Ebola Hype / Scare: DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!!!!

We are being set up for a declaration of Pandemic by the World Health Organization.  They are going to push a vaccine which will make us very sick!  If you take this vaccine you will have a high probability of negative reactions to it.  Do not trust them when they roll out the vaccine like they tried to do when WHO pushed the fake flu pandemic a few years ago and a vaccine almost got out into the population that would have killed so many, but was stopped because one lab in Czechoslovakia checked it by injecting 12 ferrets who died within 24 hours and the vaccine company said, “oops, it got tainted” despite it being made under the highest security precautions available.  This same WHO will push this Ebola vaccine.  Jane Burgermeister blew the lid off that story before anyone could be harmed, and it cost her a lauded career.  She has her own website that spells out what they did then, and is keeping her eye on this cabal of death.  This video talks about the vaccine that is coming out:


Secret IBM Document from 2006: Pandemic Plan Overview


Services and Procurement Pan IOT Europe
Pandemic Plan Overview

*There is a 100% chance that a pandemic will occur in the next 5 years.

* During the pandemic, a maximum of 30% of the workforce will be available.

*We will plan 2 waves of the pandemic, each lasting 12 weeks each, separated by a 12 week “breather” period.

*There will be One Trigger from Corporate VP probably a few days ahead of WHO official trigger.

* In each country where we operate, we will respond positively to government requests.


The link below only works if you copy and paste it on your addy bar.



Prospective Grant of Exclusive License: Multivalent Vaccines for Rabies Virus and Ebola and Marburg (Filoviruses)


The population is no longer buying into the vaccine propaganda.  Sounds like a job for the Tavistock institute!  How to PLANT ideas into the minds of particularly young people who have READ the FACTS on the vaccine / eugenics fraud who will later beg their global masters to ‘predictively’ give them ‘several’ shots when they grovel in fear?  Let’s leak some truth about military grade weaponized viruses using predictive programming methods!

NOW, we’ll use these methods at the CDC’s very own website to reenforce what they have been gobbling up from Hollywood.

Just remember, that the elites think we have an over-population problem despite the FACT that you can fit everyone on earth into the state of Texas with about an acre each to live on and they call that “over population”!


“After they successfully developed an inhibitor they decided to use the Ebola genus as a delivery system. However, within two weeks, several isolated genomes in the Ebola virus reacted to the inhibitor and mutated, causing the inhibitor to have the opposite effect – instead of inhibiting anger, it caused its hosts to become full of constant, uncontrollable rage – and creating the Rage Virus.” (28 Days Later: The Aftermath)


For those of you who still trust Alex Jones, here is some information many are not aware of regarding the last false flag flu pandemic hoax.

Alex Jones And 2012 Bio-Terror Pandemic Exposed By Austrian Journalist Jane Burgermeister


CDC Removed the Phrase “Contaminated Air” from Its New Ebola Fact Sheet

The Ebola Psy-Op – The Depopulation Solution is in the ‘Secret Serum’ ZMapp



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