Sandy Hook Censored: The Truth Revealed

I just came across this video which shows the facts about the events at Sandy Hook. It gives direct evidence that proves it was a false flag, such as cached Bing pages the day before the event happened which proves there was fore knowledge and thus it was a false flag.  We know what the evidence means.  It is clear we are being lied to.  That our officials are willing to stage fake incidents of monumental proportion to advance their gun control agenda!

It means media, police, government officials are working in concert to overthrow our nation. It means that what you see on tv, hear in the news cannot be trusted at all!  Did a Taliban nut shoot 120 children today in Pakistan?  They say so on tv, but is it a lie to get us angry with Muslims so when our politicians send our sons and daughters to die in a war we can believe it’s to stop an evil enemy that kills children on a whim?

This story like the 9/11 cover-up is the lynchpin to the house of cards that is our current society.  Now, is it possible that they are so bad at these cover-ups that the lie is meant to be exposed and thus society is meant to implode?  We have daily reports of cops murdering citizens because “I feared for my safety”!  People are angry and fed up with abuse of power.  What would happen to your city if all faith was lost in the police, government, legal system?  I think we could have anarchy and a new “French” style revolution, and folks that is not good.  Do not be afraid to speak the truth or share a link like this page. The more of us who see things as they really are the safer we really are.  Most people walk around like cattle being herded to slaughter. They react to stuff rather than thoughtfully responding to it.  Please watch at least the first 30 minutes of this hour and half video that shared factual evidence that exposes the lies about Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. It’s not crack pot theories and such. These are direct video and document evidence that shows the Sandy Hook shooting never happened!

The old story of “the emperor has not clothes” is exactly what we are facing with the media now.  People want to believe what they are told is true.  OPEN YOUR EYES! USE YOUR BRAIN!  A child can see the truth, and is not indoctrinated to know that it’s wrong to question things.  Are you so afraid of the truth and what others will say if you simply point at the evidence and say as the child did, “THE KING IS NAKED!!!”


If the youtube link dies, watch it here.

And if you still don’t think the news media will lie to sell propaganda, a war, or a cause, then I remind you of this:


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