Is the Jordanian Pilot Burning the Latest Hoax?

I know it is in very bad taste to ever question a murder.  I mean, it’s so easy for others to accuse you of being sick, mean, calloused, and to shut up.  It’s the perfect scenario to play on the hearts of the world really.  Just as Sandy Hook Hoax that has really been proven to be a fraud, this one is even bigger.  Why is it bigger one might ask?  Because, this one sets the trap for a massive Middle East war, and further false flag attacks within America all blamed on Muslims!  This is the perfect storm to ramp up fear in the world.

Mark my words, this is going to escalate into Axis vs. Allies once again.  Russia joins in with China and North Korea while the West struts their stuff on the warrior map of the world!  This is the biggest show of all time, and the truth is that out of the ashes of the devastation will arise a NEW WORLD ORDER!  The people will demand we do away with our petty differences.  There will be a joining of nations as never before, and it will all be leading us into a control system which there is no escape.  1984 and Brave New World were not supposed to be prophesies, but warnings, and yet we see ourselves speeding into that ugly system faster than ever thought possible.  Watch this video, and ask yourself if the images on our money really are foretelling things to come.





It is impossible to set dates because once you do, those who make plans can change them.  It’s foolish to try to nail down a time frame, and sadly we only see the flaws in the official story after an event has happened.  I don’t want you to focus on the doom and gloom.  I want you to take from this knowledge that much of what we see and hear in main stream media is scripted.  We are played like pawns on a chess board.  The shadows of power who are really pulling the strings on the puppet leaders give us signs and clues of what is really going on, but few want to see or know the truth.  If you were going to die tomorrow in a sudden catastrophe would you really want to know?  Would you tell your happy children that tomorrow they are going to die?  Would you justify not telling them so they can have this little bit of peace even if it is a false peace?  Most people don’t want to know because deep down they feel helpless.  My little blog is not going to change the course of history.  What I want it to do, is cause you to at least question what is happening.  To truly know that ultimately we have been told everything that will happen via the word of God, and that God is trying to reach many of us.  God is waking people up, and the greatest thing we can do is pray for one another.  Pray for peace and direction.  Then, having done all we can to face whatever does happen, we can stand firmly knowing that ultimately we are seeing the final acts of history since the age began, and while we may be the last generation, we will be the first to see the grand plan be fulfilled.

If I have lost you a little bit because you have not been reading this blog for the past couple of years, there has been a long plan.  We have been told everything that will happen, and we do have an enemy that has done everything within it’s power to drive us into an empty existence and hatred of all things Godly.  We scoff and we mock, and we blame religion when the true culprit is the one who first rebelled.  This plan is written of in many aspects already in this blog.   I believe everyone alive in this generation has felt a calling to something special.  The simple truth was said by Jesus long ago:

Mat 7:7  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
Mat 7:8  For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

This whole chapter deals with spiritual blindness.  Remove the beam from your own eye we are told.  Few want to see things they disagree with, and they choose a comfortable blindness and state of hypocrisy.   Do not let the turmoil of the world steal your peace.  I finish with one final admonition from our Lord as well:


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