Ferguson Psy-Op Exposed

I think that the events we are witnessing have been planned and we were even warned of this exact scenario back in 2012.  This video brings a lot of things to light that need to be seen and understood.  The next time your favorite talking head comes on TV, you need to question a few things.

  1.  Is this a distraction?
  2. Does this appear scripted?
  3. Are they using green screens to make things appear one way when in fact it’s a set? (think wag the dog)
  4. Is the scenario ludicrous?  I mean, do you really think blacks cannot see that a thug attacked a cop in Ferguson and the cop shot him?  The Ferguson issue stared out over this simple issue, not all the police brutality for generations.  So, who pushed it?  Think the race baiters.
  5. Who has something to gain from this event?

If you let those questions go through you mind and you think about the loss of individual rights we have seen over the last twenty years, then you have to know this is all planned.  The next stage is to disarm Americans.  That is the final push.  They will do it through massive crisis and in order for you to get help you have to have your home searched or you have to be relocated to a FEMA holding center (camp).

I think we will see a lot happen over the next year, and I hope you are not caught reacting to events rather than intelligently responding.


If you want to do a little more digging on this blog, this was spelled out over thirty years ago by a KGB defector named Yuri Bezmenov.  He explained the four stage plan to subvert a nation, and we are about to go into stage 3 which is the crisis stage.  Just search this blog for Yuri Bezmenov.  He told us exactly what is about to happen in America and England / Europe!


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