Lies Lies and more Deception (Bluebeam & CGI)

Ok, so I continue to dig and watch videos etc..  I guess this post will just be about more subterfuge.  I just posted a video showing the CGI 911 attack on the second world trade center tower.  You see, we cannot trust what we see today.  So, I will post that video again in case you are reading this post long after I posted the other one on 911.


So, what the problem with being lied to? Is there a greater plan?  There are some in the whistle blower community who have said we are going to a fake alien (think UFO) invasion.  That Dr. Werner Von Braun actually told his assistant this many years ago:


I mean did anyone else we respected as a nation talk about the idea of a fake alien invasion being used to unite the world?



So, how do you fake an alien invasion? Do we have a means to make people see things that are not there?  Some say that whatever technology is released for the general public to see is over 100 years behind what the military actually has and can use!

What can we do now?  Here is a sample of how realistic holograms have become:


We have seen strange events in our skies.  Imagine if you saw these things happening over a week or month and how panicked the population would become:


My final video to show you what is being done currently and why there might be chemtrails in the sky now.


I would love to hear your comments and share what you have seen.  I happen to have seen 2 meteorites come down, yes, actually hit near my home over the past year and a half.  So, it would seem that not only will we see holograms in the sky, but with all the reports of strange events like meteors in the skies if you combine those with the holograms it would add a greater realism to the lies.



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