Griffin: The Future is Calling

Here is the essay written by G. Edward Griffin worth reading:

The Future Is Calling

G. Edward GriffinThe Future Is Calling is a five part series of essays written by G. Edward Griffin.

On the front page of the website of Freedom Force International, an organization founded by Mr. Griffin, it says this about the essays’ relation to the rest of that site’s content: “During your first visit, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the series of essays entitled The Future is Calling. … Everything else is built upon this, and it will be difficult to understand our perspectives on other issues without this background.”

This is true of The End Run as well, so please do yourself a big favor and set aside a few hours to read these eye-opening essays.

The first four parts are in Portable Document Format (PDF), and are roughly 250 KB each in size. The fifth part is a video on Google Video.

Part 1: The Chasm
Part 2: Secret Societies and Hidden Agendas
Part 3: Days of Infamy
Part 4: The War on Terrorism
Part 5: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Video)

Here is a brief description of The Future Is Calling from the website of Freedom Force International:

This is Mr. Griffin’s analysis of the War on Terrorism and much more. Terrorism is a distraction for deeper issues. Both hawks and doves are playing into the hands of those who are using the conflict for their own hidden agendas. You will discover the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that has dominated U.S. public policy since World War I. You will learn about the ideology called collectivism that motivates this group and find that its members believe that the best way to bring about desirable changes in society is to engage in war. Mr. Griffin meticulously documents how these people, working within the American government, plotted to involve the U.S. in both World Wars. They even encouraged enemy attacks so they could claim the status of victim instead of aggressor. The lessons and parallels for the War on Terrorism are chilling.


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