Measles Outbreak: What If It’s Not an Accident?

Anyone who has studied the vaccine issue in depth, and by in depth, I don’t mean you watched a 3 hour video on it by a doctor who is against vaccinations.  I mean someone who has read multiple medical studies conducted by experts who are not in cahoots with big pharma.  Do they exist? Yes, they do, but unfortunately, most of them are in Italy or other countries.  By in depth, I also mean you have really looked at both sides of the issues, watched over a hundred hours of fact filled videos that you can verify the data presented.  Most people simply don’t have the time or desire to go that in depth, but there are many who do, and they are against vaccines.

There is proof that vaccines cause auto immune illnesses because of the mercury and adjuvants in them.  That they cause autism and the CDC was recently caught lying about that fact and covering it up in their reports.  That unnecessary chemicals and hormones were placed in the tetanus vaccine and only given to girls which would render them infertile because once they got pregnant their body would see the child as basically a virus and kill it!  That there is a massive increase in male infertility, and it is very likely linked to vaccines as well.

Why would world leaders who are on record for believing we have a massive over population problem to the point of needing to reduce our current population by BILLIONS push for vaccines that would if worked as advertized save lives and thus INCREASE said populations.   If you want to ensure safe vaccines, then don’t let the pharmaceutical companies off the hook for injuries caused by THEIR vaccines!  Most people don’t even know that there is zero liability on the part of these companies for crippling, killing, or turning healthy children into drooling vegetative individuals.   There are billions of dollars on the line of profits to be made, and many people have lied and killed others for much less money.  Do you really trust big business and the government to not lie to us?  They have been caught doing experiments on whole populations without consent in the past both in America and around the world!

I have said all this to get to the real reason for this article.  Is the current measles outbreak a planned event to bring about unrestricted vaccination of the world population?  By this, I mean, is there a plot to wipe out a certain portion of the worlds population via genetic markers in vaccines via a future pandemic risk?

Let me set the stage for what I am saying. Let’s pretend I am a big bad evil one world government tyrannical billionaire who thinks there are too many people in the world, and that these useless eaters are using up the resources and not contributing enough to make it worthwhile.  You know, like the blacks, hispanics, third world types.  If I can create a means to get specific groups sick and dying that will reduce this population and I can do it without anyone knowing what I have done via vaccines and planned pandemic, I can reap all the rewards.  This is the Hegelian dialectic in action.   I have a problem which is overpopulation.  I want to reduce the population, and I need to kill them.  I create a vaccine that will do this, and I need to make it mandatory for the entire world to get this vaccine!  It’s called Problem –  Crisis  –  Solution.  It’s how we got the war on drugs an poverty.

I want to tax the hell out of people and create a police state to enforce my will.  How do I get the people dependent on me (via government) to tax them and make billions and get them to agree to a massive militarized police state?  Well, I ship all the jobs overseas, destroy the manufacturing base and grow the welfare class food stamp population to unprecedented proportions. I make it a disincentive to work, and now they are dependent.  I let crime get out of hand and create a demand for more enforcement with laws like “3 strikes and your out”.  This is how we have gotten to the state we are today. It’s already happened.

I have a problem to begin with in getting everyone to take the future vaccine, and that is there is a very large population that has stopped participating in the vaccine program because they know of the problems that are caused by vaccines. I need to make it mandatory for everyone to be vaccinated.  I need to instill fear in the general population of an outbreak and blame this anti-vaccine crowd, so a new law can be passed mandating ALL people be vaccinated.  I need a mini- outbreak.   I need a scape goat for the outbreaks, who is my scape goat?  I will have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens cross the border who are sick, criminal and put them all over the country.  The whole nation will be talking about it.  Some of them will spread diseases, but I need to make sure we have a measles outbreak.

