Georgia Guidestone Decoding

“Who wants a Chip?”



There was recently a block added to the Georgia guidestones.  The man discussing these numbers comes up with the date of October 3, 2014, but another person who commented on his video came up with October 8, 2014 which is the second blood moon and seems more logical. Of course I could say that since 5 is the numerical significance of grace, maybe we are given grace or a “heads up” five days ahead of October 8th.  I am intrigued by the games the children of Lucifer play, but I am not concerned for ultimately I trust in the Lord.  I know He has a plan and everything is happening as the Lord wills and allows, even if it’s giving Lucifer and his children room to hang themselves.  I hope this post draws you to appreciate the beauty of the time we live in.  The prophets of old longed to see these days and yet we were chosen.  May we sew love and peace as good and joyful servants of the Lord and an example of unconditional love.   Enjoy the video:



“That an event will take place in 2014 has been shown, when only two sides of the cube were uncovered.
Consquently we should operate like this:
MM+JAM=14, 1+4=5
14+16=30, 3+0=3
That would give us only two numbers: 10 and 8.
The 8th of october is the date of the second blood moon in 2014.”
They are replacing this precious cornerstone with one they prefer.  It’s time to get our house in order.  Satan cannot create anything.  He cannot set dates or cause one man to rule over another. He influences, but it is God alone who decides who rules, and when the appointed times are to be.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding and you shall be saved.

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