Ebola: Missing for two weeks


I have been watching the news.  I recalled hearing a few weeks ago that if we did not stop the spread of Ebola now, that it would be unstoppable and we would have a pandemic on our hands.  Apparently, Ebola has taken Thanksgiving off, and decided to give us a break.  Either that, or it does not want to compete with the race riots around the world stemming from Ferguson Missouri where apparently law and order has broken down completely.

What’s the point of my sarcasm?  Why am I a little perturbed today?  It’s because we are in a cycle of crisis.  For the next year we are going to bounce from once crisis to another until we are so worn out we will not care what happens.  The Benghazi hearings fizzled out.  The US Marine held by the idiots in Mexico story has died out, and it feels like we are just waiting for the next crisis.  It’s like a constant traffic crash to keep us entertained, so watch out folks, because we are getting used to the things that use to shock us, so what will it be next?  We have become distracted much as the citizens of Rome with her bread and circuses, and we will burn, eventually to the ground.

Just remember, we were warned thousands of years ago that the earth would burn in the end, and we are seeing the final stages of that happening.  If the political climate does not have your attention, just know that oil prices are dropping and appear to be heading for $40.00/barrel!  Along with that, gold and silver are being manipulated to fall, so things a lining up very fast for a complete financial collapse.  Your 401k and IRA are meaningless, and thus I hope you have friends, gardens, and a means to care for your family and community.  If not, it’s not to late to start.




11 comments on “Ebola: Missing for two weeks

  1. Happy December Christina,

    Christmas is upon us, and so is 2015. You are so correct my friend – the Main Stream Media bounces from one crises to the next without pause, but plenty of “propaganda aka bull shit.” I gota’ say though, that spending time on both sides of the small pond is in its own way quite educational. I see the Media from both sides on Ukraine, and all I can say is that SO much is being withheld from the American public; probably the public here to, but I see nothing on yahoo-news that is not on the news here as well. It’s just that yahoo is publishing “news” that looks to me like it went through the Big-boys shown on “Good Morning Vietnam.” Robin did what is needed doing today in America. … … … … .

    Anyway, let’s pray that Ebola’s vacation is due to the scare that it was to bring being replaced by the scare of WWIII that will never happen unless started by NATO or the U.S. directly – – keep a close eye on that Hunter Biden !!!

    Be Well Christina,

    • Hello John,

      It’s always good to hear from you and know what you are seeing over in the evil cold Russia area, LOL. The more I read and see, the more I want to leave America. I feel like a rat trying to get off a sinking ship, really! I am going to nursing school and hope I can get my RN quickly enough to do some travel nursing and maybe head over to Norway or the Netherlands if they will have me. I am trying to talk my kids into moving as well.

      The America I grew up with no longer exists and I do not believe we have the ability to wrestle back control from the boys in charge. We do not have our moral and spiritual under-pinnings that gave us so much strength and independence in the past. I might be wrong, but I for one do not want my descendants to be slaves or flipping burgers and begging for a meal.

      Stay safe and well over there, and please keep me and our readers here updated on what you see happening.

      Christina aka Serenity

  2. Ah yes, I have read into Norway since you last mentioned it, and it is a wonderful choice! They are taking the profits from their oil and putting it away, never touched for anything, for their future generations; the only problem I see with that is the “western” investments where they are putting their money. And, they have a business environment that allows “normal people” to compete with the corporations. Life seems quite relaxed in Norway, and the crime rate is said to be low. I’ve been to Amsterdam, and I can’t speak to the country because all I saw was the red-light district – once was enough of there to last me a life time. …

    No Christina, “our” America is forever gone. God has been replaced by a psychiatrist prescribing serious brain altering medications – you know what I know about them and them if you have been using the V.A. for any “mental disorders.” I’m 100% for combat related P.T.S.D., and I will not allow them to do to me what I witness them doing to so many others – murder by the number of pills you took today.

    Yesterday on the news there was the permanent appointment of the nerd in glasses in Ukraine that the U.S. placed a day or so after the coup d’état – can’t remember his name and could not spell it if I did – this guy – “”Ukrainian interim and puppet Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk is a known anti­Semite and Russia and Poland hater. He worships a known Ukraine terrorist 
    Stepan Bandera who during WW2 collaborated with Hitler and after the war his supporters killed civilians who resisted Bandera’s Ukraine nationalistic 
    tendencies. Bandera was once wanted by the post WW2 Nuremberg Trials for war crimes.””
    Well guess what – Stepan Bandera’s son attender the ceremony. …

    You have the Right Sector with Svoboda wearing Swastikas on their uniforms doing most of the real fighting, with Mercenary fighters that went ballistic [huge in numbers] after the head of the CIA was in Kiev, who in my opinion, was there to retrieve the living and dead shooters from last February – same people shot both sides in the Kiev Maidan Nezalezhnosti protest. … The beat goes on – myself and our children today [yes yours to] are sent to war for what? ??? Proud U.S. Marine here with nothing but shame for what we did to Vietnam, and the condition we left that country in – think just Agent Orange if one will – there is more though, a hell of a lot more. …

