Obama: The Reluctant Dictator


I have been watching the news regarding Ebola for a while now as have most people.  I have watched Obama taken what appears to be illogical steps to NOT protect Americans by closing off America to those coming from Ebola infected countries and / or quarantining said individuals for a time to make sure they are not infected.  He and his administration seem to be more worried about the economic impact to African countries and claim it will actually make the problem worse to keep it from spreading.


We have the race baiting sorts saying it’s because the victims are black that we in the West do not care.  We hear that because white Americans survived their infections and a black African came here and died that it was because he was black and without insurance!  The emotions of people are running high as we watch Ebola coverage 24/7 waiting for the latest news all while other news items seem to have been forgotten.  Anyone remember the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious scandals?  Well, as I sit here pondering what is happening the thought came to me that if we do not stop this spread of Ebola soon then it won’t be stopped.  The CDC has said we have 60 days to stop it or it’s over and it will be across the world!  Obama has the perfect alibi to not being a forceful power grabbing dictator.

He sat back in the early days and kept borders open, flights coming in, and did not want to appear heavy handed.  So, when the crisis reaches a fever pitch and it appears it will, then when he institutes the executive orders he has already signed, he can say, “I had no choice in this military quarantine and rounding up of people!”  Obama will say that out of concern for our safety he put aside his desire for freedom and agreed that our security had to be protected!  He can declare martial law, open up the FEMA camps, force vaccinate Americans, and hold anyone indefinitely while they run tests on them and say he is a reluctant dictator.


My friends, we are watching political poetry in motion.  Hitler did not want to become a totalitarian dictator.  It was not until the Reichstag fire that things got into full swing, and now we know that was a false flag event perpetrated by the German government (NAZI part) to turn the people in favor of following the NAZI plans.  We now hear stories about this nurse who is complaining about her treatment and she is very connected to the CDC.  In the past, doctors self quarantined IN Africa before returning to the States, and yet somehow now they just come back here and act as if it’s ok to take the subway, fly on planes, and risk the health of Americans?  I cannot help but wonder if we are not watching a pandemic false flag that will be the final step toward worldwide government led by Obama.



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