Proof that Paul McCartney Died in 1966

I wrote a long blog post when I first started the blog about the fake Paul issue.  The title of the piece is a bit vague and cryptic:

Media Musical Chairs: How the Anunnaki / Demons plan to rule the world


From time to time I have to go back and check stories for dead links / videos.  I just happened to come across a site dedicated to revealing the lie played on the world regarding replacing Paul McCartney with a plastic surgery created double after the fatal car crash in the early morning of 1966.  I do not want to rehash the whole issue again, and encourage you to read the other piece I wrote.  The issue of faking Paul is more than just a bit of factual trivia, but ties directly into the psychological programming done via the Beatles in the 1960’s.  Does one’s height drastically change after one’s 20’s within a  year?  I give you a couple of photos to see, and just ask you, do you really think these are the same man?


The real Paul on the left before the accident. Look how much taller he is after December 1966.



Paul was always just a little bit taller than Ringo as you can see here:






Paul and Ringo before the crash and after the crash. Not he is not wearing platform shoes on the right.




Visit this site to see a whole lot more on the issue and facts about who replaced Paul and how it all happened.


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