set in his navy career, and now I have to get the two girls set, hopefully soon! Say hi to your family, and thanks again for visiting the blog.

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