    Yes, I did use search to help me with some spelling))) Now off to find a calmer spirit again – war really upsets me, but it is a subject that requires people like “we” to speak to – the rich and powerful powers that be must be stopped. … Our planet and all life upon it require us to halt their evil actions, ones that they so easily convince so may of us commoners to express upon our own fellow human beings – be it by war or Monsanto – evil is as evil dose –

    God Speed,

  3. What is really up with that??? The media stops printing, posting, prognosticating on a current issue, and what? …… Oh Yeah! That Thing! Well, uh … yeah. It appears to be a little better now! And I’m sure our “top people” are gathering the new bs we’re going to program into you sheople, and… Hey Look! Was That Elvis?!! Nope just Nibiru (again) I digress…

    • Ed,

      Sorry. It was me who took this off-subject. Ebola is probably still happening, but the propaganda people have put on a back shelf for latter would be my guess. Who really knows with these people. …


  4. Serenity,

    Here is a read that I almost didn’t read because the beginning is such common knowledge. However, as I read on, I found some new information that sounds so grand. !!! I am breaking off my read here, at a truth I have maintained for years, and will be back to finish my read later because Pop wants lunch right now; and at age 86 he always has his way always – that pleases me so I do it for me and not him in truth)))

    “This will also signal the impending demise of Israel as it is presently controlled by war-mongers and those who suffer from racial delusions shown to be false by the new John Hopkins Genome Factor research which shows 97.5% of Israelis claiming to have Hebrew blood to have none, being Khazarians from the Ukraine area. with at least 80% of Palestinians actually having ancient Hebrew Blood. Now for the first time this sick racial delusion of Israeli’s has been fully exposed a their big lie.”

    Full read hear – and I would surly welcome your comments on both the read and site my trusted friend. …

    Have and Keep The Faith,

    PS: Will the banksters have WWIII before they loose their hold on us?????


    • Hey John, thanks for the information and sharing of your thoughts! Tell Pops hi from me please. Regarding the nation of Israel, I do believe that there was a great influx of non-jewish bloodlines after the diaspera, and it is proved to be true by such research. That being the case, it does nothing in regards to the Tanach / Bible and the truths found within it. I am a believer in the fact that the lost 10 tribes are the caucasians who fled the region when God divorced them, and they became the great nations like England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, America etc.. These are also the nations that eagerly accepted the truth of Yeshua being the Messiah, and thus his words ring true that he came for the LOST sheep of the bloodline of Israel, not the two houses that never lost their identity who call themselves Jews today. The fact is, the negative prophetic line from Cain moved into Judea back in the time of Jeremiah, and you can see their story in Jeremiah 35. The trick is to know who the house of Rechab is, and that is found in 1 Chronicles 2:55. They are the Kenites otherwise known as the son’s of Cain. They moved into Judea and as they looked like the Jews there, after a few genearations they began to be called Jews as well, and they became the scribes and Pharisees whom we call lawyers today!

      Yeshua told them to their faces that they were the sons of Cain when he said, “You are guilty of all the blood of the prophets from Zacharia whom ye slew on the portico of Solomon (Shlomo) to the blood of Abel!” Well, my dear friend, who slew Abel? The topic of that passage was who their father was, and they claim Abraham. In truth, they are of their father the Devil who was Cain’s father. It’s a very radical teaching, but it holds out when you realize that the tree was a man, and the man was Lucifer. That Eve bore twins with two fathers, and that Lucifer having a son is not so strange when the angels came down in Noah’s day and had children with the women they wanted, and those children are the Nephilim / Giants half breed cannibals who were destroying mankind.

      Rev 2:9 and 3:9 clearly says that the only two churches approved of by God knew of this influx of Kenites into Israel and they are the Synagogue (House) of Satan! So, what would we expect from Israel today? Lucifer hates the bloodline of Adam -Seth- Abraham – Israel more than any other, and thus by getting the world to hate Israel through the actions of his children the Kenites he has destroyed God’s plan, but there is always a remnant, and we are very awake and aware.

      The nation of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy, and a marker for end days prophecy. Of course Lucifer is going to do all he can to thwart God’s plan, but in destroying Israel he is actually fulfilling prophecy. We will see a complete devistation of our economies worldwide, and then the anti-christ will come in peacefully and prosperously per Daniel, and the world will love him!

