I enjoy Jason A.’s updates in events and how they line up with prophecy.  This video covers the month of October’s events, news, and prophecy:



I think we are being conditioned to accepting crisis intervention, detention, quarantines, and disappearing of people all in the name of safety.  If Ebola real?  Are people dying? We know what the media is showing us, but they have also been caught making up stories.  Couple this with economic unrest, collapsing economies around the world, populations revolting, and the increasing feelings of hopelessness.  Now is the time to clean our spiritual house, pray, and really love one another.  Do not get caught up in panic or reacting to events.

I feel we are being pushed and it is so easy to enter a “herd / group” mentality, and that my friends is not in our best interest.  So, look up, know that trouble was promised by our Lord, but his loving kindness, protection, and blessings were also promised for those who love him and ask for wisdom and understanding.


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