I send agents to various child care centers and children’s playgrounds to spread active measles illnesses and then I wait while my media begins to report these outbreaks and blame the illegal immigrants. Once sufficient momentum is reached, we will have this mandatory vaccine law in place.  Then, I can release the true illness that will reach my ultimate goals of population reduction, and before anyone knows what has happened, the public will demand new rules be in place.  That there will be new security measures created, and the totalitarian control I’ve been building will be achieved. If you think this is crazy, just look up the various points I have made.

Look into the illnesses caused by vaccines. Look into the whistle blowers who have created vaccines who now tell us to NOT take them.  Look into the SV40 virus that causes cancer that was in vaccines from the 1960’s that Merck knew would kill millions, but it would take 40 years or more to see the true results.  Look into the tetanus vaccine that sterilized girls, and other vaccines that would have killed millions if a whistle blower medical journalist had not stoppled it’s production at the 11th hour!  Look up the story about this journalist, Jane Burgermester and how her career was destroyed for telling us about the near false flag pandemic we could have experienced a few years ago had she not sounded the warning bell.

I have come to believe  most people are lying self seeking evil human beings.  They value their career more than the truth. They value their comfort more than saving lives.  Look up the Gardasil vaccine doctor who created it, and then after many sleepless nights told the truth after girls were dying!  I won’t spoon feed people anymore.  Go do some of your own research and then know how many talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck,  all of main stream media are these self seeking idiots who do what they are told to do.  They read scripted information and have zero clue if it’s true or not.  They like their sponsors and lifestyles. We have been warned of what is coming. These elites like to plant clues.  Need some clues?  Need some links? Click the link below the pictures below for some facts:

UN accused of secret mass population control and sterilization program in Kenya. Kenya’s Catholic bishops are charging two United Nations organizations with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus inoculation program sponsored by the Kenyan government.


UN accused of secret mass population control and sterilisation programme in Kenya




Massive cover-up of information revealed at this site! Click the image.


You need some more videos?  I can’t help doing a little spoon feeding…

PROOF! Ebola Expert Killed On MH17, Kenema Bioweapons Lab Created ‘New Ebola Strain’ Malaysia Airlines only confirm death of Glenn Thomas four days later- Telegraph LINK HERE

Bio-weapons could lead to ‘apocalypse’ LINK HERE “It was a common expression during the war that “more soldiers were killed by vaccine shots than by shots from enemy guns.”–E. McBean US Vaccines Caused ‘Spanish Flu’ – More Information LINK HERE It’s not just about Vaccines: If you think they don’t know they are killing us with vaccines and GMO foods, think again. Here is one example of how disgusting these “scientists” are when it comes to harming the population via GMO.

Biotech Scientist: It’s ‘Awesome’ that GMOs Cause Infertility, Death

Here is the Full Email:

I am no traitor against humanity. If this **** causes infertility… Awesome!! The world is over-populated, and people need to stop having children. This is one of earth’s largest problems. If the earth wasn’t overpopulated, things like growth hormones wouldn’t EXIST. The reason they do, is that the earth cannot produce enough food on its own to feed us all. This is why GMO is actually saving the planet. So **** you and your ********. I am doing humanity a ******* FAVOR!!!


Dr A Kalokerinos MD talks about the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Disaster

BANNED – 60 Minutes SWINE FLU VACCINE – H1N1 Warning! 1 OF 2 Banned CBS ” 60 MINUTES” documentary on the swine flu epidemics of 1976 in the US It went on air only once and was never shown again. Mike Wallace of 60 minutes investigates the 1976 Swine flu mass vaccination campaign. Out of 46 million people vaccinated, 4,000 developed neurological problems or died from the H1N1shots.

BANNED – 60 Minutes SWINE FLU VACCINE – H1N1 Warning! 2 OF 2


The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic – Dr. Tent – It’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

Never Lose a Vaccine Argument Again! Proof they cause Autism and Auto-immune Disease

Culling The Human Population To 1 Billion Or Less For Sustainability.

The Overpopulation Myth

Why every world map you’re looking at is WRONG here is the World map without distortion

Vaccine pioneer admits adding cancer-causing virus to Vaccine


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