  5. Pop says hello back, although he has no clue of what I am talking about. What do you call 500 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A good start)))

    I got to fess up here – I have never read the Old Testament. Genesis yes, but not in decades, and I don’t recall if I ever read it to the end. I am a slow reader, one who reads every word, and if one word feels missed, I reread the sentence / passage again. I’m just finishing up John, and once done I will go back to Matthew to reread and then to John to reread him. I am no good at quotes at all Christina, but the message is what I take; when the lightning flashes in the East and West at the same time is when you will see Me again. So disagrees Paul and my Evangelical Republican brother Gary. He did not like the clip I sent him of his political parties fiasco firing on two reporters walking with civilians, and then opening up on the van with kids inside. The issue was that some Democrats in Huston had bottles of piss & shit with bricks to be thrown at a march by the Republicans, and the police took them away from the Dem’s, so he wanted to know what I thought about that – I finally said that the cops wasted some good piss, shit, and bricks. Gary did not see the humor – I digress –

    As I said, I have no idea of the blood lines Serenity. Did Able have children? How many children did Eve have? To sum it up though, each and every human that is, has ever been, or will be trace back to Adam and Eve – No Question! –

    From what I have read, the “political” Jews in Israel today are of European decant. A tribe located somewhere between the Azov / Black sea and the Caspian needed a religion to unify them under one rule and one king. The king chose the Jewish religion because it allowed for “charging interest” on non-Jews – so comes the Rothschild family and we both know where it goes from there. Additionally, I have read that the Jews in Israel today have all but exterminated all dark-skinned Jews who were there before they arrived – the Balfour Declaration took WWII to happen.

    Anyway, I personally see little if any “Faith in God” or His law coming out of Israel these days. I could run with this with the actions in today’s news, but I won’t. I’ll just shift it to my home – how dare America criticize Russia? Type “annexation” into your search field and see what drops down – mine if full of American annexations, plumb-chuck-full. Is Iraq better off today than they were under Saddam? The list goes both forward and backward as we both know. We are keeping 12,000 troops in Afghanistan for what – to protect the poppy fields for CIA Black Ops? Didn’t some people voting, just like Crimea & Eastern Ukraine people just did, happen with U.S approval, in former Yugoslavia not all that long ago? What would have happened if Scotland had voted to dump-the-Queen)))? Abe saw to it that no State in the U.S could do that or have such a vote, and that, in my opinion, is what the Civil War was really all about. I digress again –

    i wish you were close Christina – I would love to study under your guidance. …

    In the name of our Lord, let the Holy Spirit bring us all Peace,

    • As always John, your words are great to read, and I understand where you are coming from and I am in agreement with you on most things. Cain was not a son of Adam. That was your one error. LOL, but it’s ok. Most people cannot get past the idea of Lucifer and Eve getting it on so to speak.

      All things are playing out as prophesied, and we shall soon see some very exciting times, sad but exciting.


  6. Thank you Christina,

    I look forward to reading what you write to. Yes, for the most part we do agree and that makes for fun conversation, but it is where we don’t agree is where enlightenment is found. “A men love with their eyes, and a woman loves with her ears.” In more than a general sense I have found that quote to be a basic truism over the past many decades of my life. So accordingly, Lucifer did in fact get to Eve’s ears and she did eat – I can see how having sex with him later would fall into place quite easily, BUT this is a totally new concept to me today. …

    Well, I ate my morning meal and tried for a nap but couldn’t sleep with this new thought dancing around in my head. Yes, the giants did have the daughters of this world, but I never caught the part where the two parents got it on as well; I ponder did Adam make it a Ménage à trois, as I would guess a woman with Eve’s obvious nature could / would enjoy a threesome or moresome – respectfully said – been there and done that myself.

    Could you be a pal and give me a heads-up where to look for the writings of Lucifer having the delights of Eve?

    Let them play out Serenity. It is God’s will and not ours – a digression just popped into my head))) For the longest time the mission of the Evangelicals was to stop abortion. Somehow, and do not ask me how, that mission got replaced with the hating of homosexuals. My brother really attempted to push that mission unto me. I asked him: do you believe that it is possible for a human to be born wired to desire the same gender sexually? He said no way. So I said: then you are saying that you know the mind of God as well as God does. To that he replied: I know that no person is born a homosexual! I concluded the conversation with: I see, you are stating that you know the mind and will of God as well as God does Himself, and dropped the issue – there is NO working with them folks – it is 100% their way, or “the devil is your father.”
    To sum that up, I have no problems or issues with homosexuals [either male or female] or bisexuals. I do not care one-little-bit for the gay parades at all though. A persons sexuality should flow naturally, and not through promotion or education. Putin could care less about a persons sexuality, but he does not approve of promoted it to the youth – heterosexual or homosexual – spit swapping is seriously discouraged on the street corners here, regardless of the sexuality – I am with him on that –

    How about a heads-up – I am Aquarius is most all regards))) The road twists and turns for me. My brother Gary’s road is wide and straight heading through the narrow gate; just ask him and hell will say it’s true – when a mind becomes as his, education and enlightenment stops. … So sad, as with the times if one dwells on them to. …

    God Speed,

    Okay, my next read takes me to the beginning and onward from there.

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