Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine?

Thanks to a frequent flyer on this blog, we have this video. Is it a nuclear explosion or factory explosion? It’s a massive fireball.  Must be seen to understand the power it has.   I am not an expert on nukes.  Do smaller tactical ones glow less? I would think it would have stayed illuminated longer, but again, I don’t frequently see them.

I can tell you this much, and that is we have not heard much in the news about the Ukraine recently.  I am leery of media silence in areas where there is war brewing.


It quite possibly is not a nuke.  What do you think?


One comment on “Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine?

  1. Good post Christina, and one I really hope gets more information about from your readers, or other sources.
    Where is the factory in these news-casts? It is not there. Would a factory having an explosion of this magnitude not also have secondary explosions that followed? Yes it would.
    Attention! Explosion created a HUGE CRATER, Donbass, Ukraine hot news

    Giant crater at the blast site Donetsk News War in Ukraine

    In Nam I saw an ammo dump get hit and explode. Nothing like the explosion you have poster here, nor are other explosions that have been on the news over the years regarding trains, refineries, and other things going off been anything like the explosion you have posted here.
    We also often followed up on B-52 runs [arch lights] and the creators they left were big, but in No Way “big” compared to the creator in the two clips above.
    You are correct in your analyses of “quiet news.” Something went off, was reported, and then flatly disappeared. Was this a statement by someone [Kiev supplied a nuke from a NATO neighbor] telling “this is what we can do.”

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